No Disneyland Paris park reservations available, what to do?

As you might know, Disneyland Paris requires a prior registration to access the parks. You can make these on the Disneyland Paris website. But what if you have a ticket or Annual Pass, and no reservations are available for the date you were planning your visit?

With an Annual Pass

If you have a Disneyland Paris annual pass you have to make your reservations as early as possible. You can make three reservations at a time. And you can only make a new one if you cancel one of the previous three.

This is also one of the reasons the Disneyland Paris registration calendar looks like this:

Source: Disneyland Paris website

As you can see, all the park registrations are sold out for Disneyland Paris Annual Passes. Now what?

When you have an Annual Pass, you can be on the waiting list. If someone made a reservation without canceling—which happens a lot—you will get access to the park. The only downside? You hear this on the day off. So, if you are traveling from abroad, this might not be the best thing.

The only thing you can do to solve this is to stay at one of the Disney hotels. Then park registration is included in your stay. There are no other options, so make sure to register for the parks as early as possible.

What you can do if the annual pass registrations are unavailable:

  • Join the waiting list
  • Keep refreshing
  • Book a room in a Disney Hotel
  • Make your reservations as early as possible

With a day ticket

What if you have a valid Disneyland Paris ticket but no registration? And all the registrations seem to be gone.

If you have a ticket with the date on it, you don’t have to register. If you have one without a date, it might get a bit tricky.

Unfortunately, there is no waiting list for day tickets, so if a date is unavailable, there isn’t much you can do other than keep refreshing and checking the page multiple times a day. Sometimes reservations will come available, but as you get closer to the date, don’t count on it.

Another thing you can do is to book a room in a Disney Hotel. Your park reservation is included in your stay, but it can be a pricey solution.

Other than that, it will be very difficult to get a park registration.

What you can do if the day ticket registrations are unavailable:

  • Keep refreshing and check the page often
  • Buy a dated ticket if you really want to go on that date
  • Book a room in a Disney Hotel

Good to know about the Disneyland Paris park reservations

You only need to make a park reservation if:

  • You have an Annual Pass
  • You have a ticket without a date on it

If you book a Disneyland Paris package or a stay in a Disneyland Paris hotel (not the Partner Hotels), you don’t need to register. That’s why we advise our readers to either book a ticket with a date on it or book a Disneyland Paris package.

You don’t want to travel with your excited children to Disneyland Paris to find out that you had to register. And without it you won’t be allowed in the parks. We have seen people who didn’t understand why they weren’t allowed in the parks with a valid ticket. No reservation means no access, and they are very strict with it.

Spare yourself the hassle and disappointment and book a Disneyland Paris package or dated ticket.

Ready to go to Disneyland Paris?

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