Disneyland Paris Crowd calendar: how to avoid long lines!

We get asked this question a lot: “how busy is it in Disneyland Paris in/on [month/date/holiday]?” Even though it’s difficult to predict it, we always try to give some indication. There are days that are obviously busier than others, like public holidays and weekends, but there are some clever ways to predict how crowded it’s going to be. We will share the secret with you!

Disneyland Paris crowd calendar doesn’t exist, or does it?

In the past, you can easily create a Disneyland Paris crowd calendar. These days, things have changed due to the reservation system in Disneyland Paris.

This reservation system regulates the number of people in the parks and will continue to do so in the future. That way they know exactly how busy it’s going to be that day. And you can use that information to your advantage.

There is a very convenient way to gain insight into the crowds, with the price estimate calendar on the Disneyland Paris website. This table looks like this:

Price estimate calendar – source: Disneyland Paris

The colors indicate a certain price range. Nice, you may be thinking now, but how will I know how busy it will be.

That’s pretty easy to estimate! The colors run from light blue to slightly darker blue, dark blue, purple, and pink. You can see them all in the picture above.

The lower the price, the quieter it is in the parks. The only but are Sundays. If you look at the table you will see that these should be light-colored and therefore quiet. This is not true. Because this table is all about the arrival on that day, but probably all the people who stayed overnight on Saturday will also be at the theme parks on Sunday.

What are the busiest, and quietest periods in Disneyland Paris?

If you want a quick overview of when it is busy or quiet, then use the list below:

  • Busy: summer vacations, weekends, French holidays, last 2 weeks of October and of December
  • Busier than usual: Fridays throughout the year, except on the days above
  • Normal crowds: All other weekdays

There is one thing you need to know, though. Because of the reservation system, crowds are not as bad in Disneyland Paris as they used to be. They now regulate the maximum number of people, and even on a sold-out day the maximum waiting time is usually only 70 minutes at Crush’s Coaster. Other attractions have waits of about 30 minutes. And that is on the busiest days.

What are the busiest attractions at Disneyland Paris?

Crowds at Disneyland Paris at attractions

There are attractions that still have a queue even on quiet days. If the Disneyland Paris price estimate calendar states that it is a quiet day, there will still be lines at:

  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • HyperSpace Mountain
  • Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Crush’s Coaster
  • Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop
  • Ratatouille

Many of these attractions have a Premier Access queue. I would definitely take advantage of this because it can save you a lot of time. You do have to pay for it, so only use it for the rides you don’t want to miss.

Crowded Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris

Crush's Coaster is the busiest attraction in Disneyland Paris

Crush’s Coaster is an incredibly popular attraction and the one with typically the longest queue.

To minimize your wait time, it is best to go directly to this attraction in the morning during Extra Magic Time. Or make sure you get to the Park as early as possible. Then the waiting time is between 30-45 minutes.

Extra Magic Time, by the way, is a service included for Disney Hotel guests and certain Annual Pass holders. They are allowed to enter the two Disney Parks earlier than other guests, allowing them to get into various attractions without a long wait.

Not an early riser? Then make sure you are one of the last to enter the Parks and enter the queue just before closing time. The wait is usually a bit shorter then.

Or buy Premier Access for it, so you hardly have to wait in line.

Using Disney Premier Access on Crowded days in Disneyland Paris

Disney Premier Access is a paid service in Disneyland Paris that can help you reduce your waiting time. You buy expedited access to the most popular ride for all members in your party.

This can get quite expensive, as you pay between €5 to €18 per person per ride.

You can also buy Disney Premier Access Ultimate, which gives you access to all the rides with this service once. This will cost you €140 per person, and can be booked in advance.

We used the Disney Premier Access Ultimate on a sold out day in Disneyland Paris. And we loved it. Yes, it was expensive, and we only bought it for 1 day, but we were able to do all the rides in Disneyland Paris in 4 hours! And that included a 30 minutes lunch.

It really saves you a lot of time, and it’s very convenient. If you can afford it, I would certainly buy it.

Tips for busy days at Disneyland Paris

Are you going to Disneyland Paris on a crowded day? No worries, it’s going to be fine! As I said, crowds are fortunately not what they used to be.

Make sure you go to the parks early. Until 11 am, it’s not that busy, and you can visit a lot of rides with minimal wait. Also, buy Premier Access for Crush’s Coaster or go there as soon as the Walt Disney Studios Park opens. Are you a Disney Hotel guest? Then use Extra Magic Time to enjoy some of the busiest rides or at least get a head start.

Another thing to do well in advance is to make restaurant reservations. You can do this 2 months in advance through the Disneyland Paris app. If you don’t do this there is no guarantee that you can eat at that restaurant during your visit.

And finally, some restaurants offer Mobile order through the Disneyland Paris. Use this especially on crowded days so you don’t have to wait in line. Somehow I’m always stuck behind a large family who take their time to decide on what to order. Being patient then takes a lot of energy!

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