Phantasialand crowds, when is the best time to go?

Before I go to an amusement park I always check to see how busy it will be. Will it be a very busy day? Then I usually reschedule my visit, as I want to be able to see and do as much as possible.

Now, I know that it’s not possible for everyone to reschedule, so how do you pick the perfect date in Phantasialand? Let’s explore the Phantasialand crowds, and the best way to avoid them.

Phantasialand crowds, what to expect?

Like other theme parks, crowds at Phantasialand are fairly easy to predict. Busy days at Phantasialand include:

  • Weekends outside of school holiday
  • Weekends and weekdays during school holidays
  • German national holidays
  • Special events, like Christmas season

Outside of peak season, weekdays are the quietest time to visit Phantasialand. At most attractions, there will hardly be any line.

And even now, on busy days, it’s not that crowded. Why? Because you have to make a reservation to visit Phantasialand and the maximum number of guests have been capped. So, it will never be as crowded as it used to be, with a 180 minute wait for Taron. Nowadays, 30 to 45 minutes will be the maximum.

On warmer days, you’ll see the wait times increase for the water rides. Then it’s even quieter at the popular attractions. So, no worries, you will be perfectly fine, even on a crowded day in Phantasialand.

Tips for Phantasialand on a busy day

If you go to Phantasialand on a busy day, there are a few things you can do to visit as many attractions as possible. Don’t let the crowds ruin your day, it will be fine, really. Phantasialand is such a fun theme park that you’re sure to have a great time here. Even when you won’t be able to visit everything.

The first tip I can give you is to check out in advance which attractions you definitely want to visit. Are these popular attractions like Taron, Raik, Chiapas (on hot days), Maus au Chocolat and F.L.Y.? If so, try to visit them as early as possible or at the end of the day.

Also, make sure you are there from rope drop. In the first hour, there will hardly be any lines. That’s the right time to visit as many rides as possible.

Another tip I want to give you is to download the Phantasialand app. In it, you will find not only a map of the park, but also an overview of the restaurants and all the attractions, including waiting times. If you keep a close eye on the app, you can keep the wait to a minimum.

Around noon, it’s often the busiest, which is also true for the restaurants. Try to eat before the lunch rush or just after it. Then you’ll hardly stand in line and have a better chance of getting a table. Check the app in advance to see if restaurants are open, if we had done this, that would have saved us a lot of unnecessary walking…

In the afternoon, you notice that the number of visitors is decreasing. Hotel guests return to their rooms and locals go home to eat. That’s the time when you should make your move. Go to the thrill rides and other attractions you missed, you will see that the lines are a lot shorter now.

Would you like to take home a souvenir? Then don’t wait to do so until the park is closing. Then stores are full, and there are long lines at checkouts. Shopping is best done after lunch, when the lines at the attractions are long, but the stores are nice and quiet.

Final tip! Stay at a Phantasialand Hotel

Phantasialand has three hotels located next to the park. This is perfect if you plan on visiting the park for multiple days. But even if you only want to go one day, it could be quite beneficial.

Why? Phantasialand is located near the city of Cologne, but in quite a rural area. This means you’ll probably have to travel back to your accommodation by car. And traffic can get really bad in this area. So, imagine this, being at the theme park the whole day, your feet hurt, kids are grumpy, and now you’ll have to stand in traffic… Not fun, right?

It took us an extra hour to travel back to our home in The Netherlands, which feels even longer when your feet hurt, and you are tired.

The thing I learned from this? To stay at a Phantasialand Hotel. They are cheaper than you might think, admission is included in the price of your stay as well as breakfast. Just go for convenience, and book a night in one of these hotels!

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