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This is how much fun CenterParcs Villages Nature Paris is near Disneyland Paris

When you think of an overnight stay in Disneyland Paris, you probably think of a Disney Hotel. These are located near the theme parks and each has a magical theme. But did you know that there is also a CenterParcs vacation park near Disneyland Paris? Less than 10 minutes away, in a wooded area and with all the facilities you expect from such a vacation park? This park is called Villages Nature Paris.

Staying at a vacation park near Disneyland Paris has a lot of advantages. You have more space than in a hotel. Convenient if you’re going with a large group or when you want to slam the doors open in the morning to get some fresh air.

Another advantage is that you are not tied to Disneyland Paris. It is very easy to make excursions into the surrounding area from Villages Nature Paris. But you can also choose to spend a day at the park. There is enough entertainment to keep you from getting bored here too.

Finally, you’re not tied to the food at the Disney resort either. The cottages and apartments each have their own kitchen where you can prepare your own meals in the evening. There is a small supermarket at the vacation park, but I would recommend going to Val d’Europe. This is a huge shopping center with a giant supermarket consisting of two floors.

Do you think, I would like to spend a night in Villages Nature Paris? Then here are 6 things you should know about this vacation park.

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Villages Nature Paris is located next to Disneyland Paris

The first thing you need to know is the location of Villages Nature Paris. It’s next to Disneyland Paris, but you can’t walk there. To get to the theme parks, you need a car or can use local bus transportation.

If you go by car, know that you have to pay to park it at Disneyland Paris. This costs about €30 per day. When you leave the parking lot to come back later you have to pay again. So it’s wise to leave your car there all day.

A cheaper option is the bus that runs several times an hour to Disneyland Paris. A ride on this bus costs a few euros per person for a round trip. So that’s often cheaper than driving to Disneyland Paris by car. The shuttle bus stops at the bus stop near the parking garage. You’ll find it in Disney Village, on the Walt Disney Studios Park side, past Vapiano and Five Guys.

Finally, you might consider an annual pass to Disneyland Paris. This not only gets you admission to the Disney Parks, you also get discounts on souvenirs and food/drinks. Plus you can park for free. (not with all annual passes)

You can go to Villages Nature Paris by train

As you may know, you can reach Disneyland Paris very easily by train. From the Netherlands, 2 trains depart daily for Disneyland Paris that stop under the theme park.

You can reach Villages Nature Paris by train. To do this, take the train to the Disneyland Paris station. You leave the station and make your way to the bus stop at Five Guys (to the right of the World of Disney store).

Here you will wait for the shuttle bus to Villages Nature Paris. You will have to buy a ticket of a few euros per person here. This bus will take you to the vacation park in 25 minutes.

The vacation park has a huge swimming pool

The thing I love most about CenterParcs vacation parks are the tropical swimming pools. Usually consisting of a few pools and some slides.

At Villages Nature Paris, they take this a step further. The tropical swimming paradise at this vacation park is huge! The outdoor pools in particular feel luxurious and soothing. Just what you need after a day at the amusement park.

Inside, there is a large wave pool and a total of 6 slides. In addition, there are also opportunities for fitness in the water or swimming lessons for a fee.

The tropical water park, Aqualagon, is so popular that even people from outside the vacation park want to go there. They must purchase a day ticket for this purpose which costs €50 per person. This will then also give you access to the other facilities on the vacation park.

This amount seems high, but that’s just fine, this way the water park remains primarily accessible to guests of Villages Nature Paris.

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There are plenty of other activities at the park

The Aqualagon swimming paradise is just 1 of the opportunities to burn off some energy at the vacation park. In fact, Villages Nature Paris offers many more activities.

The vacation park has a large lake where you can do all kinds of water sports. From pedal boats to boating, and swimming to paddling. This is the ideal place to enjoy the sun during the summer.

There is also a petting zoo where children can learn more about caring for the animals. And in the gardens they discover where their vegetables come from.

Other sporting activities are also available. For example, you can practice archery, have fun on the sports field or go for a nice run in the wooded park.

Would you rather have a fun indoor activity? Then you can go bowling, climbing or a ninja course, among other things. With so many activities at the park, you would almost forget that it is near a huge amusement park.

Villages Nature Paris has accommodations for 2 to 12 people

The vacation park consists of a section with apartments and a section with cottages.

The apartments can accommodate 2 to 4 people and are located near the facilities. Each cottage has a spacious layout with at least 1 bedroom with fixed beds (no hassle with a sofa bed), a kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet and an outdoor seating area.

The cottages are scattered throughout the vacation park. You can book these in 3 price ranges: comfort, premium or VIP. The difference is in the finish of the cottages, the location and the facilities in the house, such as a hot tub. So you can make it as expensive, or cheap, as you want.

These cottages can accommodate 4 to 12 people where it is assumed that 2 people share a bedroom. So the cottage for 12 people has 6 bedrooms. The only pity is that there is only 1 bathroom then. For 12 people, that’s pretty crowded.

It is also good to know that all Villages Nature Paris accommodations have free wifi and that pets are also allowed.

When booking, you can immediately choose the location of your cottage and reserve extras including a treatment at the spa or a meal.

It’s also handy to book an e-car in addition if your cottage is a bit further up the park or if you don’t want to walk. This is an electric golf cart that allows you to drive around the park.

Disney has an alternative to Villages Nature Paris

Staying at Villages Nature Paris certainly has its advantages. You are out of the Disney bubble and there is an awful lot to do at the resort.

If you come primarily for the Disney magic, then the adjacent Davy Crockett Ranch is a good alternative. This vacation park belongs to Disney itself. This means that you are eligible for the sharp benefit promotions that are available on a regular basis. At this vacation park you will stay in log cabins scattered around a wooded area.

The disadvantage of the Davy Crockett Ranch is that it does not have a shuttle bus to the Disney parks. So you are dependent on the car, which you may park for free at the Disney parks. But so by train you can’t get here. Furthermore, this Disney vacation park also has a lot fewer activities compared to Villages Natures Paris.

Davy Crockett Ranch is therefore only interesting if you want to stay in a spacious log cabin instead of a hotel room when you go to Disneyland Paris. If you want more of a vacation park feel, with the activities that come with it, Villages Nature Paris is the best option!

Fortunately, there are also regular offers for Villages Nature Paris! For example, at the moment you get over 30% discount on a cottage. You can find the offers here!

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