Exploring Disney Hotel Cheyenne’s Breakfast Options

Since we visit Disneyland Paris regularly, we know how important it is to have a hearty and delicious breakfast before spending the day in the park. That’s why we always make sure to include breakfast during our stay. On our recent visit, we experienced the Disney Hotel Cheyenne breakfast, which was pretty good and expensive. Let’s take a look to see if it was worth it!

Location and Opening Hours

The Hotel Cheyenne breakfast is served daily from 7:00 am to 11:00 am at the Chuck Wagon Cafe restaurant. This restaurant is located at the main building of the resort. Walk up to the cashier and show your breakfast vouchers if you included it in your booking. If not, you can pay for it either in cash or with a card. The price is £21.49 for adults and £15.22 for kids. Pretty expensive, but it is an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. So make sure to fill up!

Disney Hotel Cheyenne breakfast buffet food

Breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne pastries
Savory Hotel Cheyenne breakfast options

The buffet includes a wide selection of sweet and savoury items. There is the usual assortment of cereals, bread, yoghurts, pastries, and fruit.

For the savoury dishes, there are sausages, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, beans, and tomatoes. You can also find some hot and cold drinks, such as coffee, orange juice, water, tea, and milk.

There are always plenty of options, and they never run out of anything. Usually, I get a croissant and chocolate roll, and then I’m good. The croissants taste so good and fresh that I can never resist them. And if I’m still hungry, I typically get a piece of fruit or a little yoghurt.

The only queue we saw during our stay was at the coffee and juice machines. People typically get drinks for their entire party, so you will have to wait quite a bit. But they do have plenty of machines throughout the room, so always look around to find one that’s available.

Use the Disneyland Paris meal plan for breakfast

One of the best deals to include breakfast in your Disneyland Paris stay is by booking the half-board meal plan. That way, you will get breakfast at your Disney Hotel and one other meal a day for the duration of your stay.

It’s a far better deal when you plan on eating at one of the Disneyland Paris table service restaurants or buffets. As a lunch/diner menu will usually cost about £40 per person, and the half board costs a little over £50. That way, you can save a bit of money and still have the Disney Hotel Cheyenne breakfast in your stay.

Can you have breakfast at the other Disney Hotels or in the parks?

If you booked breakfast with your Disneyland Paris stay, the breakfast would be at your hotel. You can upgrade to breakfast with Disney characters at the Plaza Garden restaurant at Disneyland Park, but this comes at a hefty upcharge. And you will have to have a table reservation for it, so book those as soon as you make your Disneyland Paris booking.

You can also have breakfast at any other Disney hotel if you don’t book it in advance. However, the more expensive the hotel, the pricier the breakfast will be. And to be honest, they offer more or less the same items.

Is breakfast at Hotel Cheyenne worth it?

One of the things we learned from going to Disneyland Paris multiple times a year is always to book breakfast at your hotel. Yes, it is more expensive, and probably a bit too expensive, but it’s so convenient.

There are other breakfast options in Disney Village and even a few at the parks. But they are pretty limited and lines can get very long. You don’t want to enter Disneyland Park, especially with little ones, and then have to look for breakfast and a table to sit at. It’s just not worth it.

The breakfast buffet is good, with lots of fresh options. We love the croissants, fruit, and eggs, and the buffet is always pretty well-stocked. They even allow you to take some food with you, but typically just a piece of fruit or one croissant. You can’t take bags of pastries with you, of course.

And if you book breakfast as part of the Meal Plans, you will get a much better deal. That’s what we do when visiting Disneyland Paris, as it forces us to eat a healthy breakfast and have something other than burgers or fries during our stay.

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