Disneyland Hotel – location, rooms, price and offers

The Disneyland Hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Disneyland Paris. It also has the best location of all Disney Hotels: directly above the entrance to Disneyland Park. In the morning you have breakfast with a view of the pink castle and afterward, you take the elevator and you’re right at the entrance of the theme park.

A few years ago I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel. For me, it was a dream come true. From an early age, I was fascinated by this big, pink hotel. It seemed very special to me to be able to sleep here. Just because of the location!

Therefore, I want to share with you all the practical information and my experience with this Hotel. This way you can prepare for your visit. Or decide if this is the right Hotel for you!

Where is the Disneyland Hotel located?

If you have never been to Disneyland Paris, it isn’t easy to get a good idea of the location of the Disneyland Hotel. You can divide Disneyland Paris roughly into 3 parts. Left the Disney theme parks, in the middle Disney Village, and to the right the Disney Hotels. The distance from left to right is about 1,5km or a 20-minute walk.

The Disneyland Hotel is not located with the other Hotels but directly above and next to the Disney Parks. So you do not have to walk 1.5 km back and forth between your hotel and the theme parks every day.

You walk out of your hotel like a prince or princess and can immediately enjoy the Parks. If you stay here, also expect a lot of envious looks. Many people have to make the 10-20 minute walk back to their hotels at the end of the long day. Or have to wait a long time for crowded busses.

At the Hotel

When you enter the Disneyland Hotel, you make a trip back in time. It is decorated like an old Victorian mansion with lots of carpet and wood. You will love it.

If you are used to 5-star hotels, then I have to be very honest with you. The Disneyland Hotel will disappoint you… Although it is the most luxurious Disney Hotel, it does not compare to other fancy accommodations. The outside could use a lick of paint, and the inside looks a little worn. Thankfully the hotel is currently being thoroughly renovated to really improve this.

Check in at the Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel - location, rooms, price and offers

If you come by car you can drive all the way to the entrance of the hotel. You leave your car there and valet parking will park it for you for free. You can also leave your luggage there. It will be taken to the luggage storage. So you can go directly to the reception to check-in.

From the train station, it is a short walk of 5 minutes. Just follow the Disneyland Park directions and take the path to the right until you are at the entrance of the Disneyland Hotel.

Personally would not use Disney Express. This is a service for people arriving by train who don’t want to carry their own luggage. It is beneficial when you stay in the other Disney Hotels but a waste when you are staying at the Disneyland Hotel as it’s such a short walk from the train station.

If you have booked a standard room, then you can check-in at the generic reception. Guests staying at the Castle Club and Suites take the stairs or elevator to the 2nd floor and walk over the bridge towards the bar. On the right-hand side, you will find two elevators with a sign “Castle Club.” Take these to get to the reception desk.

The Rooms

The Disneyland Hotel has a number of room types. The standard room is the cheapest and can accommodate 4 people. Rooms of this type are located in one of the two wings of the Hotel. In fact, the Disneyland Hotel is shaped like a wrench or dog bone. But normally you only see the middle part as that is where the entrance of Disneyland Park is also located.

Standard rooms do not have a view of the Parks. Do you want to wake up and see the castle? Then you’ll have to book a Castle Club room.

Family rooms are similar to the standard rooms but have an extra sofa bed for one child.

Castle Club

Disneyland Hotel - location, rooms, price and offers

The Castle Club is the fancier part of the Disneyland Hotel. Only guests of this Club have access to this exclusive section located in the middle of the hotel. The Castle Club rooms are more beautifully decorated than the standard rooms. Also, some have views over Disneyland Park. You do have to pay extra for this

Restaurants in the Disneyland Hotel

Disneyland Hotel - location, rooms, price and offers

Do you stay in the Disneyland Hotel and have booked breakfast? Then you normally eat in restaurant Inventions. You’ll find this on the second floor of the Hotel, in the middle of the bridge. Once you’re on the second floor you’ll understand what I mean! 🙂 It really does all work itself out.

Inventions is the buffet restaurant where you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Disney characters. They come to your table and take the time for a picture and chat. In the photo below you can see some of the characters on their way to lunch at Inventions. Do you recognize them?

Disneyland Hotel - location, rooms, price and offers

During breakfast in Inventions, there are all kinds of bread, sweet and savory spreads, eggs, an English breakfast, all kinds of juices, and hot drinks. Lunch and dinner consist of all kinds of salads, hot vegetables, meat, fish, a children’s buffet, and lots of desserts.

The other restaurant in the Disneyland Hotel is California Grill. This is a fancy restaurant where you go for the culinary experience—real upscale food, which you expect from a 5-star hotel.

Starters cost about an average of € 30, main courses around € 55. Not cheap, but recommended if you have something to celebrate or if you like good food. Opposite the restaurants is a large bar (Cafe Fantasia) with comfortable sofas where you can relax after a long day in the Parks. Even if you’re not staying at the Disneyland Hotel!

Disneyland Hotel store

Disneyland Hotel - location, rooms, price and offers

On the second floor, in the middle of the Disneyland Hotel, you’ll find the store next to the restaurants and bar. Here you’ll find all kinds of souvenirs and personal care products (if you forgot them).

The store is bigger than you might think and you can buy many clothing and collectibles in particular. The most expensive item for sale is a Mickey statue of €40,000. This one was a little bit over budget for me.

Prince(ss) or Pirate for a day

On the second floor of the Disneyland Hotel, you will find the Princess for a Day experience above the reception. This is especially fun for (young) children. During this experience, they are transformed into a Disney princess, prince, or pirate. Depending on what they want.

You can choose a package. Prices start at about € 50 and go up to € 400. The price depends on the options and the outfit you choose. Options are hair, makeup, and/or photo. It is an expensive experience, but you see so many smiling faces. When the little princesses, princes, or pirates walk through the Park, they really feel like royalty too.

Price of the Disneyland Hotel

This Hotel is not cheap. For 3 nights with a family of four, you’ll quickly spend over $2,000. That’s quite an amount of money. Especially when you consider that for that same amount you can also go to Spain for a week…

If you want to book a room in the Disneyland Hotel, always keep an eye on the offers. Although it remains expensive, you will get a discount – but also nice extras such as pocket money or free half board.

In addition, you can save money by booking well in advance—the earlier you book, the lower the price. If you have an Annual Pass, you get a discount on single rooms at the Disneyland Hotel. You can book these through Disney itself, but be sure to check Expedia or Booking.com as well. Sometimes these prices are much better than at Disney. Especially if you have a Magic Plus pass as I do.

My experience with the Disneyland Hotel

I myself have a mixed experience with the Disneyland Hotel. Am I glad I stayed here once? Yes. Would I do it again? Only if there is an excellent offer.


The location of the Hotel! It was great to be back in your room within a few minutes. Not walking an extra mile when your feet were already so sore. In addition, it had been on my wish list for a long time. As an enthusiast of Disneyland Paris, you must have stayed there at least once.

I also loved being able to have breakfast overlooking a (closed) Disneyland Park. The Disney characters that came to the table were a nice touch.


The biggest minus point, I think, is the price-quality ratio. This is not a real 5-star hotel. The Disneyland Hotel looks worn out, both on the inside and outside. I know it’s now undergoing a thorough renovation, so I guess this point wouldn’t be valid in the future.

I also found the service to be not the best. We had an unpleasant experience with the luggage service – they had demolished our travel bag – and instead of being helped, the manager started yelling at us. Afterward, we received an apology from Disney for the manager’s inappropriate behavior, but it is still not 5-star or even Disney-worthy!

Are you a Disneyland Paris fan, and has this Hotel been on your wish list for a long time? Then I would definitely book it, especially if you have something to celebrate. It is a Once in a Lifetime, so absolutely do it! You really feel like royalty when you come out of the parks and hop on the elevator, get off and stand in your hotel. Do you want the best Disney Hotel and are you willing to pay quite a bit for it? Then I would definitely book the Disneyland Hotel.

Just don’t compare it to other 5 star hotels to avoid disappointment. Other than that, you will have a great stay here, and the location is something no one can match!