Disneyland Partner Hotels: stay at the resort for €75 a night!

Cute hotel, huh above in the picture? What if I told you that a room here starts at about €75 per night, located next to Disneyland Paris? Sounds good, right? Those are exactly the benefits of the Disneyland Paris Partner Hotels, of which the B&B Hotel from the photo is one.

Disney does not own the Partner Hotels, but they do have an exclusive agreement with them. Therefore, they are recommended as an alternative to the (more expensive) Disney Hotels. And as a guest of these partner hotels, you have several advantages.

Location of the Partner Hotels

Disneyland Partner Hotels: stay at the resort for €75 a night!

The Partner Hotels are all located right next to the Disneyland Paris Resort. Most are located across from the Disney Hotel Santa Fe. Only L’Élysée Val d’Europe and the Adagio Hotel are located on the other side of the resort, in the town of Serris across from the Walt Disney Studios Park.

You can walk from the Partner Hotels to the parks, but why would you? There is a free shuttle bus that runs throughout the day between the parks and hotels. At peak times, this bus can get a little crowded. Therefore, walk back extra slowly after the fireworks, or leave a little earlier. That way, you won’t be walking back to the bus with the crowd simultaneously.

The same goes for the mornings. Many people want to be on the first bus to the theme parks. Which usually leaves between 7:30 and 8:00. If you take the next bus, which leaves about 20 minutes later, there are suddenly far fewer people waiting. If you go a little later, around 9:30, then there is hardly anybody on the bus.

Travelling to the Disneyland Paris Partner Hotels

The Disneyland Paris Partner Hotels are located in the vicinity of the Parks. If you navigate to Disneyland Paris and follow the Hotel’s route, you will find most of the hotels on your right side, two roundabouts from Hotel Santa Fe.

If you are staying in Hotel L’Élysée or Adagio Hotel, you have to follow the route to Val d’Europe and Serris. The hotels are located near the large shopping center.

Are you arriving by train? Then you have to travel to Disneyland Paris station. From here you can take the shuttle bus to your hotel. The bus stop is located right next to the train station.

Keep in mind that for the hotels located in Serris, you’ll have to go to another bus stop near the Disney Village parking garage and the World of Disney Store.

Are you coming from one of Paris’ airports or the city center? Then you’ll have to travel by train to Disneyland Paris station. Use Google Maps or another planner app to find the quickest route for you.

Finally, there is the Magical Shuttle bus which will take you from the airport straight to your Partner Hotel. This is a paid third-party service where you have to make reservations in advance.


Disneyland Partner Hotels: stay at the resort for €75 a night!

Parking is available at each Partner Hotels in their own parking lot or a nearby parking garage.

This is usually included in the price of your stay, and as you can see from the picture above, there are more than enough parking spaces. You will sometimes have to walk a bit from your car to the reception. Don’t want to do this with suitcases? Then you can unload them first and then park your car. In front of each partner hotel entrance, there is a loading and unloading zone specially set up for this.

Hotel L’Elysee Val d’Europe and Adagio don’t have their own parking area, as they are located in a city. Here you can park in an underground garage near the hotels.

Partner Hotels vs. Disney Hotels

Disneyland Partner Hotels: stay at the resort for €75 a night!

Which hotel should you book? A Disney Hotel or a Partner Hotel?

Let’s look at Disney Hotels first. They are located on property and within walking distance of the parks. They do offer a free shuttle service to the park, but it’s not necessary. Another perk of the Disney Hotels is Extra Magic Time, where you can enter the parks one hour early. This is exclusive to Disney Hotel guests or annual pass holders with the two most expensive types of passes.

The final benefit of Disney Hotels is theming. Each Disney hotel has its own magical theme, with Disney characters. They even have the first Marvel-inspired hotel on the property.

The biggest downside of Disney Hotels? Pricing. They are way more expensive than most of the Partner Hotels or offer fewer amenities for that price.

You can book a 4-star Partner Hotel room for the price of a 2-star Disney Hotel room. If the room or the hotel theming isn’t that important to you, as you will spend hardly any time in your hotel anyway, staying at a Partner Hotel can save you a lot of money.

Which Disneyland Paris partner hotel should you choose?

Disneyland Partner Hotels: stay at the resort for €75 a night!

There are a total of 8 Partner Hotels:

But which one should you choose?

The B&B Hotel and Campanile are the cheapest. Explorers Hotel, Magic Circus, and Dream Castle have themed rooms and are therefore very suitable for families. Radisson Blu is a bit more corporate and is a bit further away from Disneyland Paris. Hotel L’Élysée Val d’Europe and the Aparthotel Adagio are located in the village of Serris, next to a large shopping center with a supermarket, restaurants, an outlet with major brands, and the Primark.

Always compare prices before you book, also with Disney Hotels. And check different booking sites, there can sometimes be big differences between the prices. But keep one thing in mind: there are not always Disneyland Paris tickets included if you book a room. Certainly not with the known hotel booking sites. So you’ll have to buy tickets online or locally.

What’s the best one? I really prefer the B&B Hotel as a room only costs about €75 per night (without Disneyland Paris tickets). The rooms are spacious, breakfast is included, and it’s usually the first stop of the shuttle bus.

If you need a bit more luxury, I will stay at Hotel L’Élysée. The location next to the shopping center is great if you want to do things outside the Disney bubble. Also, they have a great restaurant and well-themed rooms.

And if you are going to Disneyland Paris with kids, the Explorer’s Hotel is a lot of fun. This hotel is very kid-friendly, which usually means a little less stress during your stay.