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Our Efteling guide, created by locals!

Efteling is the most famous theme park in The Netherlands. One that you need to visit at least once in your lifetime.

Of course you want to make the most out of your visit to the Efteling. Therefore, we will share with you 12 tips and tricks for having the best day in the park. Or even multiple days since Efteling has quite a few magical accommodations nearby.

1. Parking at the Efteling

To get to the Efteling you can either drive or use public transport. If you are unfamiliar with Dutch public transportation, go to 9292ov.nl. This website will help you find the right trains, and busses.

The location of Efteling is Europalaan 1, Kaatsheuvel. This address will take you to the main entrance

If you come by car, the above address will take you directly to the parking lot. Parking at the Efteling can be done directly in front of the main entrance of the park. The earlier you come, the closer you are.

To leave the parking lot, you need a ticket. You can buy one at the vending machines at the entrance/exit or online through the Efteling website. The latter is more convenient because it saves you from having to stand in line. If you want to buy the ticket at the machines, do this at the beginning of the day. You will thank me later;)!

If you have an electric car, you can recharge it at the Efteling. Additional parking spaces have recently been created. You charge with 22kw, enough to provide most electric cars with a full battery within a few hours.

These spaces cannot be reserved, so be on time if you really need to charge.

2. Efteling ticket prices and discounts

An Efteling ticket costs between €38 and €46 per person. The price is the same for all visitors, including children. Children up to 3 years old have free access to the park.

So where is the price difference coming from?

Whether you pay €38 or €46 per ticket (or something in between) depends on the expected crowds. During the high season, more people want to go to the Efteling and the tickets are more expensive. In the off-season, during the colder months, Efteling is not that popular, and you’ll pay less for your ticket.

Therefore, our tip is always to go outside the high season and preferably not during the weekend. This can save you up to 8 euros per person.

Want to save the most on your Efteling tickets?

Then check out the calendar and offers here!

3. Reserving a time slot

To control the crowds, Efteling works with a reservation system. This allows them to spread out the crowds upon arrival to avoid long lines like the one pictured above.

You can reserve a time slot on the Efteling website. This can be done about 3 months in advance. You must also make a reservation if you have already purchased a ticket.

Even if you have an Efteling annual pass, you must reserve a time slot in advance. Without such a reservation, you will not be granted access to the park, so don’t forget!

4. Crowds at the Efteling

When you go to an amusement park, you know that queuing is part of the deal. But on some days the queues are simply longer than on others.

The longest lines at the Efteling are during school vacations and weekends. Especially the warmer months attract many visitors to the amusement park. In the fall or on a cold, rainy day, it is often considerably less crowded.

You can check the expected crowds in advance via the Efteling website. Very handy and definitely do it!

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5. How pleasant is the Efteling on a rainy day?

We all know that it rains regularly in the Netherlands. And even though the weather is beautiful all week long, you’ll see that it starts raining exactly during your visit to the Efteling.

In that case, you can do two things: move your visit to another day or go anyway.

We always choose the latter. Why?

Usually, it doesn’t rain all day, and you can visit most of the outdoor attractions in between the showers. Also, many local people stay away when rain is predicted, making it a lot quieter in the amusement park. Which means shorter wait times!

6. The best Efteling attractions

Efteling has so many fun attractions that it is hard to choose! It all depends on whether you like rollercoasters and other thrill rides, or whether you don’t need an adrenaline rush and are fine with more peaceful rides.

Popular attractions are:

  • Symbolica: a dark ride
  • George and the Dragon: a wooden rollercoaster
  • Baron 1898: a roller coaster with a large drop
  • The Flying Dutchman: indoor water coaster
  • Fata Morgana: boat ride in the dark
  • Carnival Festival: Efteling’s version of It’s a Small World
  • Max and Moritz: kiddie coaster
  • Droomvlucht: beautiful indoor dark ride
  • and of course the Python: the classic steel rollercoaster

Not necessarily an attraction, but absolutely worth a visit, is the Fairytale Forest. You can easily spend a couple of hours here! This is original Efteling, and what started it all. It feels very nostalgic when you walk there.

7. Shows at the Efteling

Of course, an amusement park should include shows. Efteling has two shows: Aquanura and Raveleijn.

Aquanura is a show that is held on the lake between the entrance of the amusement park and Fata Morgana. This show takes place at the end of the day. Look for the exact show times in the Efteling app.

Also in the app, you will find the show times for Raveleijn, this is the must-see show in the Efteling! A show with knights and magical powers which will keep you on the edge of your seat.

There are two other shows in the Efteling that are especially fun for small children. In the Fairy tale Forest, there is a large talking tree (Fairy Tale Tree) that will tell children’s stories (in Dutch). And at Carnival Festival you can meet the two Efteling mascottes Jokie and Jet.

8. Where is the best place to eat in the Efteling?

A day at the amusement park should of course include good food, don’t you think? In Efteling, there are many restaurants where you can snack, lunch, or dine.

One of the fun things to do is go to one of the restaurants that serve fried snacks you can pull out of a box in the wall. This is a typical Dutch way of getting a snack, and therefore a must-do. Try a croquette, which is a breaded deep-fried snack with a meat filling, or a frikandel that looks like a sausage but tastes nothing like it.

Another popular place to eat is pancake restaurant Polles Keuken. If you want to eat pancakes here, make sure you make a reservation on time. You can do this in advance via the website or the Efteling app. It is possible to make reservations during your visit, but since it’s a popular restaurant, there is no guarantee that a table is available.

9. Going to the Efteling with a disability

Everyone deserves a fun day at the Efteling. Especially, if you have a disability. As much as possible, the attractions and shows take into account your needs to experience a fun day.

Do you (or your children) have a condition that makes waiting in line a challenge? If so, you can apply for a facility card via the Efteling website.

Although it is not mandatory, it is still wise to bring proof, such as a doctor’s statement or a Handicapped Parking Pass. Many disabilities are not visible from the outside and when in doubt, the staff may ask for proof. Make sure you have these with you to avoid unpleasant consequences – they may even expel you from the park.

10. Staying overnight at the Efteling

Source picture: Efteling.com

Tip! Stay overnight at the Efteling. Great for a fun weekend away with the whole family. The Efteling has 3 accommodations that are located right next to the park. You can easily walk from your cottage or hotel to the amusement park within a few minutes or take the free shuttle train.

These are the 3 accommodations of the Efteling:

  • Efteling Hotel
  • Efteling Bosrijk
  • Efteling Loonsche Land

You can’t miss the Efteling Hotel. You’ll see this special-looking building as soon as you drive towards the Efteling. Guests of the Efteling Hotel have their own entrance and exit near the attraction Vogelrok. They can walk from the hotel to the amusement park in 5 minutes. In addition to the standard rooms, which are quite luxurious, this hotel also has some amazing themed suites.

Efteling Bosrijk is a vacation park in an old Dutch style. The houses and buildings have the same atmosphere as the buildings in the theme park. The biggest advantage of this vacation park is the space and many facilities for children.

Finally, the lesser known Efteling Loonsche Land. This is a vacation park combined with a hotel. The cottages are located in the middle of nature, on the famous sand plains of the nature reserve Efteling is located next to. The hotel and the cottages have a more adult feel and are therefore less fun for young children.

Read more: The best place to stay overnight at the Efteling

Would you like to spend the night at Efteling Hotel or Efteling Village Bosrijk?

Then check out the prices or the latest offers here!

11. When is an Efteling season ticket worthwhile?

Just like many other amusement parks, Efteling offers season tickets. A season ticket costs €18.50 per month or €205 per year. For parking, you have to purchase an additional subscription, which costs €40 per year.

All in all quite a lot of money, but then you can go as often as you want to the Efteling.

If you go more than 5 times a year to the Efteling it’s cheaper to get this annual pass. You won’t be getting a lot of discounts with it like in other parks, just 5%. Therefore, only get the annual pass when you plan on going multiple times in a year.

12. How much fun is the Winter Efteling?

During the winter months, the park is transformed to Winter Efteling. Most of the rides will remain open during this event. The biggest difference with the summer months is that there are some winter activities like ice skating or drinking hot cocoa near the fire.

However, the main reason why you want to come to Winter Efteling is the lower ticket price. The winter months mean fewer crowds and therefore lower prices. Dutch winters aren’t that cold, so it’s a nice way to save money, and visit Efteling during a quieter time.

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