Explorers Hotel near Disneyland Paris – rooms, location and price

Near Disneyland Paris, there are several options for staying overnight. The Disney Hotels, for example, are all within walking distance of the theme parks. Or the Partner Hotels – which are a little further away but are a good and more affordable alternative. One of these hotels is the Explorers Hotel.

Where is the Explorers Hotel located?

The Explorers Hotel is located just outside Disneyland Paris, opposite Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe. If you come by car, you follow the same route as for the Disney Hotels; if you come by train, you get off at the same station. It is really close to the Disney Parks.

In your navigation put the following address:

Avenue de la Fosse des Pressoirs 50, Magny Le Hongre

Driving on the French A4, you take exit 14 direction Disneyland Paris, and you follow the signs “Hôtels du Val de France.” You will first pass the Disney Hotels and then come to the 5 Partner Hotels (in order): B&B Hotel, Explorers Hotel, Vienna House Dream Castle, Vienna House Magic Circus, and the Campanile hotel.

Parking is simply done on-site and is free. There are plenty of spaces available, regardless of your arrival time.

Arriving by train

If you come by public transportation, then take the train from the Netherlands to Disneyland Paris. The train station is located directly to the Disney Parks. From the train station, you can walk to the bus stops. One of these buses goes to the Explorers Hotel. Look for the exact stop on the sign, so you have the most current information. This bus will take you to the hotel reception and you can check-in.

How to get to the Disney Parks

To get to the Disney Parks from the Explorers Hotel, you can take the free shuttle bus or go by car. The shuttle bus runs very regularly and takes you in a direct connection to the theme parks and back. You may make intermediate stops – depending on how busy it is – at other hotels.

If you go by car, you park it at the Disneyland Paris parking lot. An immense parking lot where thousands of cars can stand. Parking here is not free. You pay €30 per day. If you leave the lot, you have to pay a parking fee again if you return later in the day. For most Annual Passes, parking is free. My tip: only go by car if you have an Annual Pass with free parking. Otherwise, I would always take the shuttle bus.

Can you also walk?

Yes, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It is about a 45-minute walk. The quickest route is to walk to the gas station at Hotel Santa Fe, then towards the reception of this hotel, and then follow the route to the Disney Parks. By itself, it’s not too bad, but don’t forget that you’ll be doing plenty of walking at Disney. Then those 45 minutes can really eat away at you.

What is there to do in the Explorers Hotel?

The main reason to go to the Explorers Hotel is, of course, its location in relation to Disneyland Paris. But when the Parks are closed, is there anything to do in the hotel?

This is really a children’s hotel aimed at families. It has a pirate theme, which you can see especially in the rooms and in the activities.

For example, the pool has a huge pirate ship where children who are not yet very good swimmers can play. There is also an indoor and outdoor playground. You can go to the 6D cinema for €5 per person, and there is an arcade with all kinds of games.

Food and drink

Breakfast is included with all bookings. Unfortunately, this has not been the case at Disney Hotels for a while. You can have breakfast in the Explorers Hotel in the morning in the buffet restaurant. Here you can also go for dinner in the evening. There is also a restaurant with table service if you want to eat more quietly. This restaurant looks a bit chicer, but the menu includes common items such as a steak, cheeseburger, and grilled chicken. There is also a gluten-free menu available.

In addition to the 2 restaurants, there are also a few stalls where you can pick up food. You can eat this on the spot or in your room. There is a pizza restaurant, a sandwich stall, and a stall where you can get sweet snacks. Finally, there is also a bar and a candy store.

The rooms

Explorers Hotel near Disneyland Paris - rooms, location and price
Standard Room Explorers Hotel

Each room at the Explorers Hotel has its own theme. The standard rooms are in pirate style. They are not very large but are equipped with all conveniences. They consist of a (narrow) double bed and a bunk bed. There are also 6-person rooms available; these have an extra bunk bed. You have free wifi, a safe, TV with international channels, a bathroom with a separate toilet, and a hairdryer in the room. Baby cribs are available on request.

For couples going to Disneyland Paris as a couple, there are “Double Rooms.” Instead of a bunk bed, you have a couch with a table.

Do you have something to celebrate? Then you can book a “Knights and Princesses” suite, or the Candy, Tarzan, or Planet Hollywood Suite. These suites can accommodate 6 people and have a separate master bedroom with a private bathroom.

Explorers Hotel near Disneyland Paris - rooms, location and price
The Jungle Suite – a bit wrong but fun

Who is this hotel suitable for?

The Explorers Hotel is truly a family hotel. Everything is geared towards children, including the rooms and the activities. This is a great alternative for families who want to go to Disneyland Paris but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a Disney Hotel. The bus service is good, and the free breakfast is an added bonus.

For couples, this may not be the best choice. But if you can find a good price for it, then definitely do it.

What does it cost?

The cheapest rooms are the double rooms which start at €98 per night. The family rooms are from €129 per night. The suites from €256 per night. Keep in mind that these prices do not include entrance to Disneyland Paris. But you pay therefore per room, per night, and not per person.

Photos: Explorers Hotel