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Hotel Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris: read this before you book!

Hotel Santa Fe is a budget hotel in Disneyland Paris. Along with Hotel Cheyenne, these are the two most economical hotels to book.

Where Hotel Cheyenne has a cowboy theme, at Hotel Santa Fe you go into the desert. Along with the characters from the movie Cars. Although this is not a Cars hotel, things from the movie have been subtly added to the hotel. You can see this in the rooms and buildings.

A nice touch, but not the reason why you should book a room here. The main reason to do so is the price. This hotel is much cheaper than the other Disney Hotels, with an overnight stay including tickets for around €200 per person.

The reason why this hotel is cheaper is the location. From here you can walk to the Disney Parks in about 20 minutes. At the other Disney Hotels, this is about 10-15 minutes. So not really a big difference in distance, but it is in price. And if you do not feel like walking, then just take the free shuttle bus. This runs throughout the day, every 20 minutes between Hotel Santa Fe and the Disney Parks. Perfect!

Transportation to Hotel Santa Fe

There are a number of ways to get to Hotel Santa Fe. If you are going by car, put the following address in your navigation:

Av. Robert Schuman, 77700 Coupvray, France

You will find the entrance to the parking lot just before the gas station. By the way, this is the only gas station on the Disneyland Paris property, convenient for the return trip.

Arriving at the hotel, you must show proof that you are staying there. You can just do that on your phone, you do not have to print it out. Then you get access to the parking lot. From here you can easily walk to the hotel. Because the hotel consists of all lower buildings spread over a large area, you can pick up your car later and park it closer to your room. Therefore, I would leave luggage in the car until after check-in.

Another way to get to this hotel is by train. From the Disneyland Paris train station, you can take the free shuttle bus or follow the walking route to the hotel. Whatever you prefer. You can also make use of the Disney Express luggage service. You can leave your bags at the Disney Express desk at the station. Here you can check in directly in your hotel and get your tickets for the park.

This way you don’t have to visit your hotel first, but can go straight to the Disney Parks. Meanwhile, your bags are brought to Hotel Santa Fe (or another Disney Hotel if you are staying there) where you can pick them up at the end of the day at the luggage point in the hotel.

The main building

You can’t miss the main building. If only because of the big picture with Lightning and Sally on it. If you walk below you will find the luggage office on the left and the entrance to the main building on the right.

In the main building is the reception where you can check-in. It can sometimes be quite busy here. Therefore, I would recommend checking in online in advance. Then you only need to pick up your MagicPass at the desk. With this card, you get access to your room and can make use of Extra Magic Time.

Furthermore, in the main building, you will find a restaurant, store, and a Starbucks. In the restaurant, you can have breakfast in the morning. This is not included in your stay, but you can book extra. I would recommend this because there are not many other options for breakfast in Disneyland Paris. Apart from the pricey sandwiches at Starbucks.

Affordable breakfast

As I wrote above, I recommend booking breakfast with the hotel. Breakfast is a buffet where you can scoop up as much as you can eat.

There are all kinds of bread, fillings (sweet and savory), juices, cereals, eggs, and even a complete English breakfast with sausage and beans. There is something for everyone!

There are also options for allergies and diets. And if you can’t find something you can always ask. They still have plenty of sandwiches in the back and can make something to fit your diet.

This breakfast is also a good choice if you are staying in other Disney hotels. It is much cheaper to eat here, while there is often the same kind of food. And because you have to book your hotel separately, this can be a very economical option if you stay in more expensive hotels.

The Rooms

source: Disneyland Paris

The rooms of the hotel are spread over low buildings. These have a maximum of 5 floors. Because of the low buildings, it doesn’t feel like a hotel. It is more like a cozy vacation village.

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The hotel is built along a river. Here you will also find the walking route to the Disney Parks. Do you want to have the shortest walk to the Disney Parks, then I would book a room by the river, which saves you 5 minutes easily. You can also choose a room near the facilities, in this case, the main building with the restaurant and store.

If you do not care much about the location, the rooms are often the cheapest.

The rooms of Hotel Santa Fe are small but practical. Spacious enough to accommodate a family of 4. You have everything you need including a bathroom with bath and shower, a TV, safe, and wifi. The beds are comfortable as are the pillows. It’s a great place to rest after a day in the parks.

You can also choose family rooms at Hotel Santa Fe. These are slightly larger than the standard rooms and can accommodate 5 people. Besides sleeping 5, this room type has another advantage: 2 bathrooms. This makes the mornings a little less stressful.

This type of room is only available in limited numbers so make sure you book early. This can be done online or by phone via Disneyland Paris.

Hotel Santa Fe or Hotel Cheyenne?

Both Hotel Santa Fe and Hotel Cheyenne are Disneyland Paris budget hotels. They are the cheapest of all the Disney Hotels because of their location and, because they are, only 2-star. Both hotels are a great choice if you want to go to Disneyland Paris but have a little less to spend.

So does it matter which one you choose? No, not really.

Personally, I like Hotel Cheyenne best of the two. This is because of the theme. Hotel Cheyenne is built as a cowboy village, and they have done that quite nicely. Hotel Santa Fe is a bit duller.

In terms of location there is no difference, they are both on the same river each on a different side of the bank. From both hotels, you can walk to the park in 20 minutes and they both have a free shuttle bus.

If you don’t care that much I would just choose the hotel that offers the lowest price for your stay.

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