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Breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris

Disney Hotel Cheyenne offers a delicious breakfast buffet with various options to suit all tastes. Start the day by enjoying the fresh, hot food and drinks available at the buffet. Choose from eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, and waffles. There is also an assortment of cold items, including yoghurt, cheese, fruits, cereals, pastries, and, of course, as many croissants as you can.

Is breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne included in your stay?

Breakfast is not included in your Disneyland Paris package but can be added for an additional fee. You can select the Breakfast Meal Plan or upgrade to Half-Board or Full Board while booking if you want to include all meals in your stay.

Whether you book the breakfast beforehand or pay for it in the hotel, the price remains the same: £21.49 for adults and £15.22 for kids. Pretty expensive, especially if you are a small eater, but you will also be paying for the convenience, as there aren’t many breakfast locations in Disneyland Paris.

Breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne pastries

Breakfast location

Every morning, breakfast is served in Chuck Wagon Cafe, the restaurant in the resort’s main building. You don’t need a reservation for the restaurant, but they may ask you to choose a time slot to prevent crowds during peak times.

Most people will have breakfast a bit before the parks open. The busiest times are between 8 am and 9 am, so if you want a peaceful breakfast, avoid those times.

Another way to enjoy breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne is to skip the buffet and go to the Starbucks in the main building to get a drink and a pastry. That’s a great option when you are not travelling with little ones and don’t need a full breakfast to start your day.

Alternatives to Eating Breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne

Above we already mentioned one of the alternatives, getting breakfast at Starbucks. There are some other options that are cheaper but less elaborate than the breakfast at Disney Hotel Cheyenne. For example, Earl of Sandwich, New York Style Sandwich, and Annette’s Diner have breakfast options. You can have breakfast in the parks at the Cable Car Cake Shop or Restaurant En Coulisse.

Just like breakfast at Starbucks, these options are not very practical for little ones. If you are travelling with young children, having breakfast in the hotel is more convenient.

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