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Disney’s Hotel Newport Bay Club review!

At the end of June, I was invited by Disneyland Paris to spend two nights at the Newport Bay Club hotel. This hotel is within walking distance of the Disney Parks and one of the most luxurious accommodations on the Resort. It had been a while since I had been to this Hotel. Therefore, I was extra happy when Disney indicated that we could stay here during the media event. Not only very comfortable but also a great time to once again explore this amazing hotel.

Are you still doubting whether this is the hotel for you? Then I will try to give you as much information as possible to make a good choice. Let’s start with the accessibility of the hotel and where you can check-in!

Getting there and checking in

Hotel Newport Bay Club is very easy to reach. By car, use the following address for your navigation: Avenue Robert Schuman, 77700 Chessy, France.

This is a street where other Disney Hotels are also located. Depending on the route your navigation uses, Newport Bay Club is the first or last hotel. Are you coming through exit 14 on the highway? Then it is the first hotel on the left side of the street. Is your navigation sending you on the D934 through Chessy? Then Newport Bay Club is the last hotel on the right.

A sign indicates the entrance to the Hotel. Here you drive into the parking lot until you reach the parking attendants. Here you must show proof of your booking. This may also be digital if you are like me and do not have a printer.

Then you have to open the trunk, and the contents are checked. This is routine and is done for every guest. After this, the barriers open, and you drive towards the hotel. You can park in front of the entrance to unload your luggage. Arriving before 15.00? Then your rooms are not ready yet, and your luggage will be stored in the baggage room. You can also find a parking space and leave your luggage in the car. Whatever you prefer.

Before you can enter the hotel, you have to pass through security again. This is similar to the check at the airport. Pretty special for a theme park hotel, but I’m glad Disneyland Paris does this. So they keep people with bad intentions as much as possible outside the Resort.

By train

If you go by train, you get off at the train station of Disneyland Paris. You are then in the middle of the map below at Station Marne la Vallée-Chessy.

Hotel Newport Bay Club is at the very bottom at the end of Lake Buena Vista (called Lac Buena Vista on the map). On the map above, you will see a green line running past Planet Hollywood and the Disney Store all the way to the lake. This is also the walking route if you go to Newport Bay Club from the train station.

Before you get here, you have to go through a bag check. Coming out of the train station, head towards the green tents with security. Then keep left towards Disney Village and Planet Hollywood. Follow the path until you reach the lake.

You can also leave your luggage at the station at the Magic Express desk. For €15 per person, Disneyland Paris will take your bags to the hotel. You get your entrance tickets in advance, so you can go straight to the Parks instead of first bringing your suitcases to the hotel. When arriving by train, I would use this service; you do not have to drag your luggage first to the hotel and lose valuable time. Pack a bag at home with things you need in the Parks. The other luggage you can leave at the Magic Express desk. At the end of the day, you can pick up your luggage at the luggage service in your hotel.


Check-in desk

Checking in at the hotel is easy. There are many Cast Members at the front desk to ensure that the wait time is minimal. Usually, you’ll be done within 15 minutes. Your room will not be available before 15:00, but you will receive your entrance tickets and meal vouchers if you have ordered them. Breakfast is not available on the day of arrival. If you arrive early, you must provide your own breakfast. In Newport Bay Club, breakfast costs more than €20 per person. Personally, I would then bring a sandwich from home…

It’s also possible to check-in online; this can be done through the Disneyland Paris app as soon as you’ve paid for your stay. The only downside is that you still have to pick up your MagicPasses at the reception. You need these passes to unlock your room, access the swimming pool, and as proof, you are staying at a Disney Hotel to gain access to Extra Magic Time.

The room

We had a standard room on the first floor. The nice thing about this room was that we had French doors with a seat outside. But due to the heat, we didn’t really use this.

Inside the hotel room, it was much cooler in the air conditioning. To get to the room, we had to go through quite a few corridors. Because of the size of the hotel, you have to take into account that you also walk a lot inside. Make sure you have some energy left at the end of your Disney day to get to your room.

In the room, there were two double beds. So not very big but spacious enough for two people to sleep in. In addition, there is a desk with two chairs, a TV cabinet with drawers and of course a TV.

The sink is outside the bathroom in a vanity area. There is a large mirror above the sink, and there is a power outlet for, for example, a hairdryer or shaver. I can’t get my hair dry with the hotel’s hairdryer, so I advise bringing your own. Opposite the sink is a closet with a large safe and a place to store your bags.

Finally, the bathroom. This has a bathtub with a showerhead above it. The bath is big enough to lie down in. You get shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel in cute souvenir bottles with a Mickey on them. Opposite the bathtub is the toilet. Unfortunately, this one is not in a separate room.

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Breakfast at Newport Bay Club

Breakfast room Newport Bay Club

We were also allowed two mornings to have breakfast at Newport Bay Club as part of our stay. Please note that breakfast is not standard with your stay, but must be booked separately. Although it is not cheap, I would personally do it. It is quite a hassle to find breakfast in the Disney Parks. There are only a few restaurants open, and when you’re in the Parks, you don’t feel like queuing for 20 minutes for a sandwich.

Breakfast in Newport Bay Club is in one of the two restaurants. To find the restaurants, you first have to go to the lobby of the hotel. Then you take the wooden stairs to the first floor (there is also an elevator). Here you will find a cast member who will tell you which restaurant you have to be in that morning.

The breakfast buffet consists of bread, such as croissants and chocolate rolls, yogurt, cold cuts, cereals, pancakes, waffles, cake, English breakfast, and eggs. So there is something for everyone. There are also drink machines for coffee, tea, juices, and you can also tap water from a jug. Each guest is assigned a fixed table, so no hassle looking for a place to sit. You can also get food with the whole family at the same time. Your table is reserved for you, so you can leave it unoccupied.


You can dine in the same restaurants as your breakfast. Yacht Club is a pricey restaurant with mainly fish dishes. You can eat dorado, swordfish, or pasta with seafood here, among other things. Cape Cod is the other restaurant in Newport Bay Club. This is a buffet, also with mainly seafood dishes. You can redeem your Plus Meal voucher in both restaurants. However, as a guest of this Hotel, you are not bound to these restaurants.

Have you booked Meal Vouchers for your stay at Newport Bay Club? Then you don’t have to spend them at these restaurants. You can also use them at various other restaurants in the Parks and the other Hotels. Don’t like fish? Then you have plenty of other options where you can eat.

Swimming pool and other facilities

Indoor pool

One of the best facilities of this hotel is the swimming pool. Newport Bay Club has the largest pool of all Disney Hotels. You can swim your laps not only inside but also outside. In the summer, you can even sunbathe on one of the sunbeds. The only downside is that the number of umbrellas is limited. Disney should really do something about this. We ended up dragging the beds into the shade of the building. At 35 degrees Celsius in the full sun, I thought this was a bit too much.

Next to the pool is Newport Bay Club’s modern gym. Do you have any energy left after a day in the Disney Parks, or do you want to burn off all that fast food? Then, as a hotel guest, you have free and unlimited access to the gym.

Are you more into relaxation? Then you can visit the sauna and steam room every day between 7:00 and 21:30.

The store

In the lobby of Newport Bay Club, there is a large store opposite the reception desk. Here you will find various souvenirs from the Parks, as well as snacks and personal care products. You can even get suitcases for when you want to bring back too many souvenirs. In addition, they sell pins, plush animals, toys, and clothing, among other things.

You have a nice view of the lake and hotel New York across the street when you are in the store. A good place to take a picture.

Compass Club

Compass Club Lounge

The Compass Club is the upscale section of hotel Newport Bay Club. Guests of this club have their own check-in desk, stay on a separate floor, and have unlimited access to a lounge with free drinks. They also have breakfast here in the morning and snacks between 16.00 and 18.00.

I myself have not (yet) stayed in the Compass Club. But I did try the Golden Forest Club. This is the same concept only in the adjacent Sequoia Lodge Hotel. This was a great experience. The breakfast is nice and quiet, with no crowded dining room or long lines at the coffee machine. It’s also nice that you can get unlimited drinks, and the afternoon snacks were delicious.

As far as I’m concerned, definitely recommended, but keep in mind that you pay a lot more for this. Therefore, I would only book it if there is a good offer.

From Newport Bay Club to the Disney Parks

There are two ways to get from Newport Bay Club to the Disney Parks. The first is by shuttle bus, which stops in front of the hotel and takes you as far as the train station (see map above). You then only have to walk a short distance to the Disney Parks.

But most people choose to walk to the Parks from the Hotel. This takes about 15 minutes. When you get to Disney Village, you must first go through a bag check to ensure you are not taking anything crazy into the Parks. After this, it is about 10 minutes until you are at the entrance of Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park.

The walk itself is not that bad. Actually, there is so much to see that you do not realize that you have almost a kilometer traveled—the only drawback of the route, I find the way back. When you come out of Disney Village, you see the hotel already. But you must then walk all the way around the lake. When my feet were full of blisters and sore after 2 days of the Disney Media event (it’s hard work :)), this last part was pretty grueling.

Price, booking and best time to go

Newport Bay Club is not cheap, costing at least €250 – €300 per person per night, including the tickets. There is no breakfast included. This you must book separately for €22 per person per night. If you want to book this hotel, keep a close eye on the offers, so you at least get a discount on your stay.

The best time to go to Newport Bay Club is in the summer. The outdoor pool is a nice place to escape the crowds in the Parks and cool off. Want to give the hotel a try, but it’s out of your budget? Then go during the winter. Off-season, prices are considerably lower, and Newport Bay Club is suddenly a lot more affordable.

My review of Newport Bay Club

Finally, my review of Hotel Newport Bay Club. It’s a beautiful hotel that captures the imagination. Just seeing it makes me happy, if only because I have fond memories of it.

Since the conversion from 3 to 4-star, I had not been there. Therefore, I was extra happy when I received the invitation from Disneyland Paris to sleep here. Due to the busy schedule of the media event, I, unfortunately, did not get to experience much of it. But the hotel looks luxurious, the rooms are spacious, and they have everything you need. I found the number of outlets a bit limited, but there were enough to charge phones/tablets compared to the Disneyland Hotel – where there is only one – there were enough to charge phones/tablets.

The beds were great and are softer than Sequoia Lodge. I find them a bit on the narrow side, especially if you are used to a larger bed at home. Fortunately, the hotel is not noisy. Only the people who walk down the hallway can be heard, and occasionally, a chair is moved in the distance.

If you go in the summer, then showering is a challenge. The tap has two options – very hot and ice-cold. You really spend some time trying to get the ratio to be comfortable in the shower. Not only did I have this problem, but so did the other members of the group.

The only downside to this hotel is its size. It takes quite a while to get to your room, especially if you sleep at the very end of one of the wings. In addition, the hotel accommodates so many guests that you notice this, especially at breakfast. It is quite noisy and chaotic. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this by sitting outside on the terrace or going before 8 o’clock.

In short, the article is a lot longer than planned, but I hope that I have given you all the information you need to decide if this is the hotel for you. Have you ever stayed in the Newport Bay Club? If so, please let me know what you thought of it!

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