The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don’t want to miss these!

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As you know, Disneyland Paris is an amusement park. Many of you will go here for the pink castle and the Disney characters. But also the attractions in Disneyland Paris attract a lot of visitors every year.

In this article, I will take you through the two parks. Together we look at what are the best attractions in Disneyland Paris. From roller coasters to children’s rides, they will all be on the list.

What they have in common is that they are all attractions that you should not miss. The ones you should have at least visited during your stay.

How many attractions are there in Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris has about 40 attractions. There are a few more, but these are really the attractions where you are moved around, rides as they call it.

Of these attractions, most are located in Disneyland Park. This is the largest park with the famous pink castle. There are so many attractions that you only have to walk a few meters before the entrance of the next ride.

The number of attractions in the Walt Disney Studios Park is currently a bit low. This is because this park is currently undergoing extensive renovation. A part of the park is closed to make room for a new section inspired by the Marvel universe. This part will be called Avengers Campus.

Furthermore, in the future, areas inspired by Star Wars and Frozen will be added to Walt Disney Studios Park. This also means a lot of new attractions, but we will have to be patient for that!

Therefore I will limit myself to the attractions in Disneyland Paris that can be visited right now. Let’s start quickly with my favorite.

1. Big Thunder Mountain

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

Big Thunder Mountain is the best roller coaster in Disneyland Paris. The theming is beautiful; the ride is wild enough for people who like thrills and quiet enough for the whole family.

You’ll find Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland. You can’t miss the attraction, as it is located on a large mountain in the middle of the lake. To get here, the attraction first takes you through a dark tunnel system. Of course, at high speed!

This is one of the most popular attractions in the park. So make sure you get there early to avoid long lines. We usually go here first thing in the morning, and then you will be in line for 15 minutes at most.

2. Phantom Manor

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

Phantom Manor is the haunted house of Disneyland Paris. Well, I say a haunted house, but that always makes me think of a carnival attraction, with flying skeletons and those wires where you go through. This is not.

In Phantom Manor, you visit an abandoned mansion – never do that, of course, it’s asking for trouble :). The story goes that the place is haunted.

The house used to belong to a rich family where the father was a bit strange. Every time his daughter wanted to marry, the future husbands disappeared. The bride was always sadly left behind, while we can all guess that Dad was behind it.

In this haunted house, you tour the corridors and even go back in time for a while. Not scary, but a little creepy.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

You know this ride’s name from the popular movie franchise. But did you know that the attraction was there before the movie? Later they added famous characters like Jack Sparrow, sorry Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbird, and Davy Jones.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a water attraction in Adventureland. There is a small chance you might get wet, but at most, a few drops. This boat ride takes you back in time, a time when pirates plundered entire cities. And here you are as a visitor witness to this.

It is an attraction for the whole family but knows that there are some scary scenes. The attraction has a song that stays in your head for the rest of the day, but not as extreme as the next attraction!

4. It’s a Small World

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

If you do not want to be stuck with a song in your head all day, you might want to skip this one. No, just do it!

This is a classic Disney attraction where Walt Disney himself was involved. (Not this but the similar attraction in California)

During this quiet boat ride, you go along colorful scenes with happy dolls who all sing the same song. The moral of the attraction is that everyone is equal. A wonderful message, of course. It’s a Small World is accessible to everyone, even the little ones, a true family attraction in Disneyland Paris.

5. Peter Pan’s Flight

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

We stay with the family attractions with Peter Pan’s Flight. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful and shortest attractions in the park.

In this attraction you fly along with Peter Pan, over the city of London (with moving cars!), through the clouds, past the stars to Neverland.

Here you will, of course, meet the mermaids, but soon Captain Hook and his big friend, the crocodile, show up. When I was little, years ago, I thought this was the best attraction—especially the star tunnel where you go through.

6. Casey Jr.

Casey Jr. is another roller coaster in Disneyland Paris. But, really only suitable for young children. As an adult, you’ll definitely have fun on this one, too, just it’s not that exciting.

In this attraction, you ride along with the train from Dumbo. You are seated in one of the cages, being transported like one of the circus animals. Of course, it is done very cheerfully. Children will find it hilarious, and for them, it is an exciting ride. Maybe it is their first time on a roller coaster.

7. Dumbo

Dumbo is also an attraction for young children. Here you take a seat in your own Dumbo elephant, and then you take off to the skies.

The elephants fly around in a circle, and you can control the height with a lever. At the highest point, you have a beautiful view over the park and the other attractions.

This may be too exciting for small children, so you don’t have to fly high if you don’t want to. Please note that this attraction is suitable for all ages, including young children.

8. HyperSpace Mountain

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

HyperSpace Mountain is far from an attraction for children. This is one of the thrillrides in Disneyland Paris.

Here you are loaded into the big canon, and then they catapult you into space. From there on, it’s complete darkness. Meanwhile, you go through tight corners and several inversions, and you even end up in a space battle. This roller coaster is based on Star Wars, hence the name HyperSpace.

Before entering the ride, you are warned several times that you must be in good health to ride this roller coaster. Please take this seriously because it is a tough ride.

9. Star Tours

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

Another attraction in Disneyland Paris based on the Star Wars universe is called Star Tours. This is a 3D simulator that takes you through the worlds of the movies.

Every ride is different as the scenes are random. This makes it worthwhile to visit the attraction more often, especially as a Star Wars fan.

Do not expect a quiet ride; you will be shaken up and hardly sit still in your chair. If you can’t stand this, then I would skip the attraction. In the past, I have seen enough people leave the attraction being very sick.

Be warned, but do not forget to visit!

10. Autopia

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

For adults, this may not be the most exciting attraction, especially if you have a driver’s license, but children love it. They get to drive a real car themselves. You have to accelerate and steer yourself to be able to complete the course.

Small children may need the help of an adult to do this, especially if they can’t quite reach the gas pedal. So make sure your child can drive the cars.

This attraction is quite long, and the route is nicely laid out with bridges, turns, and even traffic signs.

11. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is a roller coaster in Adventureland, slightly based on the adventures of Indiana Jones.

The most special about this ride is the looping. It is quite short and unexpected. Apart from that, this is just a fine roller coaster for enthusiasts. It is also quite challenging, as the cars go through sharp turns and drops at high speed.

12. Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is a fun attraction for the entire family. In this attraction, you shoot with a laser gun at various targets, mostly aliens, to collect points.

Whoever has the most points then wins. No prize, you play for the honor, but despite that, many people become very combative when they step into this attraction.

13. Crush’s Coaster

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

Crush’s Coaster is the most popular attraction in Disneyland Paris. And that is totally justified. This is such a fun roller coaster!

When I got the chance to visit this attraction during a private event at Walt Disney Studios Park, I couldn’t stop riding it. I ended up riding it 7 times in a row and I’m not ashamed of it :).

No matter how many times you go, this roller coaster remains fun. In the first part, you go quietly through the world of Nemo, from the Finding Nemo movies. But when you encounter the sharks, the ride speeds up. Then it’s time for a ride in the EAC, and here is where the fun part begins.

In the dark, the car starts to spin on its axis as you go through sharp turns. As it spins, the cart drops down multiple times, and soon you don’t know what’s up and what’s down. It sounds scary, but it is so much fun!

14. Tower of Terror

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

The Tower of Terror is a combination of a thrillride and a haunted house. Creepy to the max.

As a visitor, you enter an abandoned hotel where lightning struck the elevator shaft years ago. You decide, quite logically, of course, that you would also like to take the elevator in this hotel.

Well, you can, because the service elevators still work. And let there be something wrong with that. Soon you are plunging down 13 floors to be lifted again, to fall again. It is terrifying and yet such a nice feeling. When the elevator drops, you are floating out of your seat, very scary but still so much fun!

There are 3 elevators in total, each with its own story. The middle elevator shaft I find the best because you hear all the creatures around you. The left one is the most intense and the right one is very beautiful.

15. Ratatouille

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

Ratatouille is one of the best attractions for the whole family. Here you visit the restaurant from the movie where you meet Remy, Gusteau, Emile and of course Linguini.

But soon, Remy is discovered, and you have to flee. In the carts, which move autonomously, you then go through the refrigerator, under the stove, and finally find your way out.

All this with 3D glasses on making it seem even more real. For fans of the Efteling, this attraction is similar to Symbolica.

16. Toy Story Parachute Drop

The 16 best attractions at Disneyland Paris! You don't want to miss these!

The last attraction is Toy Story Parachute Drop. In this attraction, you sit on benches that hang under a parachute.

Soon you are lifted to the top and have a beautiful view of Disneyland Paris. But then the parachutes are released and you float gently back down.

You do this a number of times until you calmly land on the ground again.

Beautiful attraction, nice and relaxing, and a bit scary if you are afraid of heights!

These were the 16 best attractions in Disneyland Paris. Ensure to visit at least some of them during your next stay; you won’t be disappointed. Also, let me know which one was your favorite!