How to get a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday?

Disneyland Paris is an expensive destination. Especially, if you include lodging, tickets, food, and of course the souvenirs. With our years of experience—going to Disneyland Paris since 1993 – we found some great ways to get a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday, and would like to share some inside and tips with you.

First, let’s start with cheap Disneyland Paris tickets!

Where to find cheap Disneyland Paris tickets?

The easiest way to save on Disneyland Paris tickets is to check out the official website. Here there are two ways to find cheap Disneyland Paris tickets. The first is the calendar underneath.

Here you can see that the prices differ quite significantly per date. The light blue is the cheapest, pink the most expensive.

Sometimes moving your trip by a day or a week can save you a lot of money, as you can see. Now, that’s of course not always possible. Then there is another way to save!

The second way to find cheap Disneyland Paris tickets is to book a dated one. This means that you can only use that ticket on a specific date. If you book that ticket, it will give you a nice discount of about 20 euros per ticket. It’s possible to book this ticket for multiple parks and multiple days.

An undated ticket is the most expensive option for Disneyland Paris tickets. Also, at the moment, it’s not possible to buy tickets at the gate. You need to buy them in advance, and if you don’t buy a dated ticket you’ll need to make a reservation for the days of your visit.

Cheap Disneyland Paris holidays with an Annual Pass

Staycity Apartments near Disneyland Paris

Another way to have a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday is to buy a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass. You can do that at the resort, near the Walt Disney Studios Park, or through the Disneyland Paris website.

The best way is to do it through the Disneyland Paris website, as you can then start making reservations. As you might know, a reservation is necessary to enter the parks. Without it, you won’t be admitted to the park.

With an annual pass, you have to make a reservation, and we advise you to do this well in advance. So, therefore, buy the pass online.

But how can you save on Disneyland Paris holidays with such a pass?

Again, there are two ways how you can save.

First, when you have an Annual Pass you get a discount on hotels, restaurants, and in shops. With this, you save quite a lot of money on your Disneyland Paris holiday.

Also, it allows you to book a stay outside the Disneyland Paris resort. The Disney Hotels are nice, but quite expensive. In the vicinity of Disneyland Paris, there are cheaper options to stay near the parks. Some just €50 per room per night.

Best hotels with an annual pass (or when you bought tickets separately):

Cheap Disneyland Paris hotels

Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe

Speaking of the hotels, if you are looking for cheap Disneyland Paris hotels, you have quite a few options.

First, the cheapest Disney Hotel is Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. This is a 2-star resort within walking distance of the Disney parks. The rooms are quite basic but comfy and can house up to 5 people when booking a family room.

Another great alternative to this hotel is Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne. Just a slight bit more expensive, but with a much more fun and immersive theme.

Other cheap Disneyland Paris hotels are the Partner Hotels. They are located just outside the Disneyland Paris resort, and all offer free transportation from and to the parks. These hotels are much cheaper than the Disney Hotels or have a better value for money.

The best Partner Hotels for a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday are B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris and the Campanile Val de France hotel. Both with rates starting at about €75 per room per night. This price does not include Disneyland Paris tickets, so keep that in mind.

Cheapest Partner Hotels

Cheapest time of the year

Halloween season in Disneyland Paris

The final tip for a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday is to pick the right time of the year. During the months July, August, and parts of October, and December the prices will be much higher than during other times.


Because those are the most popular times in Disneyland Paris, also known as peak season. During this season, prices can go up with 50%. So, if you want a cheap Disneyland Paris holiday, you should really avoid those times of the year.

If you want to enjoy the good weather? Then try to visit in June or September. Want to enjoy Halloween? Then go in the first two weeks of October instead of the last—more expensive—weeks. And for Christmas in Disneyland Paris? Try to go late November and early December.

The celebrations or the weather will be similar, but the price tag will be much less.

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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