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The 6 scariest roller coasters at Europa-Park

Europa-Park is a rather unknown theme park here in the Netherlands. That’s pretty weird, especially considering it’s hugely popular with our Eastern neighbors. And when you’ve seen the roller coasters at Europa-Park you’ll no doubt want to go there once. But what is the all-important one?

For those who don’t know this amusement park, it is located in the town of Rust in southern Germany. In the middle of the beautiful green surroundings of the black forest.

From the Netherlands it takes about 6 hours to get there. This does depend on where you live of course. You can’t get to it as easily by public transportation. Although I’m sure there will be bus trips there as well.

The attraction offerings at Europa-Park are quite diverse. From children’s attractions to thrillrides. And of the latter, some are really not for wimps. Let’s start tamely with number 6: the EuroSat CanCan Coaster.

EuroSat CanCan Coaster

This roller coaster is located in the large, gray ball that does look suspiciously like the one in Epcot. You’d almost think they were inspired by this….

The roller coaster has a French theme. You go on a trip in Paris. From the Moulin Rouge to the Eiffel Tower and back. It’s a crazy ride in a dark with unexpected, sharp turns and (mini) drops.

A funny roller coaster that is definitely worth a visit and therefore number 6 on this list.

On to the number 5. On Europa-Park’s website, they’ve included an older couple in the cart with the photo of this roller coaster. But don’t let that fool you, this is definitely not a roller coaster for the elderly: the Matterhorn Blitz.

Matterhorn Blitz

This roller coaster has a special beginning. You will, in fact, be lifted up in an elevator. Not hoisted as normally on a roller coaster but straight up as if you were in a real elevator.

After this, a wild mouse ride through short curves and deep valleys begins. But the first drop is also the very worst. Almost straight down through a tight little tunnel. After this, you go in all directions, at 60km/h.

Not the fastest roller coaster in Europa-Park but because of the first drop it is one of the ones that has stayed with me.

The next roller coaster goes a whole lot faster. And has the same drops: the Vodan!


A delightful wooden roller coaster that requires you to be firmly in your shoes. After all, you go at speeds up to 100km/h. Over the track of a wooden roller coaster, which shakes, squeaks and creaks as you race along it. If that doesn’t scare you to death already….

Then it’s also nice to add that the cart is constantly going through tight spaces and corridors. This makes it look like you don’t actually fit through it and are going to bump your head. That makes it even scarier.

Finally, there is also the height: 40m. Because the park is so free you have a wide view – very nice – but it also makes you realize how high you are.

That’s why I think Wodan is one of Europa-Park’s scariest roller coasters.


The Euro-Mir along with the Silver Star that [spoiler alert] will come later is my favorite roller coaster in this amusement park. The beginning is pretty dull. You spin around a rocket until you can go no further.

Here the cart goes out and then the ride begins.

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The carts are 4 to each other and they rotate on their axis. One turn you go forward while the next you suddenly go backward. And you never know when the cart will turn. All this happens at speeds of 80km/h. You really swing in all directions and have to take a break when getting out.

You can compare it to Crush’s Coaster in Disneyland Paris. Only without the clownfish and sharks.

Two more roller coasters to go. In second place is the roller coaster that shoots you from 0 to 100 in 2.5 sec: the Blue Fire!

Blue Fire

If you like roller coasters where you get shot then the Blue Fire is the place to be. From 0 to 100 in 2.5 seconds. Very few vehicles achieve that.

Because it is so bizarrely fast you are really pressed into your seat for a while.

If you have found peace of mind, the car quickly shoots through sharp bends – at 100km/h – and then tips over several times as well.

Therefore, rightfully the second scariest roller coaster in Europa-Park.

Number 1 is a roller coaster that is not only faster, but one you won’t soon forget: the Silver Star!

Silver Star

Actually, the best way to describe this roller coaster is through the stats:

  • Top speed: 130km/h
  • Height: 73m

All while going through sharp curves and regularly falling dozens of feet. I have already described the Silver Star in detail in this article. Read these again and decide for yourself if you dare to ride Europa-Park’s scariest roller coaster.

By the way, you know what I find pretty special about Europa-Park is that the 6 roller coasters above are only a small part of all the roller coasters and thrillrides in the theme park. Do you like it fast and scary? Then you will absolutely love it here!

Images are all property of Europa-Park

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