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Things to see and do in the Caves of Han in Belgium

Years ago, we went to the Caves of Han. What I remember is that it was immense inside. Plus, as a cannon shot sounded, you sailed out with the little boat. The cannon shot is still there, the boat unfortunately no longer.

So at the Han Caves, you cover the distance on foot. This is a constructed walking path of about 2 km, entirely underground. Because the caves are so large, you never really get the feeling of being trapped. I am pretty claustrophobic, but that didn’t bother me. The only thing handy is to bring a jacket or vest. Even when it is tropical outside, it can be quite cold in the caves especially if you go in your summer clothes.

Sights of the Caves of Han

The picturesque town of Han-sur-Lesse is actually your first attraction. A typical village in the Ardennes. With, of course, the many restaurants and tourist stores.

I find the entrance to the Caves of Han quite unique, because you would drive right past it. If you drive down the Rue Joseph Lamotte, you will see a church. Here you will find the parking lot for the Caves of Han.

Here you cross the street, and then you are at the entrance to the caves.

For your visit, you can choose from two options. Both are accompanied by a guide. On the tour, which lasts a little over an hour, you will go through the halls of the cave system with a guide. The halls are open spaces brimming with stalactites.

I personally like the other tour just a bit more. You will then begin a streetcar ride from the entrance to the old entrance to the caves. The streetcar is a hundred years old, so that ride alone is an experience. The streetcar ride takes you right into the middle of the Wildlife Park, which is also part of the caves.

From here you will make a 2-hour trip together with and guide. You follow the river to its mouth. This tour can only be done on weekends from late May to late June.

Near the caves of Han is also the Prehistorian museum. Here you will find all kinds of items that are thousands of years old. You will also learn more about the history of the caves here. One visit is included with your ticket.

Wildlife Park

At the Caves of Han, there is also a Wildlife Park. A visit to this is included in your PassHan and is also highly recommended. It is a large forested area full of wildlife. You can be driven through the safari park in a Safari car or walk the route.

The walking tour is 6 km and leaves every half hour. After 3km, you can continue walking or take the shuttle bus that will transport you over the last stretch. You end up in the Bear Forest.

Good to know

If you are visiting the Caves of Han, keep the following things in mind:

  • Inside it is 9 degrees, so bring warm clothes
  • The routes have 365 or 510 stairs. For disabled visitors, a visit is less appropriate
  • You can combine the 1 hour and 15-minute trip with a visit to the wildlife park, this is what they call the PassHan
  • The light show Origin is included in both tours
  • There are no toilets underground, so you will have to hold it up until the exit
  • Dogs are allowed, provided they do not disturb other visitors
  • Taking photos is only allowed in the halls, without flash
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