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Disneyland Paris is one of the most famous theme parks in Europe. It is known for its many rides, shows, Disney characters, and, of course, the big pink castle. Not surprisingly, millions of people visit this resort every year. This page starts your visit to Disneyland Paris with practical information about tickets, hotels, attractions, restaurants, shows, and much more!

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Booking the perfect stay

The perfect stay at Disneyland Paris starts with choosing the best time to go. Do you go for the sun and heat during summer, or do you prefer to go during a quieter period with less good weather.

Then it’s time to decide whether to opt for individual Disneyland Paris tickets or book them as a package along with a hotel stay. The latter option is not only more economical, it’s more practical too!

Finally, it’s time to choose the best hotel for your stay. Do you opt for a Disney Hotel or do you prefer a slightly cheaper hotel nearby.

Navigating the resort

Disneyland Paris has two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Each theme park has unique attractions, shows, restaurants and encounters with Disney Characters.

Next to the theme parks is Disney Village. This is an area with shops and restaurants you can visit without a ticket. Don’t forget to take a ride in Panoramagique here to get the best view of Disneyland Paris (and even Paris)!

Finally, there are the 6 Disney Hotels that are all within walking distance of the theme parks. Among other things, when you sleep here you get to enter the theme parks an hour earlier, you can park for free, and you can meet Disney characters in the hotel lobby every day. You can also book a table at the popular Disneyland Paris restaurants up to 12 months before arrival. Other guests can only do so 2 months in advance.

Practical information and travel tips

To get the most out of your stay at Disneyland Paris, it is wise to plan it well. Of course, you can already do that based on the topics above, but there are still some practical things you need to know.

Think about the weather, for example, because you obviously don’t want rain all day. But also how to visit the theme parks with a disability or a broken leg.

And then there are the extras you can book with your stay such as the Photopass, Premier Access and Meal Plan.

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