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Efteling is a theme park in the South of The Netherlands. Even though South may sound warm, it’s usually not. Especially during the winter months. So, what’s the best time to visit Efteling in 2021? When is the weather just right? And the crowds low?

Before deciding on what the best time is to visit Efteling in 2021, let’s first break down the criteria.

Best weather

Best time to visit Efteling in 2021

In Efteling most rides aren’t covered, and therefore open to the elements. When it rains, which it does often unfortunately, some rides will be closed while others remain open, giving you a nice refreshing shower.

If you want to come to Efteling the weather should be one of your criteria. Personally, I really like late summer or late spring temperatures. It’s not that warm yet, but we usually do have a lot of sunny days. And even if it’s not sunny, as long as it’s dry it’s a perfect Efteling day.

Another dry season is during the winter. We usually don’t get a lot of snow, just cold weather with sunny conditions. So, if you wear warm clothes, and bring an extra sweater you are good to go. Dutch winters can be cold, especially when waiting in line for a ride, so I can’t stress this enough – bring warm clothing.

During the winter there are some special festivities in Efteling called Winter Efteling. During this celebration there will some special entertainment, a skating rink, lots of hot chocolate, and warm fires. Everything you need to keep you nice and cozy during those cold days. If being cold doesn’t scare you the winter months can be a good time to visit.

Weather break down:

  • Jan: mostly cold
  • Feb: also cold, but usually a bit more sun
  • March: some spring days, some snow
  • April: like March, higher chance of warmer days though
  • May: nice spring weather, some cold and rainy days
  • June: mostly nice temperatures, some hot days, a few cloudy days
  • July: summer, very warm days with rain and thunderstorms
  • August: same as July
  • Sept: still a lot of warmer days, not as warm as summer, higher chance of rain and colder weather
  • Oct: fall, which usually means less sun and a lot of wind and rain
  • Nov: same as October but colder
  • Dec: many cold and rainy days, some snow if cold enough

My favorite months to visit Efteling based on the weather are June and September. The weather is usually nice, it’s sunny and the temperatures are high but not too high. You can still walk comfortably around the theme park, without wanting to jump in every fountain you see.

Efteling crowds

Best time to visit Efteling in 2021

Another criteria for the best time to visit Efteling is the crowd level. Nobody likes a crowdy theme park, some people don’t mind, but most of you will prefer short lines and low crowds.

Your best bet of lower crowds are weekday during low season. Especially starting the second week of January, the park can be very quiet then as it is usually very cold outside. In late February and early March (Carnaval) crowds can get really high, as all schools in the Netherlands are on their spring break.

Usually by the end of March it slows down a bit, as long as there are no public holidays. Then the park can get very quiet again until the end of April/early May. Dutch children will have a two weak leave which we call the May Holiday. If you are looking for low crowds, you don’t want to go during school holidays and public holidays.

June is usually a quiet month until the last week. Crowds are considered normal during the weeks and high during the weekend. Then the Summer holiday starts that will last until late August. That’s not a good time to visit Efteling if you want low crowds, July and August are the busiest months.

September until mid October is usually quiet. Then the Fall holidays start which last until the beginning of November. After that it’s very quiet in the parks until the last week of the year, weekends are still more crowded but overal it’s ok. The last week of the year almost all people in the Netherlands are on holiday, and many of us go to the Efteling, so if you can avoid that week.

Best time to go to Efteling with low crowds is January, May, June, September, November and December. Check the Efteling crowdcalendar on their website before making a reservation. They will let you know how many people they will expect on the date you would like to visit.

Lowest prices

Best time to visit Efteling in 2021

Prices of Efteling tickets are based on the expected crowd levels, the busier the more expensive your ticket will be. Therefore, the best way to pay less is to make sure you visit on low(er) crowd days.

The price difference between the cheapest and most extensive tickets is just a few euros, but if you want to save money you want to make sure you pay the least amount possible.

Because the Efteling is such a popular park there aren’t usually any discounts. The only discounts you will find are at the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn, who offer a discount about two week every year, and the Dutch store Kruidvat where you can buy discounted tickets. Another place you could check are the German or Belgian Groupon websites, sometimes they offer tickets for less.

If there aren’t any discounts, the best times to go to save on your tickets are the months stated in the previous paragraph about the crowds.

Best time to visit Efteling in 2021

Best time to visit Efteling in 2021

This is the million dollar question, what is the best time to visit Efteling? My personal preference, based on many visits over the past decades, and on different times of the year, is either June or September/early October.

During those months the weather is usually nice, warm but not hot, not a lot of rain and with rather low crowds. Especially, when visiting on weekdays.

November and early December could also be really nice crowd wise, but the weather isn’t as good. Finally, January is the most quiet month, but also the coldest. So, if you don’t mind braving the cold this could be the perfect time to experience this park with very low crowds. But keep in mind that Dutch winters can be very cold, and not very comfortable.

I would go with either June or September/early October. Those are the best times to visit Efteling!