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Which Disneyland Paris hotels are open this summer?

by Bianca
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Disneyland Paris is reopening! Starting June 17th the two Disney Parks and the rides will again welcome guests, after a very long closure. Unfortunately, some of the hotels will remain closed this summer, but no worries, I will guide you through it. Telling you what the best options are and which hotel you should pick!

Which Disneyland Paris hotels are open this summer?

When Disneyland Paris opens on June 17th, only one of the hotels will reopen – Newport Bay Club. If you are planning on staying at the resort, this will be your only option.

Only for a week!

Because, on June 20th the next hotel will open – Hotel New York: Art of Marvel. This again is a 4 star hotel, quite expensive, however, completely new and the only Marvel hotel in the world. But if you are on a budget perhaps not the best options.

For a budget hotel to reopen you’ll have to wait until July 1st, when Hotel Cheyenne will reopen for guests. Finally, on July 13th the last accommodation will reopen, Disney’s Davy Crockett ranch. This is not a hotel, neither is it on Disneyland Paris property, but it is owned by Disney and you have cosy cabins you can stay in instead of a hotel room.

So, this summer your options of Disneyland Paris hotels are:

  • Newport Bay Club
  • Hotel New York: Art of Marvel
  • Hotel Cheyenne
  • Davy Crockett Ranch

There are however a few other options!

Partner and Area hotels

In the surrounding area of Disneyland Paris there are many hotels that will, fortunately, open in mid June. Some of those are budget hotels, so even though you won’t be able to afford the Newport Bay Club rooms, you are still able to visit Disneyland Paris.

The Partner Hotels are the hotels closest to Disneyland Paris, just a 10 minute ride with the free bus service. Those busses depart every 20 minutes and will take you to the entrance of Disney Village.

The prices of these hotels are usually lower, even for the 4 star hotels, but make sure that those prices include tickets. Otherwise you’ll have to add up those costs to the total. This is also the case when you decide not to take the bus, but your car. Then you will have to pay for parking which is €30 per day.

It is possible to walk from the Partner Hotels to the parks, but this takes about 40 minutes, and isn’s something you will see people do often.

Other hotels in the Disneyland Paris are located near the Val d’Europe Mall. When I visit Disneyland Paris this is usually the area I am staying in. Not only are the hotels cheaper, it’s usually a shorter walk then the hotels that are on property. Plus, in the morning you can get your breakfast at a real French bakery, where it smells so good!

For me that’s usually the way to go, considering the lower prices and the distance to the parks this is usually a no brainer.

Which hotel should you choose?

Are you going to Disneyland Paris this summer, and are you not sure which one to choose? Then these are your options.

Low budget

There are two options if you want to stay at a low budget hotel this summer. The first is Hotel Cheyenne, which will be open starting July 1st. Before that date no low budget hotels are available, at least on Disney property.

Your other best bet are the Partner and Area hotels. My favourites for a very low cost stay at Disneyland Paris are the B&B hotel and Hi-Park by Adagio. The first only charges about €75 a night for a room sleeping up to 4 people. The latter is also very cheap, plus it’s only a 12 minute (I timed it!) walk away from Disneyland Paris.

To compare, that’s also the distance from Newport Bay Club or Hotel New York: Art of Marvel, which are way more expensive.

On Disneyland Paris property

Here you don’t have a lot of options, especially when arriving in June.

If you want to stay on Disneyland Paris property this summer, I would definitely advise you to stay at Hotel New York. This is the first Marvel Hotel in the world, and it consists of thousands of pieces of art created by real Marvel artist.

The hotel will reopen on June 21st after a thorough renovation, and it looks amazing! It is expensive however!

A more low budget option would be Hotel Cheyenne, opening July 1st.

If you prefer staying in a cabin, the Davy Crockett Ranch will reopen on July 13th. However, you do need a car if you decide on staying here, as this campsite is located of Disney property – it is owned by Disney -, and it doesn’t offer any bus services.

Keep in mind that ride shares are not really a thing in Disneyland Paris, so when staying at a accommodation that doesn’t offer a bus service, you will need to walk (which is not possible for Davy Crockett Ranch as you have to cross a highway) or take an expensive taxi from your hotel to the parks.

With a swimming pool

Summers in Disneyland Paris can be extremely warm. The last two summers I visited Disneyland Paris in both July and August and it was 38 degrees Celsius, or 100 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s very warm.

So, on those warm days it’s nice to return to your hotel, and cool off in the swimming pool. Not every hotel at Disneyland Paris offers a swimming pool. But Newport Bay Club definitely has the nicest one. The have both an indoor and an outdoor pool, really nice on hot days.

Hotel New York: Art of Marvel has an indoor pool as well, which is still very refreshing on warm days. The only Partner Hotels offering a pool are the Explorer’s Hotel and the Dream Castle Hotel. Also, my favourite, the Hi-Park by Adagio offers a large outdoor pool, which can get very crowded.

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