Entertainment, shows, and super heroes in Avengers Campus, Disneyland Paris

When you think of the Avengers and Marvel, you think of super heroes. Avengers Campus is the best place in Disneyland Paris to meet all your favourite characters. Throughout the day you will see many of them roaming around this are of the Walt Disney Studios Park. And they are also part of the entertainment offering.

Shows and entertainment in Avengers Campus

Let’s start with the shows. Although, there are no set show times, there is more than enough entertainment in Avengers Campus. The action here mainly takes place on the rooftops where the superheroes fight against evil.

Above, for example, you can see Black Panther and Black Widow fighting the bad guys.

These shows take place throughout the day so be sure to check the rooftops regularly when you’re in Avengers Campus.

Another show you don’t want to miss are the Dora Milaje.

Just try to stay still when you hear the rhythmic warrior music. And if you dare, you may even join them for a dance.

Perhaps the highlight of all the entertainment in Avengers Campus is the Quinjet show at the end of the day.

This show honors the Avengers with their logo made by drones and with a lot of fireworks. Only downside to the show is that it is not equally visible throughout Avengers Campus. The drones should have been flying just a little higher so they won’t be blocked by the building.

Meet superheroes in Avengers Campus

If you are a Marvel fan then of course you also want to meet the superheroes. This is possible in Avengers Campus.

The heroes just roam around here. There aren’t many meet and greet locations.

You’ll meet a lot of superheroes here as you can see! Some of them look a little different in real life than in the movies, though ;).

There is another place where you can meet them in Avengers Campus, namely in the Training Center. This is a location where you can have a chat with one of the two superheroes who are present. We could choose between Spider-Man and Captain Marvel. We chose…

This encounter is very nicely done and very interactive. Spider-Man took his time for us and talked about his adventures. He speaks both English or French, which is good to know.

During the encounter you can have your picture taken with the superhero in all sorts of unique poses. Hilarious!

Ready to explore Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris?

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