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Disneyland Paris tickets: discounts are easy to find!

Many people book a package when they go to Disneyland Paris. That’s easy because as soon as you check-in at your Disney Hotel, you also get the entrance tickets for the Parks immediately. So you don’t have to stand in line at the ticket office to get the Disneyland Paris tickets but can walk straight to the Parks entrance. Another advantage of a package deal is that you get higher discounts, and there are often free extras. So sometimes, you get a free half board or a gift card with €200-€300 gift.

When you only go for one day, a package deal is, of course, not an advantageous choice. Then it’s better to buy single entrance tickets to Disneyland Paris. Even then, you do not have to stand in line at the ticket office; you order them online, print them out and have them scanned at the park entrance. No hassle with long lines at the ticket booth anymore!

Disneyland Paris ticket options

There is actually only one type of Disneyland Paris ticket. With this ticket, you have unlimited access to one of the Disney Parks. So if you choose a ticket for Disneyland Park, you are not allowed in the Walt Disney Studios Park and vice versa. Would you like access to both parks, then you pay €20 extra.

Personally, I find this extra payment worth it. Although there is plenty to do in both parks, it is more fun to see everything and not be bound to just one.

Each Park has its own theme, look, and unique attractions. You don’t have to see them all, but for an extra €20, I would like to have the freedom to choose the attractions I like. And have the full experience.


Ticket prices for Disneyland Paris start at about €54. That’s for 1 day, 1 park. If you want to visit both, you will have to add the €20 surplus. Prices may vary during the year based on the demand. Usually, when the park is more crowded, the ticket price will be higher.

It’s best to check the price calendar on Disneyland Paris’ website in advance. Here you will find the cheapest ticket options. Tickets for Disneyland Paris will be more expensive during public holidays and French school holidays.

Disney also offers discounts for parties between 4 and 6 people. Then you can buy tickets for just €45. That’s a nice discount. You can also do a group buy with other visitors if your group is smaller.

Ticket prices Disneyland Paris

The picture above comes from the Disneyland Paris website. You can see the distribution of ticket prices before the pandemic. The green boxes are the cheapest tickets. Blue is in the middle, and purple is the most expensive ticket. When booking your ticket, you specify the date you are going. The color on that date then determines the ticket price.

If you select the date of your visit in advance, you will receive a discount. Dated tickets are cheaper than those without a date. So do keep that in mind if you are looking for a discount on Disneyland Paris tickets.

Annual tickets

Are you going to Disneyland Paris on multiple occasions throughout the year? Then it’s cheaper to buy an annual pass. These can be ordered online, or you can buy those while you are in the park. When you order them online, you will still need to go to the Annual Pass office to get your definitive annual pass.

The prices for the annual passes are roughly between €150 and €400. The difference is in, among other things:

  • Number of block out days – the cheaper, the fewer days you get access to Disneyland Paris.
  • Extra options – such as Photopass, discounted entrance tickets and parking

Although an annual pass gets you a discount on staying at a Disney Hotel, it is more economical than stay at a Partner Hotel. For a night at the B&B Hotel, you pay less than €80. No Disney Hotel can beat that!

One day, one Park?

A question we regularly get is which Park to choose when you have Disneyland Paris tickets for 1 day, 1 park. That’s quite a tricky question because both Disney Parks have their own unique experiences.

Disneyland Park is the oldest Park in Disneyland Paris. Here you will find classic attractions like Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, and It’s a Small World. This Park is the most magical and it is also the place where you will find the castle.

The Walt Disney Studios Park has a movie theme and is, therefore, less magical. Here you will find Toy Story Land, Crush’s Coaster, Ratatouille, and the Tower of Terror. In this Park, you have more thrill rides and are therefore less suitable for families with small children. Teenagers, however, can have a great time here. Do keep in mind that Disney is currently renovating this park, and therefore the amount of experiences has been limited.

Disneyland Paris tickets

Although I love the attractions in Walt Disney Studios Park, my choice for 1 day, 1 park would be Disneyland Park. This park is the reason is why you go to Disneyland Paris.

You expect magic, and you get it here! Everything in this park has a theme, from stores to restaurants and of course the attractions. You will find fewer thrill rides here, but Disneyland Paris isn’t a Park where you go for the thrill rides.

Disneyland Paris offers!
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Are you looking for thrill rides and some of the best roller coasters in Europe? Then I would definitely recommend Europa-Park. But for a day of Disney magic, the best place to go is Disneyland Park!

How do you get a discount on Disneyland Paris tickets?

  • Keep an eye on the official Disneyland Paris website for promotions, plus they offer the best price guarantee
  • The Belgian website of FNAC tickets often offers cheaper tickets
  • Go with someone with an annual pass, then you get a discount or the tickets even for free
  • Members of the shareholders club get a discount on presentation of their passport (it’s no longer possible to become a member of this club, so you’ll have to find an existing member to get your discount)
  • Book a stay, then the Disneyland Paris tickets are included, and you notice it less

There are few really good offers for Disneyland Paris tickets. I would always order them through the official website. If you buy them through other sources, you don’t know if they are legitimate. How awful would it be standing at the entrance of Disneyland Park to find out that your tickets do not work?

On the official website, you can also find the latest offers, although not often. For packages, there is always a discount available, but for the entrance tickets seldom. Currently, there is an offer on dated tickets and when you buy at least 4 tickets simultaneously.

It is best to keep an eye on this page for the latest offers on Disneyland Paris tickets!

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