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Efteling Hotel, why you definitely want to stay here!

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Everyone who has ever been to the Efteling knows the Efteling Hotel. It is almost impossible to miss, because you drive past it when you go to the parking lot.

Efteling Hotel is located next to the park, behind the attraction Vogelrok. You can walk to it in about 5 minutes via the special entrance and exit.

What does it cost to stay at the Efteling Hotel?

Efteling Hotel is not cheap. The prices vary per night, but can easily go to about 500 euros or more per night.

Breakfast and park tickets are included in that price, as is parking. The only thing you need to pay for is lunch and diner. And maybe the occasional souvenirs.

As an Efteling Hotel guest, you have the privilege of entering the park on the other side. Which means lower crowds on some of the most popular rides.

source: Efteling

Why stay in the Efteling Hotel?

The main reason to stay in the Efteling Hotel are the themed rooms. Especially, the suites. Those are some of the most fun rooms we’ve ever seen.

If it’s your first-and only-time in the Efteling than it would be wise to go at least two days. Then you have a good excuse to stay at the Efteling Hotel. And you have some extra time to explore the park and all Efteling has to offer.

Usually, Dutch people don’t stay at the Efteling Hotel, as it’s quite expensive. Also, the Netherlands is small enough to make the drive back home after a day in the park.

So, Efteling Hotel does its best to attract guests and pamper them. Which means that it will truly be a magical experience.

Other Efteling accommodations

One of the places you will see a lot of Dutch people are in the Efteling holiday parks. They consist of small blocks of houses spread accross a wooded area. It’s really lovely if you want to go for a few days or even a week.

The parks are located within walking distance of the park. And if you don’t feel like riding the rides, the parks offer enough entertainment to keep the kids occupied.

From the Efteling Holiday parks you can easily explore the beautiful surroundings. Did you know that Efteling is located near a nature reserve? This is a beautiful location for hiking and riding your bike. Which you can rent at the park.

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