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Is Crush’s Coaster at Disneyland Paris worth the long wait?

For those who have never been to Disneyland Paris it is good to know that Crush’s Coaster is the attraction with almost always the longest waiting time. Before the current situation there would be waits 2 hours on average.

That’s kind of steep for a very short ride. Still people keep lining up to meet Nemo and his friend, and ride the current of the EAC.

This keeps you wondering, is this ride really worth the long wait? Well, let’s find out together!

[Spoiler alert: Absolutely! Read below why!)

Crush’s Coaster: the attraction and location

Crush’s Coaster is a, well roller coaster, and one of the best on Disney property!

You can find this ride in the Walt Disney Studios Park. That’s the amusement park with the movie theme, without the castle.

The layout of this is a bit strange at the moment as there is a lot of construction going on. However, fortunately, this ride is easy to find. When you’ve entered the Studios Park go straight on through the Studio 1 building. When you are outside again, turn right and walk all the way to the end until you see a blue building with turtles on it. Or just walk towards the screams!

Do you have anyone in your party that isn’t going on this ride? Then they can wait a little left of the entrance near the tracks. Here you can see the cars go by right before they make a dive into the ocean. Don’t forget to wave!

The queue

About the picture: Normally there is no 10 minutes wait for Crush’s Coaster – I wish! – this was during a private event with only a handful of people in the park. By the way, the 10 minutes is the time it takes to get from the entrance to the boarding point. That evening I went on this ride 7 times in a row!

Back to the normal situation. Currently, only the standby line is open. Normally there would also be a Single Riders, but during this times you can’t be paired with a stranger and sit in such a tight space together.

The standby line has an outdoor and an indoor part. The outdoor part is the largest of the two. When you are finally indoor you will be riding Crush in about 10 minutes. There are stairs in the queue but there is a separate entrance for people who are unable to climb them.

That being said – or well written – you have to be able to transfer to the ride vehicle or get in by yourself. They can’t help you because of the socials distancing and it’s quite a tight space. Make sure to consult a cast member before entering the ride.


You’ll hardly ever see it this empty! Best…night…ever!

Crush’s coaster is an omnimover type of ride, which means that the cars will keep moving, even during getting in and out of them. Which can be tough!

The vehicles are very compact. If you have a backpack with you it will hardly fit in there. If possible I would leave those with a companion or family member. You will lots of people struggling to get in or out so my advise is to pay attention while you stand in line, so you know what to expect.

[Spoiler alert] The ride!

Now I won’t tell too much about the ride. If you don’t want to know anything about it, skip this paragraph.

Crush’s Coaster is a roller coaster. There are 4 of you in the vehicle. Two people look forward and two people look back. By the way, it does not matter which side you choose, the cart turns around the axis several times during the ride.

The ride starts peacefully. You have taken a deep dive into the sea and soon you meet Nemo and his friends. Of course Bruce and the other sharks also show up. After this you take a plunge into the East Australian Current. You might know this part from the movie. That is the stream of bubbles in which Crush and the other turtles swim.

This is the best part of the ride, I always scream during the first drop. You fall down and then the car starts turning around its axis. Sometimes you are going fowards, and other times backwards. You feel like you are actually flying, or well, floating. Then you come to an abrupt stop and it’s time to prepare to get out.

Is this attraction worth the long wait?

Absolutely! As you may have noticed I really like this attraction. Together with the Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain it is one of my favorites at Disneyland Paris. And with me many more people love this ride, which unfortunately results in the long queues.

It’s such a fun attraction that you really can’t stop smiling. Especially the EAC part is so much fun, you go up, down, forwards and backwards.

Don’t want to stand in line for over an hour? There are some tricks that can shorten your wait time.

  • Make use of Extra Magic Time, this is an extra service available only for Disney Hotel guests and Annual Pass holders (Magic Plus and Infinity only)
  • Go as early as possible if you don’t have Extra Magic Time, make sure that you are in the Walt Disney Studios Park once it opens to the regular guests and go directly to Crush. Not sure where to go? Just follow the crowds, everybody goes to this ride first thing in the morning.
  • Check for breakdowns, usually the ride isn’t down for that long, so if you camp out in front of it you usually have a much shorter wait once it open
  • Get in line right before closing time. Usually the stated wait time is much longer then it actually is.
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