What you must know about B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris!

by Bianca

A few weeks ago I spent a night at the B&B Hotel in Disneyland Paris. This is the cheapest Partner Hotel and beforehand I didn’t really know what to expect. The experience I had with 2-star hotels was not very good. Besides basic, most of the cheap hotels were not that fresh either. Therefore, I actually had a very strong, and negative opinion about this Hotel beforehand. But was it justified?

In this article, I will tell you all about the B&B Hotel near Disneyland Paris. More importantly, what is it like to be a guest there during your visit to Disneyland Paris? For example, how easy is it to get to the Parks? Is the free breakfast delicious? How spacious are the rooms? All the information I gathered during the short visit I will share with you.

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Distance B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris from the Parks

Disneyland Paris is a large resort that is built in a circle. You can see this best on Google Maps. Within the circle, you will find the two Disney theme parks, Disney Village and Disney Hotels. Most Partner Hotels are directly outside this circle. So is the B&B Disneyland Paris hotel. Because it is so close to Disneyland Paris, it is possible to walk over, but this will take about 45 minutes.

The route brings you to the Disney Hotel Santa Fe and from here you follow Disney hotel guests’ route to the Parks. Still, I would not recommend this. On an average day in the Disney parks, you will be walking more than enough, can you imagine walking back to your hotel with painful feet?

There is also a much better alternative. There is a free shuttle bus!

Taking the shuttle bus to the Disney Parks

The free shuttle bus of the B&B Disneyland Paris hotel stops outside the lobby. To get to the Parks, you only have to leave your hotel and wait for a maximum of 20 minutes for the bus. You will immediately see which bus to take and where to wait. It’s very simple and well organized.

During peak times, it can be quite busy. But usually, they run more buses to pick up the large amount of guests waiting. By the way, baby carriages and wheelchairs can be taken on board. But I can imagine that it is not very pleasant when the whole bus is full.

The bus drops you off at the entrance to Disney Village, this takes about 10 minutes. From here it’s just a 5-minute walk to the Disney Parks. The shuttle runs throughout the day. Usually starting one hour before park opening and the final bus departing around midnight.

The biggest drawback of this shuttle bus is its capacity. At peak times it is really crowded, and not everyone waiting will fit in the bus. Be prepared for some shoving and angry people. If you don’t like the thought of this, it is best to go by car (€30 parking fee per day) or try to avoid peak times.

You can also walk over to Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe and take their shuttle bus instead. That one is usually a bit less crowded.

The B&B Hotel at Disneyland Paris

Now we have covered some first practicalities, let’s take a look at the hotel.

Directions and parking

Parkeerterrein B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris
Parking area opposite the entrance

The hotel is conveniently located next to the Disneyland Paris resort. This means that there are several ways to reach the hotel. We usually go by car, but you can also go by train, bus or plane.

If you go by train, your destination will be the Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy station. A long name, but what it actually means is the Disneyland Paris train station. From here, you will walk over to the bus stop and take the same shuttle bus as mentioned above back to your hotel.

When you are travelling from the city of Paris this train station will also be your final destination. To get to Disneyland Paris from the city you take RER-A.

Finally, when travelling from the airport, you can take the train to the Marne-la-Vallee-Chessy station. This train ride will only take about 10 minutes. To find the quickest route you can use Google maps and have the airport as a starting point and Disneyland Paris as your destination.


Parking is easy in the large parking lot at the B&B Disneyland Paris hotel. It is free and when we were there during a busy weekend there was still enough space. From the parking lot you can easily walk to the entrance of the hotel. This is not very grand, but it is ok. (The reddish-brown roof in the middle of the picture is the entrance of the Hotel)

Check in and going to your room

Check-in was surprisingly quick. The check-in desk is on the right as you enter. After a few minutes, I was given a piece of paper with the code for my room on it. You won’t get a physical key, so make sure you take some pictures of that printout.

Also, the friendly desk clerk gave some more information about the Hotel, where the breakfast is located, where you can get something to eat in the evening and the times of the shuttle bus. After that, it was time to get to the room!

When you arrive at the room, you must type the code on the digital door handle. After this, your room will open. This is the code they give you during check-in on a piece of paper.

The room

Bedden B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

My first impression of the B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris room was that it was spacious. We had a family room. This type has 2 single beds and a double bed. The standard room only has a double bed. Good use is made of the available space. By putting the beds on either side against the wall you keep enough space in the middle for the kids to play. On each bed, there is clean white bedding and a bath towel. In the bathroom, there is another small towel that we used as a mat.


Badkamer B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

The bathroom is small and basic. Every inch is used. In the small space of 1.5m by 2m they got a toilet, sink with mirror and a bath tub. Above the bath is a showerhead.

The location of the shower head caused some funny situations as it’s located at about 1,70 meters above the tub. So, if you are, like me, taller than that you will need to do some bending to take a proper shower. Also, you can not adjust the angle of the showerhead, you just got to work with it.

The beds

Bedden B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris
Family room with 4 beds

The beds are comfortable. Next to the bed there is a small shelf with an electrical outlet. So each member of the family can charge their own phone. In addition to these power outlets, there is one in the bathroom and two more by the little table next to the double bed. Very strange, but this is also where the hairdryer is located, but I advise you to bring your own.

Free breakfast in the B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

Ontbijt B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris
Not much choice at breakfast

The B&B Hotel is not only the cheapest hotel near Disneyland Paris. It is also the only hotel where breakfast is included in the price. For a room you pay in high season about € 110. That is for 4 people including breakfast. In a Disney Hotel, you spend that amount just for breakfast….

The breakfast itself is very basic. There are croissants, bread, yogurt, fruit, scrambled eggs, and cold cuts. There are machines for coffee, tea and juice.

In the breakfast room, there are a lot of seats, but you don’t get assigned a spot. Would you like a particular table – by the window, for example? Then first pick a table and have someone from the group occupy it for you.

Because the weather was nice, we chose a table outside. You sit very pleasantly on the terrace and have a nice view of the green surroundings. At such a moment it is hard to imagine that you are sitting near a huge amusement park. On the picture below you can see the view we had from our table. A great place to eat your free breakfast, don’t you think?

Restaurant B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris
With nice weather you can also have breakfast outside

What I also found striking about the breakfast was that it was much less chaotic than in the Disney Hotels. If you walk into a breakfast room in, say, Hotel Cheyenne or Santa Fe it looks like a crowded bar, there is so much noise.

(This is also the case in the more expensive Disney Hotels, by the way…)

Maybe it was because we were sitting outside, but it all seemed a bit more peaceful. The croissant and orange juice tasted fine, by the way. The coffee and yogurt were also tasty. In the other hotels in the area, you have a bit more choice at breakfast, but for a free breakfast I’m not going to complain.


Store in the lobby

In the lobby of the B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris there is a small store. This one sells mainly Disney souvenirs. As you can see above they have, among other things, clothing, toys, and stuffed animals. You can also buy personal care products, in case you forgot to bring them from home.

The prices of the Disney products are the same as in the Parks. It’s especially helpful if you forgot a souvenir, and you’re about to go home. They might still sell them here!


Menu card restaurant

Every day, the B&B Hotel’s restaurant is open until 12 am. On the menu you will find mainly pizzas or pasta.

The prices are very reasonable, especially for a hotel near an amusement park. A pizza costs €12 a pasta €9.50. You can eat the meals in the restaurant or take them to your room.

In addition, in the bar of the Hotel, you can relax after a long day. They have beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. They even have champagne. With your drink, you can also order small bites. On the menu, you will find mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, garlic bread, peanuts, and Pringles.

Price B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

The B&B Hotel is the cheapest hotel near Disneyland Paris. With a little courage and good walking shoes, you could even walk there! Add to that the fact that you also get a free breakfast and it really is a very good deal.

The prices of the B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris start at €75 per night. This is for a double room, and includes the Disneyland Paris shuttle service and breakfast. A family room for 4 people will cost you about 90 euros per night.

Keep in mind though that this doesn’t include admission to the Disney Parks.

My experience with the B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris

This Hotel has surprised me in a positive way. Really! Normally I always went to the Kyriad – now Campanile – but on the recommendation of readers, I went to the B&B Hotel for the first time. And you were right. It is, in fact, a good hotel. The rooms are clean and spacious, the beds are fine, and the breakfast is good too. It’s not top luxury or huge, but you get good value for your money.

As I wrote at the beginning, I’m always a bit skeptical about two-star hotels because of my experiences. But here, there was nothing wrong with the cleanliness of the room. In fact, I thought the room looked cleaner than the Newport Bay Club hotel where I stayed the next few nights.

At breakfast, the options were quite limited. But personally, I was happy with a croissant, a glass of orange juice, and a cup of yogurt. My boyfriend – who likes an egg with his breakfast – was grumbling that the selection was limited. Men…

The shuttle bus ..

The only thing I did not like about this hotel is the shuttle bus. It gets so crowded and people get quite aggressive when trying to get on the bus. We decided to just take our car, or leave for the parks a bit later in the morning. Remember that you will have to pay for parking if you are not a Disneyland Paris annual passholder like us. Parking costs €30 and you have to pay everytime you enter the parking lot. So if you decide to take a break an drive back to your hotel, just know that you will have to pay again when returning to the parks. Then it’s best to leave your car at the parking lot and take the shuttle bus instead.

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