Best way to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris!

What could be more fun than going to Disneyland Paris on your birthday? To celebrate your birthday with Disney characters around you, plus of course riding the many attractions. Although I have been in my thirties for a while now, I have been to Disneyland Paris several times on my birthday. Even when I was very little, I was sometimes able to celebrate my birthday here.

What’s it like to celebrate your birthday at Disneyland Paris?

Celebrating your birthday in Disneyland Paris

Best way to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris!

No matter your age, it’s still fun to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris. Certainly, there are plenty of opportunities in the parks and hotels to make it a wonderful day. There are so many restaurants and unique experiences that there is always something that will make you happy.

Or what you can make someone else happy with, of course.

The cast members at Disneyland Paris go the extra mile for young children who are celebrating a birthday. Cast members are what the staff members in Disney Parks are called, by the way. For example, when you mention someone’s birthday at a restaurant, the food is often served just a bit more festively.

You typically get extra attention if you hint at a Disney character’s birthday. That’s a truly magical experience and something the little ones will definitely remember.

The best restaurants to celebrate your birthday at

Best way to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris!
Bistrot Chèz Remy

Several restaurants in Disneyland Paris are fun to celebrate your birthday at. For young children, I recommend restaurants where you can eat with Disney characters. At the moment those are Auberge de Cendrillon, where you can eat with Disney princesses, and Plaza Gardens restaurant, where you can meet Mickey and friends.

During a meal with Disney characters, they will come to your table for a chat and a photo. You can choose whether you want this at lunch or dinner.

Another special restaurant to eat at is Captain Jack’s, named after Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The menu is exotic, as is the location. Here you eat in the attraction Pirates of the Caribbean, the boats sail past the tables, and you are briefly part of the scenery while eating.

We also ate here once, and I thought it was a great experience, especially for adults. The only downside is you’re waving at the people in the boats all the time :).

In Walt Disney Studios Park, the best restaurant to celebrate a birthday at is Bistrot Chèz Remy. This restaurant is based on the Ratatouille movie and is located next to the ride. Here, they will bring you a birthday cake while clapping and singing. So you are truly the center of attention during that moment because everybody in the restaurant will look at you.

Other great restaurants to celebrate your birthday include Rainforest Café, Annette’s Diner, and Planet Hollywood. You’ll find these restaurants in Disney Village. Rainforest Café and Annette’s Diner are both great for children, and Planet Hollywood is fun for adults looking to celebrate their birthday in Disneyland Paris.

Celebrate your birthday in the Disney Hotels

Best way to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris!

Of course, you can also celebrate your birthday in Disney Hotels. For example, Disney’s Hotel New York-The Art of Marvel is great for all Marvel fans. When you stay here, you can go to the Super Hero station where you can meet your favorite Marvel superheroes. This is exclusive for hotel guests.

In restaurants, when you mention that someone is celebrating a birthday, they will usually sing for you or bring you something extra. If you want to have a full cake, then you’ll have to order it in advance, and unfortunately, you’ll have to pay for it.

Another thing they will do for you is if you call the hotel in advance, they will decorate the room for you when it’s someone’s birthday. Typically, a little gift is included as well, but this service is not free, so expect to pay a fee for it. They will tell you in advance how much this will cost.

How much fun is it to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris?

It is really fun and magical to celebrate your birthday in Disneyland Paris. When you mention it to the cast members or characters, they will often make the experience extra special.

Other than that, it’s typically what you make of it yourself. So, go eat at a nice restaurant, buy some Disney gifts, and just have a great time. When I was little, I could pick a present in the Disney shops on my birthday, and choose where to eat and which ride I wanted to go on.

If you have some money to spend, you could invest in a Disney Premier Access Ultimate pass. This costs about €140 per person, and gives you expedited access once to all the popular rides in both Disney parks. You’ll truly feel like a VIP, which is of course a great way to celebrate a birthday!

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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