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6 Reasons why you must visit Europa-Park!

by Bianca

A few years back, we visited Europa-Park for the first time, and we loved it! It’s crazy to think that not many people outside of Germany have heard of this park, especially since it has some of the best rides and roller coasters in Europe!

Whether it’s your first time hearing about this park or considering visiting it, I will give you 6 reasons you should definitely visit the park. Based on my own experience and all the information I gathered during my visit.

If you have any questions about the park, please ask them in the comment section below the article, and I will be more than happy to answer them for you!

Reasons why you must visit Europa-Park!

Before we start, let’s look at some practical information about Europa-Park. The park is located in the South of Germany, near the French border. The best way to get there is by car, as there is no public transport taking you to the park.

Europa-Park is a theme park resort with 1 large park and several very well-themed hotels. They are located in a beautiful forest-like environment where you can also go out to do some hiking and mountain biking.

If you like theme parks and planning on visiting this area of Germany, I would definitely go there. Two days is usually enough to experience most of the things in the park and have some leisurely time at the resorts.

Now you know the practicalities, it’s time for the reasons why you should visit Europa-Park!

1. The resort is owned by a ride manufacturer

Can you imagine a theme park owned by a ride manufacturer who used the park to showcase some of the amazing things they could build? That’s exactly what you’ll find in Europa-Park!

You see, the park is owned by the company Mack. They’ve created and built many attractions, not just for their own park but for lots of other theme parks around the world. You’ve probably been on a few of their rides without knowing it.

In Europa-Park, they showcase the most amazing rides they could build. Roller coasters, dark rides, water attractions, and even a monorail are just some of the examples of the things you will find in this park.

And they keep adding more rides so it’s always good to plan a return visit!

2. The roller coasters in Europa-Park are amazing!

If you love roller coasters as much as I do, then this is the place to visit. Europa-Park has some of the most amazing roller coasters in Europe and maybe even the world.

My favorite is Silver Star, a high-speed steel roller coaster with a 73-meter drop. This is by far one of the most popular rides in the park, just like Blue Fire, the high-speed launch coaster. Another fun roller coaster is EuroMir, which will take you into space and back.

And finally, Wodan, the wooden roller coaster, the one pictured above. Somehow wooden roller coasters are scarier than steel ones. And this one is no exception! It’s a lot of fun, and a must-visit for everyone who loves thrill rides!

3. Lots of family rides

Europa-Park is not just a fun destination for roller coaster enthusiasts; it’s also for families. The park has lots of rides that people of all ages can experience.

Like the new attraction Pirates of Batavia, which sounds similar to a well-known Disney ride, right? But the park offers much more, from kids coasters to water attractions. There is even a monorail taking you around the park.

Europa-Park even has lots of rides for little children, like bumper carts, several play areas, and even a fairy tale forest.

Make sure to download the app or grab a park guide to check the heigh requirements for the rides.

4. Europa-Park hotels are very well-themed!

Who doesn’t love a well-themed hotel? Especially near a theme park. Europa-Park has multiple, with the hotel Bell Rock being my favorite.

When visiting Europa-Park, you should at least stay in one of the hotels on the property. They have an Italian-inspired hotel, an actual castle hotel, and the newest hotel, Kronosar, which is built for adventurers.

We stayed in Hotel Colosseo, the Italian-inspired one, and we found the rooms to be very spacious and clean. The breakfast was great, and so was the evening entertainment. We still have fond memories of the hotel, even though I like the theming of Hotel Bell Rock – nautical theme – a bit better.

All hotels are 4-star and have lots of amenities like shops, multiple restaurants, and swimming pools. Keep in mind that the park entrance is not included with your stay and should be bought separately. However, as a hotel guest, you get to enter the park earlier through a separate entrance, which is a great perk!

5. Some of the best theme park restaurants I’ve ever been to!

One of the things I really enjoyed in Europa-Park was the food. The park consists of several areas that are themed after a country. All these areas have rides and restaurants to match.

So, for example, in the Dutch area, you can try a cone-shaped bag with fries, which is how we typically enjoy our fries. With mayonnaise, of course.

But there is also a German area with a bier garten. And much more!

I love that you can try foods from different countries, and you have options besides the typical theme park food. If you can only choose one restaurant, I would visit Foodloop. Here you order your food from a tablet on your table. The food is then transported to you by a roller coaster-like system. It’s so much fun to see all the food flying by, definitely a must-visit!

6. Europa-Park has a large indoor water park

A few years ago, Europa-Park opened their water park Rulantica. A large indoor park with lots of slides, a lazy river, and multiple pools.

This water park is located on the property, about a 10-minute drive away from the park. To visit Rulantica, you will need a separate ticket, as it’s not included with your stay or theme park admission. But it’s a nice way to spend an extra day on property.

If you like slides and wave pools, this is definitely a must-visit. For children, there are also multiple slides and splash zones. And the lazy river goes through an actual aquarium with tropical fish.

There are also multiple food options indoors, as well as several relax zones. The most popular time to visit Rulantica is when the parks are closed at the end of the day. Most hotel guests make their way to the water park for a refreshing swim and some relaxation.

These were the 6 reasons why you should visit Europa-Park. If you have any questions, please let me know; I’m more than happy to answer them!

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