The 4 best theme parks in the Netherlands: for the whole family!

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When thinking of Dutch theme parks, most people think of the Efteling. A beautiful, and immersive, park in the south of the country. But we have more theme parks in the Netherlands, one with the best rollercoasters in the country!

If you are planning a visit to the Netherlands, then this are the best theme parks to visit. Let’s start with the obvious one: Efteling.


The 4 best theme parks in the Netherlands: for the whole family!

Efteling is by far the most whimsical theme park in the Netherlands. It has themed areas and rides that you usually only find in Disney parks. And it has a beautiful fairytale forest, that was actually build in a forest.

Between the large trees you will find castles, fairies, princesses, and more. Along the pathway there are little mushrooms that play magical songs. Children will be running to the next mushroom to discover which song that one is playing.

This maybe makes you think that Efteling is only for small children. That is absolutely not the case, it’s a family park, which means that people of all ages will have a lovely day, and they will all find things they can enjoy.

If you are a rollercoaster enthusiast or a lover of thrill rides, you should definitely experience the Baron 1898 coaster. This one has a very high, and almost vertical drop into the ground, very scary, but so much fun.

Another amazing thrill ride in this park is Joris and the Dragon. This is a high speed wooden rollercoaster ride, with lots of air time.

Finally, there is the Flying Dutchman ride, in which you will take a boat out on sea in the complete dark. It’s not long before a haunted ship appears, and you will have to flee not to become the next victim.

Are those ride a bit to scary for you? Then you should definitely go on Fata Morgana, Symbolica or Droomvlucht. Those are all very immersive rides, and very family friendly.

If you can only visit one theme park in the Netherlands, you should go to the Efteling, but there are lots more to experience, like Walibi Holland.

Walibi Holland

Untamed Walibi Holland

Walibi Holland is the park with the most and the best rollercoasters in the Netherlands. This is the favorite park of thrillseekers, who will most certainly get their fix.

The best rollercoaster in Walibi Holland, in my opinion, is Untamed. This is the newest rollercoaster, and quite an impressive one. Untamed is a steel and wood hybrid, giving you the bumpy feeling of a wooden coaster and all the inversions you get with a steel rollercoaster.

Another impressive rollercoaster in the park is called Goliath. This one has the highest drop of all the coasters. It will take you straight down at high speeds, plus it gives you a nice view of the surrounding area.

For children, who are not old or brave enough for all the rollercoasters, there are a few rides in Walibi Holland. Some for very young children, and a few for older children and adults who don’t want to ride the rollercoasters.

If you are planning on going with adult friends this is the park for you, are you visiting with young children, then the Efteling is a better choice. Also, if you like scary stuff and halloween, then this is also the place to be in October. On selected nights you can experience Fright Nights, a halloween festival with haunted houses and a very scary clown mascot.



Duinrell is a small theme park near the city of The Hague. The rides are not the most thrilling, nor immersive, but this park does have something special – a tropical indoor water park!

Admission to this water park is included in your ticket, and it’s really a must see. There are lots of slides, some scary, some just fun, and there is a large splash area for kids who cannot swim.

On sunny days you can grab a pool chair at the outdoor pool and enjoy the sun. We did this on a very hot day and had such an amazing time, and we still had enough time to experience the rides. In the end we kept on staying the entire day until closing time, just because we had such a good time.

Like I wrote, the park isn’t as beautiful as the Efteling, and rides are not as thrilling as those in Walibi Holland, but the water park, which is called Tikibad, makes this an unique theme park in the Netherlands and one you should definitely visit!

Toverland Sevenum

The 4 best theme parks in the Netherlands: for the whole family!

Toverland is a small theme park that is located in the South of the Netherlands. It started as an indoor playground with some rides, but then it expanded outdoors and now they have some of the best rollercoasters in the country.

They even have an experience where you can do magic with an interactive wand, much like the Harry Potter lands in the Universal parks. This is an experience that is enjoyed by children of all ages, and adults alike.

If you are a rollercoaster enthusiast you have to visit both Troy and Fenix. Troy is one of the fastest wooden coasters in Europa, and Fenix makes you fly (literally!) through tight corners and inversions.

The indoor area is great for families with small children. It’s a safe playground with some rides. For the parents there are restaurants where you can get something to eat or drink whilst your litte ones enjoy themselver. And more importantly, burn up their energy!

These were just four of the almost 10 theme parks in the Netherlands, other parks are:

  • Drievliet
  • Julianatoren
  • Plopsa Indoor Coevorden
  • Attractiepark Slagharen
  • Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
  • and a few smaller ones like Waarbeek, Dippiedoe, and the Valkenier.

Definitely, enough the choose from! Let me know which one you visited!