Do they only speak French in Disneyland Paris?

As you might know, Disneyland Paris is located in France, near the city of Paris. One of the questions we get asked quite a lot is whether they only speak French in Disneyland Paris. Or that you can also talk to them in English?

That’s always the challenge of traveling abroad, that you are not able to communicate with the locals for ordering food or buying stuff. Fortunately, Disneyland Paris has got this covered. We will share our experience!

Do they speak English in Disneyland Paris?

Yes, fortunately, they do. Maybe not to a native level, which is to be expected, but they can communicate with you in English. Usually, they will start talking to you in French. Just ask them if they speak English, and most cast members will continue the conversation in English.

In the restaurants, you will be able to order your food in English. They even have menus in multiple languages. So, Dutch, German, Spanish, and of course English. This way you always know what is on your plate.

At the shops, the cashiers also speak English. Usually, they will tell you the amount in English or point at the register, so you exactly know what to pay.

And finally the rides, here most cast members do speak English. They will tell you where to go and answer your questions.

In all our years visiting Disneyland Paris, we have encountered some people who only speak French. They were the cleaning staff in the hotels, the people at the security booths at the hotels and parks, and the people cleaning in the parks. Don’t get mad when they don’t understand you, just find someone who does.

Are the attractions in Disneyland Paris only in French?

Most attractions in Disneyland Paris are a hybrid between English and French. This means that the dialogues are first done in French and then in English. Not only in the rides but also in the shows like Disney Illuminations.

All the safety information is also in multiple languages. Both written outside the ride and the safety spiel right before you get in. And like we mentioned above, the cast members can also assist you in English.

So even if you don’t understand a word of French, no worries, as long as you speak (a little) English you are going to be fine.

One final tip!

The Disneyland Paris cast members all wear a name tag. On that tag, you will see some flags. Those indicate the languages the cast member speaks.

If you are from, let’s say Spain, you will probably encounter some cast members with the Spanish flag on their name tag. You can speak Spanish with them if you prefer.

And maybe one last tip. Some restaurants accept mobile orders through the Disneyland Paris app. This comes in handy when you don’t want to deal with the language barrier or when your English is not sufficient to communicate.

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