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Campanile Val de France – Disneyland Paris Partner Hotel

There are a number of Partner Hotels near Disneyland Paris. These are hotels that all have a free shuttle bus to the amusement parks, but are not operated by Disney. As a result, you often pay less for a room or have more luxury for the same price as you would in a Disney Hotel.

The Campanile is one of those Disneyland Partner Hotels in which I have stayed several times. This is my experience and what you can expect!

Location Campanile Val de France – Disneyland Paris

The Campanile Val de France is located next to Disneyland Paris, across the street from Hotel Santa Fe. If you are sporty you could walk the distance to the Parks. But I would personally take the free shuttle bus. It goes very regularly and drops you off near the entrance of the parks. Walking through – yes the fastest way is to go through the actual hotel – Hotel Santa Fe takes about 45 minutes, by bus about 5 minutes. Easy choice, right?

If you’ve been to Disneyland Paris before, the name Campanile Val de France probably doesn’t sound familiar to you. That’s because this hotel is the old Kyriad Disneyland Paris. The same hotel, facilities etc. only now with a different name. (Kyriad belongs to the same group as Campanile)

By car

The easiest way to get to this hotel is by car. Follow the same route as the Disney Hotels, drive past Hotel Santa Fe and you will see on your right hand side all the Partner Hotels where Campanile is one of.

Put the following address in your navigation:

10 Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs, Magny le Hongre, France

This route takes you to the parking lot where you can park for free. There are plenty of parking spaces available. Sometimes you can even park right next to your room.

By Train

This hotel is also very easy to reach by train from the airport, or from the city Paris for example, but also by Thalys, TGV or Eurostar.

Take the train to the Disneyland Paris station. Right next to the train station there are all kinds of bus stops. On the board you will see exactly which bus you need for the Partner Hotels and it will take you to the reception of the Campanile Hotel. Or you can walk through Disney Village towards Hotel Santa Fe and then cross the street turn right on the two roundabouts and you are at your hotel.

The hotel itself…

…is neat but fairly basic. Actually what you can expect from a 3-star hotel. The main purpose of the hotel is to offer a place to sleep next to Disneyland Paris. In the lobby there is a Disney store with souvenirs from the amusement parks, there is an arcade with video games and two restaurants plus a bar.

There is not much else to experience, but of course there is no need to. Nearby you’ll find Disneyland Paris and a large shopping mall with outlet stores of famous (expensive) brands.

This hotel is also a good base for visiting Paris or Versailles. They can help you at the reception with booking an organized trip or with tips on what the quickest way is to get there.

The rooms at Campanile Val de France

The hotel has 300 rooms, most of which are for 4 persons. They have a double bed or two single beds. In the family rooms there is an additional bunk bed for people/children up to 70kg.

In the room you have a TV, safe, kettle, air conditioning, bath, shower and hairdryer. All basics are present.

If I had to mention one disadvantage of this hotel is that the rooms are very small. Especially if you go with children it feels cramped, especially if they still have some energy left. But for the price it is a good alternative for the Disney Hotels. You just have to make sure you return to your room exhausted and ready to go to bed, as there isn’t much entertainment in the hotel.

Another downside, but maybe it’s different nowadays, is that the rooms are very warm. We always slept with the window open to get some fresh air. Not very much, but keep in mind that you don’t need thick pajamas here.


The Campanile Val de France is a 3 star hotel a few minutes away from Disneyland Paris. This is a Partner Hotel which means that there is a free shuttle bus to and from the Parks. This shuttle bus runs every 20 minutes between approximately 8am and 11:30pm. You can also walk to the Disney amusement parks but I personally do not recommend that.

Furthermore, this hotel is mainly a place to sleep. The rooms are not that big and quite basic. But they do offer everything you need for your (short) stay.

A good alternative for this hotel is the B&B Hotel. This is a 2-star hotel with larger, but slightly less beautiful, rooms.

Source photo: Campanile

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