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What is there to do in Zandvoort by the sea?

Zandvoort is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the country. It is flooded with tourists every year and on very hot days or during a race it is almost impossible to get there.

I myself actually only come to Zandvoort for the circuit, although this year it’s different of course, but there’s a lot more to do. Would you like to go to Zandvoort aan Zee for a day? Then these are the things you can do and see there!

Where is Zandvoort? And how to get there?

Zandvoort is located along the North Sea, just above Amsterdam. It is very easy to reach by both car and public transport, although I would come by train on hot days or during a race weekend. The resort has its own train station and from here you can easily walk to the coast.

Parking is possible directly on the coastline. Here is a strip with many parking spaces. Also in the center are some parking spaces available. This number is very limited so get there early. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to park in the residential areas, this is for permit holders.

What is there to do?

This is mainly a seaside resort. That means a boulevard, beach restaurants and a spacious beach where you can lie on your own towel or rent a bed. Many people from the area go to the beach to cool off during the summer days. Because of this it can get really crowded.

On less tropical days you can still walk along the promenade or eat at one of the beach bars. Furthermore, the center consists of cozy shopping streets with authentic (sometimes somewhat touristy) stores.

Like in many other seaside resorts you can also go here for various water sports. You can take your own stuff or rent it from one of the rental companies.

To Circuit Park Zandvoort

In previous years I was in Zandvoort every year to attend a race. Just for the atmosphere, the fun and of course the cars. My favorite racing class at Zandvoort was the DTM, which is now held at Assen. But I’ve also sat here in an incredible downpour during the A1, a racing class that no longer exists.

Are you going to Formula 1 at Zandvoort, good luck… No, no kidding, I really hope that they will be able to control the traffic then, because even with the less popular race class DTM you had to be there early to get a spot.

Usually you can also buy a parking ticket with your entrance ticket to the races. This is valid for one of the parking spaces between Zandvoort and Bloemendaal. Usually if you drive in the direction of Zandvoort Centrum you can still find a spot, provided you’re early. But again, I’m very curious how they’re going to do it, I think we’ll see it next year.

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