The best rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris

When thinking about Disneyland Paris you might not immediately think of thrillrides. Many people think that this is primarily an amusement park for young families. But that is not true.

Just look at the rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris. These are certainly not the least attractions. There is even a recently added one. So even if you love loops and adrenaline, you are in the right place!

These are the rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris

You find the rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris both in the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Each theme park has its own unique attractions that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s start with the Disneyland Park.

Rollercoasters in Disneyland Park

Big Thunder Mountain

This is one of the most fun rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris. Here, you actually start your ride underground; you literally go under a lake to end up on an island

In this derailed mine cart, you go at lightning speed through bends and regularly zoom down at high speed. My favorite part is the last section, where you race at high speed through the dark and then go back from the island to the mainland

You can find Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland, and the minimum height to visit this attraction is 1,02 m. It is possible to use Disney Premier Access for this attraction.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is perhaps one of the wildest rollercoasters in Disneyland Paris. You’ll find this attraction in Adventureland, a bit hidden in the jungle-like area. But just go by the screams, and you’ll know you’re at this attraction.

The ride starts out fairly quiet, but soon you’ll be speeding through sharp turns and dropping straight down. Finally, the hidden looping is there, and the wild ride continues until you are back at the station.

This attraction can be visited from a minimum height of 1.40m, and you can again use Premier Access.

HyperSpace Mountain

Have you ever wanted to be shot into space in a cannon? Then this is your chance! HyperSpace Mountain is an attraction with various inversions, loud music, and high-speed racing through curves. And all that in complete darkness.

This roller coaster has a Star Wars theme. There are actually only a few moments where you notice this, which makes the ride fun even if you have nothing to do with this franchise.

HyperSpace Mountain is rightfully the biggest thrillride in the Disneyland Park. So, do you like rollercoasters? Then you should definitely not miss it.

You’ll find HyperSpace Mountain in Discoverland, and the minimum height to visit this attraction is 1.20m. You can also use Disney’s Premier Access for this attraction.

Casey Jr. – The Little Circus Train

Casey Jr. – the little circus train could be called a roller coaster. It is faster than a usual train but not as exciting as a real roller coaster.

You can compare this attraction with Max&Moritz in the Efteling. Not very exciting, but a good way for children to get used to rollercoasters. Who knows, maybe they will dare to ride Big Thunder Mountain.

This attraction is accessible to all lengths and has no Disney’s Premier Access.

Rollercoasters in the Walt Disney Studios Park

Also, you will find rollercoasters in the Walt Disney Studios Park. Two to be exact. Including the most popular attraction of Disneyland Paris and the newest!

Crush’s Coaster

Crush’s Coaster is the most popular attraction in Disneyland Paris, with by far the longest queues. Why is everyone so fond of this attraction?

Of course, because of the Finding Nemo theme and the ride itself. Because this attraction gives you jitters in your stomach!

It starts quietly with a ride through the underwater world of Nemo. But soon, the sharks appear, and you flee towards the EAC, the fast current where the turtles in the film are carried away.

Then the most fun part begins! Because the cart literally goes in all directions. You turn on your axis, go through sharp bends and sometimes fall forward, and sometimes backward, down. Delightful!

You come out of this ride with a big smile on your face, and you immediately know why there are always long lines here.

This attraction has a minimum length of 1.07 m, and you can use Disney Premier Access. You will find this attraction on the right side of the amusement park next to the flying carpets of Aladdin.

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force is one of two attractions in Avengers Campus, the newest section at Disneyland Paris

You may know this roller coaster as Rock ‘n Rollercoaster, the roller coaster that closed a few years ago. But you won’t see much of this roller coaster again because this roller coaster has been given a Marvel overlay.

You will be helping Iron Man and Captain Marvel by diverting missiles so that they can defuse them. You will get the occasional kick out of this, as you will mainly be busy going over the top. It is a fast ride in the dark and a real launch coaster where you immediately shoot into the high looping.

The minimum height for this ride is 1,20 m.

What is the best rollercoaster in Disneyland Paris?

The best roller coaster in Disneyland Paris is very personal. Don’t like loopings/inversions? Then Big Thunder Mountain or Crush’s Coaster will probably be your favorite.

Do you want to go over the top as often as possible? Then choose Avengers Assemble: Flight Force or HyperSpace Mountain.

Do you have a little one you want to introduce to rollercoasters? Then you will definitely choose Casey Jr.

And Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril? That’s the one to choose when you’re in the mood for a wild ride with a hidden looping!

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