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Breakfast at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne in Disneyland Paris

In July, I walked around the various Disney Hotels to take a look at their breakfast offering. As breakfast is no longer included in your Disneyland Paris stay, but is available to book at an additional fee, it’s usually cheaper to have breakfast in the cheaper Disney hotels even if you are not staying there.

Let’s see what you can expect for breakfast at Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne in Disneyland Paris!

Breakfast restaurant in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

Hotel Cheyenne is one of the budget hotels at Disneyland Paris. This means that the rooms are farthest from the Disney Parks.

In practice, this amounts to about a 20-minute walk to the Park’s entrance. In terms of theming, I think this is by far the nicest hotel.

The western village with its low buildings and lots of open spaces gives you a holiday feeling. Plus it’s a safe place to let your children roam free.

It all comes across as very convivial because of the spacious layout. Although it is 1 of the cheapest Disney Hotels, I am absolutely a fan!

Breakfast at the Hotel Cheyenne

So Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is made up of all low buildings that lie between the hotel parking lot and the river with the walking path to the Parks.

Centrally located is the main building containing the reception, a store, Starbucks, café and the restaurant. This restaurant is also the place to have breakfast in the morning.

The breakfast room

This room is huge. There are an awful lot of seats, divided into several rooms. I myself was there on a Saturday on the last weekend in June. A pretty busy period, but there were still more than enough spots available.

There is also another reason for this. Since March 2017, breakfast is no longer included with a Disney stay. If you want breakfast in your Hotel then you will have to book this extra. For Hotel Cheyenne, this costs €24 for adults and €17 for children. That is the price per night that you stay at the Hotel, or you can pay for breakfast in the hotel at the restaurant.

Because breakfast is no longer included in Disneyland Paris stays, many people choose to eat breakfast in the Parks. Or to get a sandwich and a drink at Starbucks.

Back to breakfast in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne.

Tip! Use the Price Estimate Calendar to find the perfect moment and lowest price for your Disneyland Paris holiday! Try it yourself

For breakfast, report to the cashier at Chuck Wagon Cafe restaurant. If it is very busy, you may have to select a time for breakfast in advance. But when we were there – around 9 a.m. – there was no wait. The Park had been open to hotel guests for half an hour by then, and most people were already going to the parks.

Upon arrival, report to the cashier. If you have booked breakfast with your stay, then have your Magic Pass scanned. Did you not do this? Then you can pay for breakfast at the cash register. Even if you are staying at another hotel, you can have breakfast at Hotel Cheyenne.

You will be assigned a fixed table upon arrival. This is reserved for you, so you can peacefully get breakfast with the whole family.

Food and drinks

Breakfast crowds in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne

The buffet is full of different types of bread. Hard rolls, croissants, chocolate rolls and baguettes. As soon as the baskets become even slightly empty, they are replenished, so you are never short of anything. To top off the sandwiches, there is chocolate spread, butter, jam, cheese, ham and other sausages, among other things.

Bread for making toast
Even more bread
English Breakfast
Breakfast cereals
Hot and cold drinks
Even more hot breakfast dishes

If you need a bit more than just bread during breakfast, there are scrambled eggs and slices of warm bacon. You can also choose from a complete English breakfast with white beans in tomato sauce, sausages, potatoes and hot vegetables.

Finally, you can also select various breakfast kinds of cereal—healthy and unhealthy—combined with hot or cold milk. As drinks, there are various juices, water, coffee, tea or chocolate milk. Oh, and of course I totally forget about the fruit. There is cut fruit, but there are also whole apples and oranges, for example. Which you can take with you to the parks, but this is a bit frowned upon.

You can take anything you want and eat as much as you like.

Is breakfast in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne worth it?

If you want to start your Disney day worry-free, then I say yes. It is the most convenient way to eat breakfast at Disneyland Paris. Just nice and close to your hotel room with enough choice and everything well organized.

For me personally, there are two drawbacks. The first is the location of the breakfast room. Because Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne consists of all small buildings spread over a large area, you will always have to go outside to eat breakfast.

That’s not so bad on warm summer days, but a little less pleasant in the winter or fall during a huge shower. Then you’ll be soaking wet before you even get to the Parks.

Another disadvantage I find is the price. Personally, I don’t eat €24 worth of breakfast rolls, and I have seen families struggle with the price.

The breakfast is good, with lots of choices. The food is fresh, and there is always more than enough. If you pay for breakfast, you pay for convenience. For having a full belly when entering the Disney parks instead of trying to find an open restaurant, and waiting in line with everybody else who wants breakfast. For me, it’s worth paying for this convenience.

If you don’t mind doing a bit of driving in the morning, there is a large shopping mall located about 10 minutes away from Disneyland Paris. This shopping mall, Val d’Europe, has a large supermarket that offers lots of breakfast offerings as well. We usually go to the bakery that’s located just outside the shopping mall, where you can get breakfast rolls and warm drinks.

Tip! Use the Price Estimate Calendar to find the perfect moment and lowest price for your Disneyland Paris holiday! Try it yourself

But again, this will take away your time in the Disney Parks. So you have to determine for yourself if this is worth it.

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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