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Disneyland Paris stay/hotel including tickets tips!

Booking a Disneyland Paris hotel including tickets is also called a stay. When you book such a stay, you are immediately well prepared for your visit to this theme park. No hassle of waiting in line at the checkout or traveling miles every day.

No, when you book a Disneyland Paris stay like this, you don’t have to think about anything else. Still, there are some things you should know before you book, we’ve collected them for you below!

1. A Disneyland Paris hotel with tickets usually does not include breakfast

When you book a stay, a Disneyland Paris hotel with tickets, breakfast is not included. However, you can book this in addition and we recommend that you do so.

Breakfast at the Disney hotels is very well done. You can grab as many sandwiches, spreads, fruit and even hot meals as you like. You can even make a packed lunch if you carry your own lunch box or bag. We usually take some fruit with us to get through the first few hours or an extra croissant for the road.

The reason we recommend booking breakfast with your stay is that there are limited options outside the hotels for breakfast. In the parks you can get breakfast at a number of restaurants, but there are often long lines here. In Disney Village, you can have breakfast at Earl of Sandwich or Starbucks. Here the menu is limited and not everyone will find something tasty to eat here.

If you are by car you can also drive to the supermarket in Val d’Europe. Here they have sandwiches and juices, and usually coffee. The disadvantage is that someone always has to go out to get sandwiches.

That’s why we usually book breakfast with our Disneyland Paris stay. Yes, it is quite pricey, but convenience is always worth a lot to us.

2. Booking a Disneyland Paris hotel with tickets is often cheaper

We regularly get asked if you can also book a separate night in a Disney hotel and if that is not cheaper than booking a Disneyland Paris hotel with tickets.

Yes, you can also book individual nights, but that is not always advantageous.

It’s really only cheaper if you have a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass and go at least 4 times a year. In other cases, it is always cheaper to book a stay, including tickets and hotel, at a Disney Hotel.

There is another situation when it can be cheaper and that is when you choose a Disneyland Paris Partner Hotel. These hotels are not on the resort, but just outside it. This makes you pay less per night, but also makes you dependent on the car or shuttle bus to get to the theme park.

These hotels can be a lot cheaper without an entrance ticket, but so they also have disadvantages.

3. There are few places where you can book a Disneyland Paris stay

Previously, most travel agencies would sell stays at Disneyland Paris; today, that selection is a lot more limited. Actually, there is currently, only 1 provider of Disneyland Paris hotel with tickets and that is the official website of the French theme park.

On the website they have a handy tool where you can see exactly what your stay will cost approximately. Even more convenient, you can also see if it might be cheaper a week later. By doing so, you can often save a few hundred dollars on your stay.

Another provider that sometimes has Disneyland Paris offers is OAD. Usually you can only book a stay at a Partner Hotel with them, but sometimes they have Disneyland Paris hotels with entrance tickets. Both as a bus trip and by private transport.

4.How it works upon arrival at your Disney Hotel

Suppose you have booked a Disneyland Paris stay including tickets. Then you can check in online via the Disneyland Paris app. Still, you’ll need to stop by the check-in desk on the spot.

Here you will receive an envelope with your room passes, proof that you are sleeping at the hotel so you will have access to the facilities and not least, the tickets for the theme parks.

You can also pick up these admission tickets if your room is not ready yet. So even if you arrive in the morning, you can go straight to the reception to get your entrance tickets. You will then also receive the same envelope with the room passes and tickets. After 3:00 pm you will then receive a text message when your room is ready and what number it is.

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You can leave your bags in the car or at the luggage service. After this you can go straight to the Disney parks.

If you’re coming to Disneyland Paris by Thalys, it’s even easier if you use Disney Express. This is an extra (paid) service where you don’t have to go by your hotel first to pick up the envelope. You will then receive the admission tickets and room passes at the station at the Disney Express desk. They will then bring your bags to the hotel where you can pick them up, whenever you like, from the luggage service.

Will you also choose the convenience of staying in Disneyland Paris?

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