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My experience with the Golden Forest Club at Sequoia Lodge

The Golden Forest Club is the club level section in Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. You pay an extra fee to stay here, and get some extras in return.

It was one of the things we always wanted to do, and when we found a stay at a discount, we decided to go for it. This is my experience with the Golden Forest Club.

Arrival at the hotel and check-in

We arrived by car to Disney’s Sequoia Lodge. The parking lot is very large, so don’t worry about finding a spot. When you stay in the Golden Forest Club, valet service is included, but somehow I always prefer to park my own car.

Are you going by train? Then walk through the exit of the train station, to the left towards Disney Village. Here you walk straight ahead to the large hot air balloon.

Then keep left and walk around the water to the entrance of Sequoia Lodge. Here you have to climb two stairs, or you can take the elevator. From here, just continue straight on until you reach the check in desk.

Golden Forest Club check in

Guests of the Golden Forest Club have their own private check-in desk. You can find it in the corner next to the regular check-in.

From the main entrance on the parking lot side, go through the doors and then immediately to the left. If you come from the other side—if you came by train—walk from the stairs o the right, past the bar to the check-in desks.

Then to the back until you reach the door, you will find the check-in desk for the Golden Forest Club on the right.

Check in is very relaxing. You sit in one of the chairs while the cast member takes care of everything. You receive all the information, and don’t forget to ask questions if you need help. They can help you with booking Disney Premier Access Ultimate or restaurant reservations.

If you have any luggage, they will get someone to pick it up. Is your room is ready, you can decide to take your luggage to the room, or have someone bring it there. And is your room not ready, you can open the door later in the day with your MagicPass. They will text you the room number once it’s ready.

The Golden Forest Club room

We had a room on the 7th floor overlooking the parking lot. In terms of layout and size, the Golden Forest Club room is similar to a regular room at Sequoia Lodge. It has two beds, a table with a chair and a chest of drawers with a TV on top.

These rooms are located in the main building, and you can book them with lake view or not. We decided to save a bit of money by booking the regular view. We never looked out the window anyway.

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The bathroom has a sink, bathtub with shower head, and toilet. There is also a refrigerator, coffee maker, iron and ironing board, and a safe. The rooms have air conditioning, and free wifi.

Golden Forest Lounge: snacks, drinks, and breakfast

The big advantage of the Golden Forest Club is the lounge where you can free drinks, breakfast and afternoon snacks. We made good use of this lounge, and I still dream of the delicious pretzels.

Breakfast (7:00 – 10:30)

Breakfast is included in the price of your stay. You have breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge, located on the same floor as the check-in desk.

Only guests of the Golden Forest Club are allowed in here. Upon arrival, you are assigned a set table. After this, you may immediately attack the buffet! We didn’t need to make any time slot reservations, which was very convenient.

At breakfast in the Golden Forest Lounge, you can get unlimited sandwiches, croissants, cereal, cold cuts, and even a complete English breakfast with sausages and beans.

There are machines for coffee, tea, and juice. Here you may tap as much as you like. The orange juice comes in very small glasses, so keep in mind that you will have to walk back and forth a lot.

Drinks (12:00 – 22:30) and snacks (16:00 – 18:00)

Throughout the day, you can get unlimited soft and hot drinks in the lounge. They have cola, orange soda, water, and all kinds of syrup, among other things. In addition, there is tea and coffee.

From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. there are all kinds of snacks, including small sandwiches, my favorite pretzels, all kinds of sweet rolls, cake, candy, and pancakes.

You can grab as much as you want and there are plenty of choices!

The thing we didn’t like was people loading up their plates, and not finishing it. There were many almost full plates left on the tables. I know it’s free, well you paid for it, but come on, this isn’t something you do at home, right?

Is the Golden Forest Club worth it?

Personally, I really liked the Golden Forest Club. The private check-in desk was a treat, as the line at the regular desk was quite long. In addition, the lounge is really nice. Breakfast is good and much quieter than in the usual restaurants. The free drinks and snacks were also a nice extra.

What we also liked was that we brought my mother with me, who is a bit older, and doesn’t want to spend the full day in the parks. For her, it was a peaceful experience, and she went to the lounge often to just have coffee and read a book, while we were in the parks. If you bring the grandparents with you to Disneyland Paris, then definitely consider staying in the Golden Forest Club.

Is it worth it? For us it was. We liked that breakfast was included, and made good use of the lounge. If you plan on staying in the parks most of the time, then I’m not sure it it’s worth it. As you won’t take full advantage of the offerings of the lounge.

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But if you, like us, want a peaceful stay at Disneyland Paris, and a place where you can relax? Then I would certainly book it. Also, it’s the cheapest club level in Disneyland Paris, so you can’t go wrong with that!

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