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Ratatouille the Adventure – a ride for the whole family!

When I’m in Disneyland Paris I’m not only there to create new content for you, but sometimes I also go into an attraction or two. For research purposes of course! 🙂

One of the attractions I really like is Ratatouille The Adventure. Indeed, a ride about Chef Rémy who takes over the kitchen in a chic French restaurant. This attraction is not only very cute, but also very nicely made. And suitable for the whole family, as long as you don’t have a “motion sickness”.

Where can you find the attraction?

Ratatouille the Adventure is located in the back of the Walt Disney Studios Park. The part where the ride is located is a bit hidden, next to Toy Story Playland. But when you finally found the buildings, you can’t miss it. They have reconstructed a small part of Paris.

Also pay attention to the details, like the rats in the fountain.

How many rats do you count in this picture?

The first thing you see is the store. It’s not that big but it’s nice to look around. Next to the store you can get a (free) Fastpass for Ratatouille the Adventure.

Then you have the entrance to the attraction. There are 3 queues: the regular, single riders and Fastpass. The single riders queue is for people who don’t mind being separated from the group. You are then filling the empty spaces in the ride vehicles, in exchange for a shorter waiting time. But you are not sitting with your family or friends.

Unfortunately, during current times the Single Rider service will be unavailable as well as the Fastpass.

Queue and ride!

The entrance of the attraction looks like an old theater. There are booths where you can buy tickets and there is typical French music.

The queue is made in such a way that you feel like walking in Paris in the evening. It has a romantic feel to it. A little before the end, Chef Gusteau speaks to you, he tells you that Rémy is waiting for you. Then it’s time to get your 3D glasses.

After grabbing the 3D glasses, it is only a short distance to the entry area.

The ride vehicles

The vehicles in this attraction are little cartoon rats in Remy’s or Emile’s color. You can have up to 6 people in them, 2 rows of three.

The rat mobiles move independently from each other and are not stuck on a track. This makes them very maneuverable.

Ratatouille The Adventure [spoiler alert!]

And now the ride. As soon as you are in the vehicle, it’s time to put on your 3D glasses. The rats start moving and are queuing to enter Paris.

During the ride you will visit the restaurant of Chef Gusteau where Rémy is busy deciding what to cook. Until he is discovered. Not only Rémy makes a run for it, also the visitors are now rats and have to run in order not to get caught.

You’ll find a hiding place in the fridge where you can see Emile and Rémy busy talking in the fridge. Of course, Emile takes a bite every now and then.

After this you go to the next room where Rémy and the visitors in the rat mobiles are soon discovered. All kinds of things are tried to exterminate them! Expect various special effects.

Luckily at the end everything will be fine and the rats will be sitting at the table enjoying a feast and music.

During the ride the ratmobile drives from screen to screen. Because of the movie and the space where you are, you have the feeling that you are really moving, while the cart barely moves forward. You can get dizzy if you can’t stand this kind of movement.

Who should ride Ratatouille?

Ratatouille The Adventure is a family attraction for every age. There is no minimum age or height. However, you should be careful not to get dizzy from the movements on the screen. If you are familiar with Motion Sickness then you’d better skip this attraction.

Furthermore, this ride is highly recommended. The rats are so cute and, because there is no track, the carts move very smoothly. It feels almost uncontrolled. Of course, the movie remains nice to see. In the attraction you’ll see short pieces of different scenes. For those who have seen the movie, there are many familiar shots and a lot of similarities. In short, I’m a fan and I’m sure you will love this attraction as well.

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