7 things you need to know about Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch!

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch is a bungalow park about a 15-minute drive from Disneyland Paris. It is not in the Resort but just outside, next to Villages Nature Paris.

This accommodation has several advantages over the standard Disney Hotels. Of course, these will be discussed in this article. But I start with one of the most important points that people sometimes forget!

You need a car to stay at Davy Crockett Ranch

Were you planning to go by train or transportation other than a car? Then choose another Disney Hotel, because without a car this is a very impractical accommodation.

Davy Crockett Ranch is 15 minutes by car from Disneyland Paris. Because of its location, you cannot walk to the theme parks as you have to cross a highway. And more importantly, there is no shuttle bus or public transportation. Without a car, you have to rely on a cab or the kindness of other guests of the bungalow park who might want to bring you back and forth. However, I would not rely on that.

Fortunately, you can park for free at the Disney Parks because you are dependent on the car. You follow the signs to the Disney Parks, and then go all the way to the large parking lot. Here you show proof that you stay in Davy Crockett Ranch (you get it at check-in), and then you can park for free near the parks.

Although there are always parking spots available, getting in and out of the parking lot can sometimes be quite busy. Keep this in mind if you have a reservation in a restaurant or come for Extra Magic Time.

Dogs are welcome

In all Disney Hotels and Partner Hotels, you are not allowed to bring your dog. There is a daycare facility in the parking lot, but you still have to walk your dog yourself. And quite frankly, it’s pretty sad to leave your trusted pet.

Of course, the best option is to leave the dog at home or to put him or her in boarding, but sometimes that is simply not possible. At such times, Davy Crockett Ranch is your best choice. Your dog will still be quite alone for a while, but not locked up in a scary kennel with dozens of strange dogs.

Upon arrival, you will receive a welcome pack for your dog with a collar, poop scoop, rug, and food bowls. You pay €30 per night extra for your dog, and a maximum of 1 dog is allowed.

By the way, check well in advance if your dog is allowed in France. Attack or guard dogs as they are called, think of staffordshire’s, rottweilers, mastiffs, etc., are not allowed in the country, and therefore you can not take them to Disneyland Paris.

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Daily breakfast packages (for a fee) in Davy Crockett Ranch

Breakfast is not included in your stay. If you prefer to eat breakfast in your cabin, you can order a daily breakfast package. This includes bread, juice, hot drinks, and toppings. Every morning of your stay, you can pick up this package at reception and pay €10 per person for it.

A bargain if you compare it to the other Disney accommodations where you pay between € 19 and € 34 for breakfast (per person).

You take the breakfast then to your bungalow where you can have your meal. The only downside is that you then, of course, have to do the dishes.

Even though you’ll have to do the dishes, I’d book the breakfast package. In the Disney Parks, there are few places where you can have breakfast. It is often hectic in these places, so the first hour of your day in the Disney Parks is busy waiting for a breakfast sandwich or pastry. I personally find that a waste of time; I’d rather pay a little more for breakfast in the bungalow, and immediately start my day when I arrive at the Disney parks.

There is no Wi-Fi in the Davy Crockett Ranch bungalows

How is it possible in this day and age, you would think, but there is no Wi-Fi in your cottage … There is a modem with cable for those who have a laptop, but on your phone or tablet, you have to use your own 4G network.

The only places where there is Wi-Fi are in the bar or reception. This connection is free of charge.

Internet via cable in the bungalow is not even free. Only if you book a premium bungalow. My tip, save up some of your MBs and just use 4G. In the Disney Parks and actually everywhere on the Resort is Wi-Fi available for free. With that, you save some MBs again.

Or if you are from outside the EU buy a French prepaid Sim card with internet from sites like Travelwifi.

You have to clean your own cabin

In a hotel room, everything is done for you. At the end of the day, you come back, and there are fresh towels, and the beds are made. In Davy Crockett Ranch, it’s a little different.

You will have to clean the plates, the sink and straighten your bed yourself if you want to. Fortunately, you don’t have to vacuum or scrub the bathroom yourself at the end of your stay. But keeping your cottage clean during your stay is something you have to do yourself.

Would you like someone from Disney to come and clean your bungalow? Then you can arrange this on the spot for a small fee.

You also have to bring your own dishwasher cubes, detergent, and dishcloths if you stay in a standard bungalow. The premium bungalow includes a cleaning package. You can also pick up cleaning supplies at the Davy Crockett Ranch store for a fee.

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There are 3 different bungalow locations

As with any bungalow park, the cottages are spread out over a large area. This is no different at the Davy Crockett Ranch.

Ligging Davy Crockett Ranch
Source: Google Maps

Above is a map of the entire property. Parking left at the bottom is Villages Nature Paris. That’s really built right up against it.

Along all those loops in between the trees is where the cabins of Davy Crockett Ranch are located. Top left you find the entrance of the park, and also the reception, store, pool, etc.

The cheapest cottages, the Trapper Tribe and Pioneer Tribe Blockhouses, are the furthest away from all facilities. So with a bit of bad luck, you will stay in the back loop near the entrance of Villages Nature Paris. From the farthest cottage to the reception (and the other facilities) is about one kilometer.

Would you rather be a little closer to the pool and the exit to the Disney Parks? Then get a Premium Tribe Blockhouse. Not only does this have a better location, but you’ll have two bathrooms, a free cleaning kit, a bottle of water, slippers, and free wired internet in your cabin.

It’s the best accommodation for groups of up to 6 people

Most Disney hotels are set up for up to 4 people. You can have a crib added, and there are some family rooms, but generally, if there are more than 4 of you, it’s quite a hassle. Often you can’t escape booking two hotel rooms next to each other. (Always subject to change, it’s also possible that there are rooms or even floors in between)

You are then better off in a log cabin at Davy Crockett Ranch. Then everyone just has a comfortable place to sleep, and you are still close to each other. If you book a Premium Log Cabin, you also have an extra bathroom. Very nice if there are more of you.

In addition, there are regular offers in the low season where you can spend €500 for up to 6 people and several nights in such a log cabin. That is really a bargain compared to the Disney Hotel. The only downside is that you must have a car with you and don’t mind going to the Disney Parks by car.

Ready to book? Or just curious what it would cost? Here you will find the latest prices, including offers!

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