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Hotel New York: Art of Marvel – rooms, restaurants and rates

by Bianca

Hotel New York: Art of Marvel is a luxury 4-star hotel in Disneyland Paris. It is the only Marvel-inspired hotel in the world! This is not a new hotel, though, as Hotel New York has been a favorite Disney Hotel for years. But after a thorough renovation, this hotel also received a retheming with hundreds of pieces of art created by Marvel artists.

If your kids are big fans of the Avengers then this is the best hotel for them!

What does the Marvel Hotel at Disneyland Paris look like?

I’m sure you guys have seen this picture before. This was one of the first images shown when Disneyland Paris announced that Hotel New York would be transformed into a Marvel Hotel.

Of course, what immediately stands out are the Iron Man suits on the right and all the artwork on the walls. More than 50 artists from Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios have collaborated to create more than 300 pieces of art.

You’ll see posters, illustrations from the movies, storyboards, and original sketches, among other things. By the way, these hang not only in the lobby but everywhere in the hotel – including in the rooms.

Restaurants and bars

The renovated Hotel New York features two restaurants and two bars. The Manhattan Restaurant will have an Italian flavor with many local and fresh products on the menu. The restaurant will feature a chandelier based on Thor’s Asgard palace. This is the more upscale restaurant.

Would you prefer something light? Then you can go to the Downtown Restaurant. On the menu are dishes based on the city of New York.

American food with a touch of China Town and Little Italy. There is an open kitchen so you can see how the chefs prepare your food. There are also Marvel specialties, and of course, you can see many Marvel Superhero art on the walls.

When you see the picture above, what is your first thought? Personally, I find it a bit boring, actually like a restaurant in a dull business hotel, but I am intrigued by the menu and would love to eat here soon.


There are also two bars in Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. The Skyline Bar will make you feel like you are looking out over the city of New York.

Be sure to keep looking out the window, too, because every once in a while, a Marvel Superhero might pass by…The menu includes wines and cocktails, truly a place for adults to relax.

Do you prefer something hipper? Then there’s the Lounge Bar. A New York-style loft bar with fresh and organic products on the menu, including biodynamic wines and beers from smaller breweries. This is truly a place for families to unwind after a day in the Parks.

The Lounge Bar is not very big but it looks very cozy as pictured. This would really be a place for me to sit down and relax.

The rooms at Hotel New York Art of Marvel

Earlier, of course, we had seen a photo of the room, the above is taken from a different angle. With its back to the window with the door to the hallway on the left. The room looks modern – light and fresh. But it still has something business-like.

The rooms offer all kinds of amenities, everything you need after a long day at the parks.

The photo above is of the Empire State Club, the more expensive part of the Hotel. As you can see, the room is pretty much the same as the Superior room. But you do have some extra facilities like your own check-in desk and a private lounge where you can have breakfast.


Wow! Just look at this suite that looks like a complete apartment. Gorgeous room, and this is just the living area. This is just one of the suites in Hotel New York: Art of Marvel.

There is no chance I will ever stay here. If you ever sleep in this room, definitely send me a message; I would love to look around! 🙂

Other entertainment at Hotel New York – Art of Marvel

Two more rooms will be completely renovated. The first is the meet ‘n greet location to have your picture taken with the Marvel Superheroes.

And there will be a play area for children, all in Marvel style. Here you can learn to draw your favorite characters.

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