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6 Things I love about Phantasialand and why you should visit!

by Bianca
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Phantasialand is a theme park in the North West of Germany. It’s a rather small park, but it’s completely stuffed with rides. And some of the best in the whole of Europe. But that’s only one reason why it’s one of my two – the other is Europa-Park – favorite theme parks in Germany.

If you are planning on visiting Phantasialand, then what are you waiting for. You are definitely going to have an amazing. Not sure if Phantasialand is something for you? Then let me tell you why you should go!

Phantasialand, and the 6 reasons why I love it!

My first visit to Phantasialand was in 2018. To give you an idea, I have been going to Disneyland Paris since 1993, and that park is about twice the distance away from my home. I even went to Europa-Park before every going to Phantasialand, and even that park was much further away.

Why I waited so long to visit this theme park? Not knowing what to expect, really.

Before visiting, I thought it was just another theme park with a few rollercoasters, dark rides, nothing out of the ordinary. And definitely not as exciting as Europa-Park, which is owned by a ride manufacturer, at least that is what I thought.

Finally, I decided to go to Phantasialand after seeing a ride video of Taron, the best best best rollercoaster in Phantasialand. Seeing that video made me want to visit the theme park. And then our local supermarket chain had a great promotion, and I was able to get the tickets for 50% off. Then we had no reason not to visit the park, we did, and I loved it!

You’ll love it too, no worries. Want to know what I really enjoyed? These are the 6 things I love about Phantasialand.

1. Their rollercoasters are amazing!

Did I mention Taron already :)? Just joking! It was the first ride I went to after entering the park. While waiting in line, I could hear the screams, and you could actually hear the launch of the ride. It was so exciting.

But did it live up to the hype? Yes, it certainly did. Once you are launched, this coaster is on. Full speed, tight corners, and when the vehicle slows down, there is a second launch propelling you back to the higher speeds.

It was so much fun that, when exiting the ride, I walked back in again to experience it for a second time. After that, we took a break and went on one of their other roller coasters: Raik. Not as exciting, but still fun.

Besides Taron and Raik, there are other amazing roller coasters in the park. Like F.L.Y., Crazy Bats, and Winja’s Fear and Force. If you are a roller coaster enthusiast, this is the park for you!

And even if you’re not, there are still a lot of rides to choose from!

2. Phantasialand has so many rides!

Even without the roller coasters there is still so much to see and do. If you are a fan of thrill rides, then you should visit the Mystery Tower. Which is basically an indoor drop tower in the complete dark, quite scary.

Another, less thrilling but fun, ride is Mouse au Chocolate. This is an indoor dark ride and game. Here you need to virtually shoot whipped cream and mice to scare them away from the kitchen. Yes, I know it sounds silly, it kinda is, but it was hilarious.

And there are so much more. There are family rides, rides for young children. Oh, and did I mention their two amazing water rides?

3. Chiapas is the best-themed log flume ride you’ll ever see

Chiapas is probably the best water ride in Europe. At least it’s the best-themed one. It’s a log flume ride with a Mexican theme. It will take you forwards, backward, and it will make you dance or at least tap your feet at some point.

It sounds fun, of course, but the three drops will make it an exhilarating ride. Especially, the last drop is quite scary but makes me smile every time.

The ride will make you wet, so don’t ride it during the wintertime or on cold days. But during a hot summer day, this is one of the most popular rides in the park, and for a good reason.

4. The park and rides are well themed

Just like Chiapas, the other rides and areas in the park are all themed and beautiful. Personally, I really like it if theme parks invest in great theming. It makes the experience more immersive.

Also, it gives the theme park a more luxurious feeling. You can see what you are paying for.

Like I wrote, tickets aren’t cheap; they cost about the same as Disneyland Paris offseason tickets, so I have high expectations for that amount. Phantasialand certainly lived up to that, and for me, the combination of rides and the theming made it definitely worth going.

5. Low crowds on offseason weekdays

Phantasialand can get very crowded. Especially during peak season and on the weekends. We went on a weekday in September, and there were hardly any crowds.

We had to wait only for the most popular rides; the others were all walkons. The fact that a theme park can still have off days where you can quietly enjoy all the rides is not something I’m used to as a frequent visitor of Disneyland Paris. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved it. We were bouncing around the park, in between rides, and even did a few multiple times.

If you can choose when to visit, I would definitely say during weekdays in the offseason. You are going to love it!

6. The food was great

Usually, theme park food is not that interesting, mainly high-fat foods like fries and burgers. But what I really loved about Phantasialand is that they offered other food options as well.

One of the things I got, yes I know still not healthy, was a typical German Bratwurst, and it tasted so good. Just at a little mustard, and you have a very filling meal, at least for lunch.

We also enjoyed some of the Chinese food offerings and some of the items on the African menu. To finish our food adventure, we had some freshly brewed coffee and a German pastry. That’s the only thing I didn’t enjoy, the pastry, as they tend to be a bit dryer in Germany.

Are the food options the best or most healthy you can get? No, it’s still theme park food. But I love that they give you multiple options other than hamburgers and fries.

Still not convinced? Stay tuned for our series on Phantasialand, where we will discuss the best rides, best hotel, how many days you should go, where to stay, and a bit more about crowds.

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