Cancel a Disneyland Paris stay, is it still that easy?

In the past years, many stays at Disneyland Paris had to be cancelled. Either we were not allowed to travel or the park was closed due to local measures. Therefore, in past, it was not a problem to cancel your Disneyland stay. Usually this was done automatically if you did not change the arrival date. Or they were asked to contact them by phone.

Now that the world is back to normal, many of you will want to go to Disneyland Paris again. But what if something changes? Will it still be as easy to cancel or rebook your Disneyland Paris stay?

What are the conditions for canceling at Disneyland Paris?

At the time of writing, you can cancel any stay at Disneyland Paris. There is 1 condition though, you must have cancelled no later than 7 days before your arrival. Only then will you be refunded the full amount.

This does not apply to transportation or insurance if you have booked those right away.

Cancellation is without a reason and can be done very easily. So the only thing is those 7 days. But very honestly, I would cancel immediately if you know you can’t go. Then you can’t forget it either.

If you are within that week before arrival, you can no longer cancel without charge. In that case, it is best to contact your travel insurance company and ask about the possibilities there. Also, you can still cancel your stay at Disneyland Paris, only it will no longer be free of charge.

You can also call Disneyland Paris to see if you can reschedule your stay. Usually, they are very accommodating and try to help you. You can contact them in your own language, which makes it easier to explain why you can’t go.

Cancel or change arrival date?

Personally, I would reschedule my stay in Disneyland Paris if I’m unable to go. You booked that stay for a reason, and that way you’ll have something to look forward to.

To do this, just call Disneyland Paris, and they will help you with this process.

Make sure to reschedule any additional things, like Disney Premier Access and any restaurant reservations you might have already booked.

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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