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Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris

One of the most popular attractions at Disneyland Paris is Pirates of the Caribbean. You might think it is based on the famous movies, but it’s exactly the other way around. The attraction was created before the movies. The first movie premiered in 2003, the first Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opened in 1967 in Disneyland California.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t see elements of the film during the attraction.

But first, where do you find it?

Where is the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction located?

The attraction is located in the Disneyland Park. This is the big amusement park with the pink hotel as entrance and the castle. The part where Pirates of the Caribbean is located is called Adventureland. There are several ways to get there.

The quickest route is through the entrance of Adventureland, then through the shopping street and then turn right until you can’t go any further. After this the attraction is on your left.

You can also get here by going under the castle and then walk to the back. Then you pass Peter Pan’s Flight and finally you’ll see the entrance on your right.

What are the average waiting times?

At the moment I am writing this it is a busy Saturday. The attraction has a waiting time of 60 minutes. That is quite normal for a busy day.

If you go out of season then 30 minutes is a normal waiting time. At the beginning of the morning this attraction is a walk-on. The earlier you come, the shorter you have to wait. This goes for almost all Disneyland Paris attractions. Only Crush’s Coaster remains busy. Currently, there is a line of 120 minutes.

Update! I wrote this article before the whole Covid-19 outbreak. Currently, Pirates of the Caribbean has at most a 30 minutes wait but is a walk-on most of the time. Crush remains the busiest ride in the park but has just a 60 minutes wait at busy times.

The ride and queue

As soon as you enter the queue you will get in the pirate mood. The attraction is built like a fortress. Here you first have to go through all kinds of corridors, past rooms and dungeons before you reach a courtyard from where the boats leave.

The entire queue is covered and therefore a good choice on rainy, very cold or sunny days.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a cruise through a city that has been completely destroyed by pirates. During the trip there are a number of surprise elements that make it just a little bit more fun than a standard attraction. Although they are Disney pirates, they are a bit scarier then Jake and his friends from Never Land. The attraction is for all ages but look out for very young visitors.

The store

Many attractions in Disneyland Paris have a store at the exit. Pirates of the Caribbean is no exception. First of all, in this store you can buy the picture that is taken during the attraction. When it’s quiet you can ask for your own boat, then you won’t have any strangers with you in the picture.

Furthermore, you can buy all kinds of pirate souvenirs and Nightmare before Christmas stuff.

I myself think this is one of the nicest stores to browse around. They often have some more original items that you won’t find in other stores. And even when you’re an adult it’s still fun to “attack” someone with a plastic sword :).

Is Pirates of the Caribbean worth it?

Absolutely! This is such a classic attraction, you can’t miss it. Even if you’re not a fan of the movies.

Because the queue is quite long you won’t stand still for long. This makes the wait a bit more pleasant and because of the high capacity you would go through the queue quite quickly.

What I personally would do is visit the attraction at the beginning or at the end of the day. Then there is hardly any wait. At the opening of the park many people go to Big Thunder Mountain or Peter Pan’s Flight. If you go to Pirates that means you won’t have to wait long.

What do you think of this attraction?

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