The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

All that walking in Disneyland Paris makes you hungry. Then you don’t want to look for a good restaurant, but preferably something tasty that fills the growling stomach. So keep this list handy, so you immediately know where to go.

These are the 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris, selected on the theme, price, and of course, the quality of the food. To make this list as broad as possible, I have put something for everyone. Then there is always something to choose from, even if you are with difficult eaters.

Let’s get started quickly!

These are the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris

What kind of food you like depends very much on your tastes. For example, I’m not too fond of pasta, while you can wake other people up in the middle of the night for it. Tastes differ, and therefore it wasn’t easy to come up with a list that was as broad as possible.

Therefore I called upon the help of Disneyland Paris fans around me to make a list as complete as possible.

Well, it may seem a lot, the 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris, but know that in total there are 73 dining options in the parks, Disney Village, and the hotels.

The list is not in order, but I have put exactly what is so good about it. It will be the price-quality ratio at one restaurant, another the theme, or just how extensive the menu is.

The first one is my favorite lunch restaurant in Disney Village!

Best restaurants in Disney Village

1. Annette’s Diner

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Annette’s Diner is a restaurant in Disney Village. You can recognize it by the classic American cars parked in front of the entrance. Inside, it’s decorated like an American diner, with lots of pink and the waiters on roller skates bringing you food.

It’s mainly the theme that makes this restaurant stand out on the list. But there are two more reasons. The first is the menu. In particular, there are hamburgers on the menu. This also makes the restaurant very suitable for families with children. There are several types of burgers, large and small, or vegetarian, so there is plenty to choose from.

The burgers are a bit more expensive than at other places in the park, but you get a freshly grilled piece of meat with a large plate of fries. I myself usually take the cheeseburger, which is often more than enough. If I’m more hungry, I take the onion rings as an appetizer, which is also very tasty.

They also have a huge burger that is part of a challenge. If you finish the burger and empty your plate, then you get a free milkshake. My friend did it once, and he still talks about it.

Why go to Annette’s Diner

Annette’s Diner has a fairly generic menu that will appeal to many people. The theme is fun, and the wait staff on roller skates completes it. They are a bit more expensive than those counter-service restaurants, but they are also much tastier!

2. Rainforest Cafe

We stay in Disney Village for the second restaurant on the list: Rainforest Cafe. This restaurant is ideal for families with young children.

Inside, the restaurant is decorated like a jungle with moving animals. There is plenty to see during the meal, plus there is also a store with all kinds of nice souvenirs.

The menu contains fairly general food, meat, fish, and vega. Along with that comes several children’s entrees. For the food, I would not go here; for the experience, I would. If you go with children, this is a very suitable restaurant, for adults, I would personally choose something else unless you like to eat with animatronic animals.

Why Rainforest Cafe?

Rainforest Cafe is an ideal restaurant for families. There is enough on the menu to find something tasty for everyone, plus the decor makes it a real experience to eat here, especially for children.

3. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

The Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show is more than a restaurant; it’s a dinner show. This means that you are mainly watching the show, but in the meantime, you are also served a 3-course meal.

In the show, cowboys and Indians try to conquer the wild west. This is done with lots of action and wild animals. As a spectator, you get a hat to cheer on your team. That hat you can take home after the show.

On the menu are bbq dishes, pieces of meat, sandwiches, and beans. A hearty meal, as you would expect from cowboys. We went to this show once and what I remember is that the food was good, but not special, but the show was fun to watch.

Especially the enthusiasm with which people cheer on their team is hilarious at times. In short, this is the place if you want a fun night out and some good food at the same time.

Why the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show?

To the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, you go for the entertainment. For the action and the stunts. The food is just fine, but for me, the highlight was cheering on the team. And that they won!

4. Café Mickey

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Café Mickey is also a real family restaurant, particularly suitable for young children and fans of Disney characters. Here the Disney characters come and watch you at the table while you are eating. Where in the parks there are sometimes long lines to get your picture taken with your favorite, Mickey and his friends, take all the time in this restaurant for you.

This is the ideal place for taking pictures and filling your autograph book!

The menu features Italian dishes, including pizzas and pasta. The cheapest options are the menus, the choice is a bit more limited, but it saves a lot of money.

Why Café Mickey?

Café Mickey is a restaurant where Disney characters walk around and stop at every table. During your meal, they regularly stop by for a chat, a photo, and an autograph. A great experience for children, of course. And for anyone who loves Disney characters.

5. Earl of Sandwich

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Earl of Sandwich is a sandwich restaurant in Disney Village. This is where we usually go during lunch. It has two advantages. The first is that you can eat a sandwich, instead of a hot meal with fries. The other is that it is often tranquil during lunch, which contrasts with the Disney Parks restaurants.

On the menu are all kinds of sandwiches with various fillings. They also have salads and several other options. I usually go for the club sandwich, which is the closest thing to a healthy sandwich. My boyfriend usually goes for the huge sandwiches with lots of toppings.

Earl of Sandwich is also one of the few places outside the Disney Hotels where you can get breakfast. You can choose from 3 different breakfasts, and they are affordable too.

Why Earl of Sandwich?

This is where you go when you’re craving a sandwich rather than a big hot meal. You can also get soups, wraps, and smaller snacks. Because of its location near the hotels, it is often tranquil here during the day, and you can eat your sandwich with a view of the lake.

Best restaurants in the Disneyland Park

From Disney Village, we now move on to the next location of the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Park.

6. Fuente del Oro

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Fuente del Oro is a Mexican restaurant in Frontierland. The menu includes burritos, fajitas, nachos, chili and churros.

The reason why I love this restaurant is, apart from the fact that I like the chili, it’s also different from the standard theme park food. When you think of an amusement park, you often think of hamburgers, hot dogs, and fries. And then I find the Mexican menu refreshing and different.

We tried several items from the menu, and we always liked them. However, during peak times, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good seat here. It’s best to eat just before the rush (at 11:30) or after around 3. Then there’s hardly anyone around, and you’ll have your pick of the seats.

Why Fuente del Oro?

The Mexican menu is a nice change from all the burgers and fries you normally see at amusement parks. The portions are large enough to share, and know that you can also order most menu items separately.

7. Captain Jack’s

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Captain Jack’s is a restaurant in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Not next door, not nearby, but really in the attraction. You see the boats go by and are almost constantly waving at the people passing by, no problem, by the way.

In this restaurant, not only is the location striking, but the menu is also special, especially for a theme park. Namely, it is a Caribbean menu with lots of fresh fish and some meat dishes. When we ate here, my friend had the chicken and shrimp with rice, and I had the fish of the day, which turned out to be barracuda. Both dishes were delicious, although I still liked my fish dish best.

An exotic menu and kids don’t always go together. If your kids are not adventurous eaters, know that they have slightly less special dishes on the menu for children.

One last tip: make your reservations in time! Arriving on the day itself does not usually guarantee a table. We were lucky to get a table around 3:30 p.m., but on busy days that is really not the case. So if you want to eat here, book in time.

Why Captain Jack’s?

You really go here for the location. How often can you eat in an attraction while the boats pass by? This restaurant is also recommended if you like more exotic food or fish. The barracuda was excellent, even though normally I’m not too fond of fish.

8. Restaurant Agrabah

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Restaurant Agrabah is located in Adventureland, in the Aladdin section of the park. This is one of the most affordable buffet restaurants in the resort. With good food too!

The name suggests that you will not find hamburgers and fries here, but falafel, kofta, merguez, and couscous. The menu is based on Moroccan cuisine. And the children’s menu is equally exotic.

Before the corona period, this was a restaurant with a buffet; at the moment, it has a fixed menu because of the measures. But let’s hope you can grab your own delicacies here again soon.

Why Restaurant Agrabah

Restaurant Agrabah is an affordable restaurant with exceptional cuisine. The decor is beautiful, and it smells wonderful when you enter—a great place for an exotic meal in Disneyland Park.

9. Auberge de Cendrillon

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Always wanted to dine with royalty? Then Auberge de Cendrillon is the place! Here you’ll dine with royalty near the castle and get a visit from the Disney princesses. They come to your table, have a chat, and you can even dance with them.

If your kids are lovers of the princesses, this is a place you really must have been. Just know that the restaurant has French cuisine. It is high-quality food, but which may be not everyone likes. If you want to make sure your kids like it, check the menu on the Disneyland Paris website or locally beforehand.

Like many other restaurants on the list, it is advisable to make reservations early at Auberge de Cendrillon. There are only a limited number of tables, and making a reservation prevents disappointment.

Why Auberge de Cendrillon?

This is the restaurant for anyone who is a fan of the Disney princesses (and a few princes). They come to your table and take all the time for you and the kids. You can even dance with them, just like in the movies—a wonderful experience, especially for young children.

10. Restaurant Hakuna Matata

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

This is a restaurant in Adventureland that I walked past for years without knowing how good the food there actually was. Restaurant Hakuna Matata has an African menu and is inspired by the Lion King movies.

The menu includes meatballs in tomato sauce, kebabs, chicken pieces, and vegetable curry. For children, there are also chicken nuggets and sausages.

The dishes can be ordered separately or as a menu with a drink and dessert.

Why Restaurant Hakuna Matata?

Like many other restaurants on the list, you will not find the standard hamburgers with fries, but a nice sandwich kebab or curry with vegetables and chicken: a good filling and somewhat healthy meal.

11. Pizzeria Bella Notte

Pizzeria Bella Notte is the place for difficult eaters. The menu features Italian dishes like pasta, pizzas, and lasagna. For kids, there are also several options to choose from, including a pizza shaped like Mickey Mouse.

The portions at this restaurant are large enough to share. Therefore, we usually take a children’s menu or an adult pizza topped with a salad or a baguette with garlic butter. Anyway, most menus at Disneyland Paris are big enough to eat. Plus, that way, you keep room for dinner.

At Pizzeria Bella Notte, you can’t make reservations. Because of this, it can get pretty crowded, especially at peak times, during 12 and 14 and between 17 and 19. Want to avoid the crowds? Then make sure you eat earlier or later than the rest.

Why Pizzeria Bella Notte?

A restaurant in Fantasyland with a practical menu will always find something that someone likes, even for difficult eaters. In addition, they have pizzas in the shape of Mickey Mouse; how cute is that!

12. Silver Spur Steakhouse

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

If you like a nice and large piece of meat, I would definitely go to the Silver Spur Steakhouse. The menu is a bit sparse for vegetarians, but if you like meat, then this is the place to be. Like other steakhouses, you can choose from various meats, including ribeye (pictured above) and steak. But ribs, a rooster, and prawns are also on the menu.

You will find the Silver Spur Steakhouse right next to Phantom Manor, the haunted house in Frontierland. This has given the restaurant a wild west theme.

It is one of the more expensive restaurants in the park, but we really enjoy coming there despite that. Simply because you get a good piece of meat. And afterward, you are really full for the rest of the day, especially if you take an appetizer. We usually take the carpaccio beforehand.

Why Silver Spur Steakhouse?

This is a restaurant for lovers of meat, lots of meat!

Best restaurants in the Walt Disney Studios Park

We now move on to the next theme park from the Disneyland Parks and therein the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris: the Walt Disney Studios Park!

13. Bistrot Chéz Remy

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Bistrot Chéz Remy is the restaurant at the exit of the Ratatouille attraction. So you get the idea that the restaurant is based on the movie. And not Gusteaus, the restaurant from the movie, but the restaurant that Remy created for his rat friends at the end of the attraction.

Thematization is nice, and so is the menu. Here I got to eat a delicious piece of steak, and I think back to it often. (I almost smuggled that small pan out in my bag, but I didn’t dare :))

The menu is not very extensive at the moment. You can choose from meat, fish or a vega dish, depending on the menu you chose. Well, I might be biased, but I would go for the steak with bearnaise sauce. It tasted perfect!

14. Pym Test Kitchen

This restaurant is currently not here yet but will be coming to Disneyland Paris soon. The restaurant has also recently opened in Disneyland Anaheim (in the U.S.), and there were rave reviews.

This restaurant has been experimenting with the meals, or at least that’s the story. That means that you get a huge pretzel as big as your head or a chocolate bar of a meter. It already sounds like a lot of fun, and it promises to be!

Best Restaurants in the Disney Hotels

The last category is the best restaurants in the Disneyland Paris hotels. Again, I want to mention a few of them.

16. Inventions

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!
The characters on the way to Inventions had time for a laugh

Although the Disneyland Hotel is closed for now, Inventions is really a favorite of many. This is a buffet restaurant where you can eat with Disney characters.

You do this, if you are lucky, also with a view of the park. We had a table at the window, and it was delightful to see all those people walking into the park. It gets you hyped up even without eating there.

I can not repeat it often enough, but also at this restaurant, make sure you reserve on time. On the day itself, it’s hardly possible to get a table.

17. Chuck Wagon Cafe

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

Chuck Wagon Cafe is the restaurant of Hotel Cheyenne. You can go here for breakfast in the morning, but the restaurant is on the list because of dinner. This is because it is a running buffet with all kinds of Tex-Mex dishes. There is something for everyone and that for € 32 for adults and € 18 for children. This makes it one of the cheapest buffet restaurants on the resort, and the food is tasty too!

18. Downtown Restaurant

The 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris!

This is one of the newest restaurants in Disneyland Paris. As the previous restaurants again with a running buffet, only this time an exceptional one.

Hotel New York is based in the city of, uhm, New York. With the various districts and cultures, including China Town and large Italian community. In this restaurant, they pay tribute to the diversity in New York, and you can choose from all kinds of dishes that fit those cultures. From brisket to Peking duck, you can choose it all and as much as you can eat!

You will find this restaurant in the recently renovated Hotel New York – Art of Marvel, where you will also find two bars and another, more upscale, restaurant. This hotel opened its doors on June 21, 2021, after an extensive renovation. So even if you don’t eat there, I can recommend you to take a look there.

These were them, the 18 best restaurants in Disneyland Paris. No doubt there is something delicious for you among them. Don’t forget to make a reservation?