Getting married in Disneyland Paris—what does it cost?

Could it be more romantic then getting married in Disneyland Paris with your own prince or princess. Your wedding photos with the castle in the background.

Many people can only dream of this, but did you know it’s actually possible? As long as you save up long enough, because such a fairy tale wedding is not cheap.

What does getting married at Disneyland Paris cost?

Shall we start with the worst right away? The price? Or shall we wait a little longer with that…

Perhaps I should first tell you exactly what you get for that large sum of money.

To get married in Disneyland Paris, you can choose from 3 locations: Disney’s Newport Bay Club, the Disneyland Hotel, and Castle Courtyard. Well, I can imagine everybody wanting to get married at the latter. If you’re getting married in Disneyland Paris, then, of course, you have to do it right.

The great thing is that they have also thought of people with a smaller budget with their wedding packages. Want a basic ceremony with a Disney backdrop? Or do you want music, a carriage, live music, Disney characters, and whatever else to go with that? Then you pay extra for everything.

You only marry once, so you have to do it right!

So what does it cost?

Ok, hold on tight or sit down for a while. Here they come, the prices.

The cheapest way to get married at Disneyland Paris is at Newport Bay Club. There you pay a minimum of €32,000 for a basic wedding. Please note that this is only for the location. Would you like food, drinks, lodging, Mickey on a surfboard etc? You pay extra for that.

Don’t be shocked by this, it only gets more expensive.

Getting married at the Disneyland Hotel. The most expensive hotel in Disneyland Paris with by far the best location. To be able to say yes here, you pay at least €44,000. Again, just for the location. If you want flowers, ribbons, or music as you walk down the aisle, you will pay extra.

And now for the most expensive one, getting married in Disneyland Park. What is the amount you are thinking about now? Honestly, I actually thought it was more expensive. The starting price for a wedding in front of the castle is €55,000. If you compare it to the other locations a bargain right? So if you’re going to spend all that money on a wedding at Disneyland Paris, you have to do it right, don’t you think?

It’s actually not that bad, getting married in Disneyland Paris

When you consider that for a wedding in the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World you pay at least double that amount it is not so bad to get married in Disneyland Paris.

Yet you almost never see weddings at Disneyland Paris, how can that be?

Many people get married in Disneyland Park when the parks are closed. That’s something I would also prefer. All those tourists around you with their cell phones taking pictures of your special moment. I personally find it a little less magical.

If you are very early in the Disney Parks you will occasionally see the end of the ceremony. Often they are still chatting then. But I can well imagine that as the Park fills up with guests, you start to feel awkward, and want to leave.

In addition, it is good to remember that these are starting prices. Probably for the cheapest ceremony in the off-season. Assume that you will definitely pay about €70,000—€80,000. Without the dress, ring, and honeymoon. That too will be a reason why few people do it. It’s really for the lucky few who have the money for it.

Would you put up with it? More on how to arrange a wedding at Disneyland Paris can be found here.

Photo: Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

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