What are the best restaurants at Disneyland Park?

There are quite a few restaurants in Disneyland Park. From fast food to steakhouses, you can find it all there. Too many to choose from during the often busy stay at Disneyland Paris. You can try them all, of course, but some are better than others.

Over the years we have actually tried them all at one time or another. These are our favorites, the best restaurants in Disneyland Park!

Casey’s Corner

A hotdog at Casey’s Corner, delicious with lots of mustard!

Casey’s Corner is a restaurant where you can get hot dogs. And they are not small ones! Where I can eat a number of sausages at home, 1 hot dog at Casey’s is plenty for me. Fortunately, because they are not cheap.

You pay just under €10 for a hot dog with a bun. But the taste is good, and you are full enough afterward to make it to the next meal.

At Casey’s Corner, the seating inside is a bit limited. If the weather is nice, you can use the outdoor patio. Is it raining? Then it’s best to walk towards Frontierland. Here you will find a covered terrace just past the Lucky Nugget Saloon belonging to the Last Chance Cafe, which is often closed. Tell them you want to take the meal with you, and they will pack it for you in a paper bag.

Restaurant Hakuna Matata

Restaurant Hakuna Matata is a good place if you want something other than fries and burgers. Here on the menu are meals with rice and vegetables, plus a tasty tortilla with kebab-style chicken.

Most dishes come with a good portion of vegetables, which gives you the idea that you are eating something healthy.

Inside there is plenty of seating and outside there is also a small terrace for sunny days. We usually try to get a spot outside, because it’s a fun spot to do some people-watching.

In the past, before the pandemic, you could participate in the Lion King Experience at Restaurant Hakuna Matata. You got a fixed menu with a Simba ice cream for dessert. This was a temporary menu and now it is back to being a counter service restaurant with an extensive menu.

But how fun was that Simba ice cream!

Captain Jack’s

Captain Jack’s is the most special restaurant in Disneyland Park. Not only because of its Caribbean dishes, consisting of lots of fresh fish like the barracuda on my plate above. It’s also special because of its location.

After all, you’ll find Captain Jack’s in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. The boats sail past the table, and you will be part of the ride, at least for a bit.

When we were there we had a table on the water. That’s nice because of the view, but know that almost the entire meal you are waving at people. And you’ll also be photographed regularly.

The menu will not please everyone, the location will. Do you have something to celebrate or are you looking for a special restaurant in Disneyland Park? Then this is a very good option!

Pizzeria Bella Notte

As the name suggests, this is an Italian restaurant in Disneyland Park. Like Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost there are of pizzas, pasta and lasagna dishes on the menu.

Now I must confess that this is not my favorite restaurant, because I don’t eat pasta. But my team members all preferred Bella Notte to Pizza Outpost. The pizzas at Disneyland Paris are not very special, but they are very affordable. A favorite is a pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

There is plenty of seating inside and a small terrace outside as well. Especially during peak times (between 12-14 and from 17:00) it can be pretty busy here. So always look for a seat first before ordering food.

Silver Spur Steakhouse

This is the best place to eat a good piece of meat. The photo above was taken before the menu change, but you can still order this steak.

You can find the Silver Spur Steakhouse in Frontierland next to Phantom Manor. It’s a popular restaurant so make sure you make reservations early. It is a table service restaurant and therefore a little more expensive than the counter service restaurants. But we find it always nice and quiet, you have a fixed table and your food and drinks are served.


Walt’s has been unfortunately closed for a while, but when it reopens, I can definitely recommend it. This is a very chic restaurant with corresponding prices. Not cheap, but delicious. Culinary dining in an amusement park.

The restaurant brings an ode to Walt Disney. Some dishes are based on his favorite food. A must for every Disney fan. And certainly, the ideal place if you have something to celebrate!

You’ll find Walt’s on Mainstreet U.S.A. above the stores.

Café Hyperion

Café Hyperion may not have the most appetizing or adventurous food compared to the restaurants above. But it is practical. It is a huge indoor restaurant with a lot of seating. In the summer it’s nice and cool, in the winter you can warm up here perfectly.

The menu is also suitable for the most difficult eaters: hamburgers and fries. You can order it as a menu like I did above (this is the cheeseburger by the way) or you can also order the burgers separately. Many people don’t know this, but it’s a convenient and affordable way to quickly satisfy your hunger.

For kids, this restaurant also has entertainment in the form of large TV screens with cartoons. And on the side, there is an arcade game room with arcade games.

These were the best restaurants in Disneyland Park, in our opinion. Do you have a different opinion or did I forget one? If so, leave a comment!

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