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Efteling crowds: 6 tips if you don’t feel like waiting!

If you ask someone what they like least about a day at an amusement park, the answer is often waiting in line. The Efteling crowds can even be a reason for some people not to go at all.

But that is not necessary! We have collected 6 tips for you to avoid the Efteling crowds as much as possible. Tips for when you can’t or don’t want to wait for an attraction.

1. Check in advance how busy it will be that day

On the website of the Efteling you can check per day how busy it will be

They have 3 types of days:

  • Quiet
  • Normal
  • Busy

We have been to the Efteling on all 3 types of days and this is what you can expect.

On quiet days, many of the smaller and less popular attractions allow you to walk through without waiting. The waiting time is often 5 minutes.

At popular attractions such as Joris en de Draak, Baron 1898 and De Vliegende Hollander, you’ll be waiting in line for about 30 minutes. That is for the Efteling crowds really a good waiting time.

On days when normal crowds are expected you will be queuing at most attractions for about 10 to 15 minutes. The popular attractions above go to waiting times of 45 to 60 minutes. Still doable, but much busier than on a quiet day.

Is the Efteling predicting a busy day? Then you can expect waiting times of 30 minutes for the less popular attractions and up to 120 minutes for the roller coasters.

2. Avoid school vacations, weekends and public holidays

This is for many an open door, but I mention it anyway. You do not like crowds at the Efteling? Then don’t go during school vacations, weekends or public holidays. Many people look for a nice day out for the whole family and go en masse to the Efteling.

If nothing else, choose the weekends in the autumn or winter months. An amusement park is less attractive when it is cold. This means that on those days it is quieter in the Efteling than in the summer.

3. Book an overnight stay in the Efteling Hotel or the Holiday Park

Efteling Village Bosrijk – Source: Efteling

Efteling has its own hotel and two vacation parks. If you book an overnight stay in the Efteling Hotel, Holiday Park Efteling Bosrijk or Holiday Park Efteling Loonsche Land, the entrance tickets are included in your stay.

This has a big advantage.

This way you don’t have to cram everything into one day, but can simply visit the attractions you want to. Are the queues too long? Then you just go back to the park or hotel for a refreshing dip in the pool. And when the day trippers go home, you can quickly visit a few attractions.

Tip: An overnight stay at the Efteling Hotel or the Efteling Holiday Parks is less expensive than you might think. Especially since the entrance tickets are also included in the price. And you pay per night, not per person!

View prices and offers

4. Come as early as possible or stay until closing time

Shortly after the amusement park opens it is not yet that crowded. For the first half hour, people are busy getting in and figuring out where they want to go.

Make sure you have a plan and go straight to your favorite attraction. Take an attraction where there are often long lines during the day such as Droomvlucht, Joris en de Draak, De Vliegende Hollander and Baron 1898. Attractions such as Carnival Festival and Fata Morgana generally do not have such long lines, only on very busy days.

If you plan your day a bit smartly you can do at least 3 attractions in the first hour. How can I be so sure? We do the same. Immediately to Joris en de Draak (George and the Dragon), Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman) and Baron 1898. Then it’s time for coffee and a snack, but we still visited 3 popular attractions in the first hour.

If you are not an early bird, it is smart to stay until closing time and skip Aquanura, the water show. Many families and school groups go home between 16:00 and 17:00. In those last 2 hours you will see the wait times slowly decrease. Make sure you are at your favorite attraction at that time, it saves a lot of waiting.

That last hour of the day is also great for taking pictures in the Fairytale Forest without other people in it!

5. Do the attractions from back to front

Symbolica is one of the first attractions that you pass as a visitor of the Efteling. Immediately after opening there is a queue of 30 minutes, even on quiet days.

Skip this attraction when you just enter the park and go all the way to the back. To the thrill rides, Droomvlucht or Carnival Festival if you are with small children. You’ll see that you hardly have to stand in line there, despite Symbolica’s long wait.

Oh, and that line at Symbolica? You’ll soon see that diminish over the course of the morning.

6. Use the Efteling app

Is the Efteling app not on your phone yet? Make sure you have downloaded it before your visit.

In the app, you can link entrance tickets and parking tickets, but you can also view the waiting times. This way you can see exactly at which attraction you have to wait the shortest.

Only do this at attractions in your immediate vicinity. If you have to walk 10 minutes or more, the waiting times may change when you get there.

When I am in the Efteling I regularly check the app. That way I can limit waiting times and never stand in line for long.

Extra! Solutions for medical conditions

Waiting in line is annoying, but most of us can deal with that. It gets more annoying if you or your children can’t because of a condition, such as ADHD or Autism, or a disability.

In that case, you can fill out a form online on the Efteling website that gives you priority in the queues. This is only for people who cannot queue for medical reasons. That you find waiting annoying is of course no reason.

Have you filled out such a form? Then bring proof of your condition or disability with you. This could be a disabled parking card or a car pass. You may also produce a doctor’s statement. Always check the Efteling website to see what kind of proof is allowed.

In any case, do not forget to bring your proof, especially if your disability is not visible from the outside.

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