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Weather in Walt Disney World

If you’ve never been to Florida, you don’t know what to expect. It is a favorite vacation destination for many people because the weather is always nice. In the summer it’s even very hot! People regularly ask me what the weather is like in Walt Disney World and what clothes to pack.

I always go to Walt Disney World in the summer. Actually there is no specific reason for that, it just happens. The disadvantage of going during the summer is the heat. It is really very hot in Orlando. Because of the high humidity you are soaking wet from the moment you come out of the airport until you fly home again. All your clothes are still damp when you come home and can go straight into the washing machine.

Even if you don’t sweat normally you are still soaked during the summer in Orlando. On many days the temperature is between 90 and 100 degrees. When you have these temperatures on vacation then you prefer to do nothing but lie in the pool. If you walk in Walt Disney World you can’t escape the heat. Then there’s nothing else to do but cool down regularly and keep drinking a lot.

Warm weather in Walt Disney World

It’s warm all year round in Walt Disney World. Even in the winter, daytime temperatures are still around 65 degrees. On very cold days it’s around freezing at night, but during the day it quickly heats up again. Especially when the sun starts shining.

If you look at vloggers that live in Orlando you will see them walking around all wrapped up in winter. They have a thick coat on while it is 65 degrees outside. You pick out the tourists right away, they all wear shorts and t-shirts. Especially the people who – just like us – come from Northern Europe. For us 20 degrees is a nice summer day, people who come from Florida think it’s cold.

On warm days it’s best to stay out of the sun between 12 and 3pm. When you go to the Walt Disney World Parks between these two times try to stay out of the sun as much as possible and use a good sun block. Preferably with a high factor so you don’t get burned. Regularly go into a store to cool off and get enough drinks. At restaurants where you can buy cups of soda you can get free ice water. That saves a lot of money. It also keeps you well hydrated.

During hurricane season

From June to November it’s hurricane season in Walt Disney World. A while ago I already wrote an article about it. The weather in Walt Disney World is very unpredictable during this period. It also rains every day. Usually it is a short thunderstorm with a lot of water falling in a short time.

Are you going in this period? Then always bring an umbrella or poncho to the Disney Parks. When you see the sky getting dark and the first drops fall, find a place to hide as soon as possible. It can be quite raging and a lot of water falls in a short time. If you can’t take shelter in time you are really going to get soaked. On the other hand it is of course a nice way to cool off. As soon as the sun starts shining you’ll start to dry up again.

When a hurricane arrives Disney World and the local media keep a close eye on the path. If there is a chance that it goes in the direction of Orlando you will hear it everywhere! Last year I was in Walt Disney World just before Irma made landfall. When it became known that this hurricane was going to hit Walt Disney World, the number of visitors to the Parks decreased significantly. The locals stayed at home to prepare everything for the hurricane. Eventually it was announced that all 4 Disney Parks would close for a few days.

Are you in Walt Disney World when a hurricane hits? Then you are lucky, because this is one of the safest places to be. The buildings are very solid and built to withstand large hurricanes. Entertainment is provided in the hotels and there is plenty to drink.

Do you sleep in a Value of Moderate resort? Then you can’t reach the lobby and restaurants during a hurricane. You have to buy enough food and drinks in advance to get through the night/day, because you can’t leave your room. As soon as the hurricane is gone, Disney goes to work to clean everything up. The Parks then reopen after a few days and you won’t notice much of the forces of nature that have been going over the park.

What kind of clothes should you bring to Walt Disney World?

The type of clothing you should bring to Walt Disney World depends on the time of year. Are you going in the summer? Bring only t-shirts and shorts. It’s nice to always have a thin sweater with you. During the rain or in the shops/attractions it can cool down quite a bit. Then it’s nice if you can put on something warm. In addition, always bring swimwear, each hotel has a swimming pool and Disney World also has 2 water parks.

In the winter it is a bit colder but still comfortable. It is best to check the weather forecast in advance and adjust your suitcase contents accordingly. Temperatures in winter vary between 35 degrees at night and 65 degrees during the day. In the morning it is then quite chilly while there are summer temperatures during the day. So, on those days I would really bring a vest or a light jacket. Don’t forget your umbrella or poncho, you’re going to need them during the summer!

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