What are the best theme parks in Germany?

Germany is perhaps one of the best countries in Europe to go to if you like theme parks. The country has several of them, and almost all are of a very high standard. We are lucky to live near Germany and have easy access to theme parks. But are you going to Germany for an amusement park holiday or want to visit one of the best amusement parks in Germany during your holiday? Then let me help you find your best option!

The biggest and most popular


The biggest amusement park in Germany is Europa-Park. This theme park is located in the Black Forest and is run by attraction manufacturer Mack. The park has over 100 attractions for guests of all ages, but it is known for its thrill rides and rollercoasters. The attractions are each located in a themed area based on a European country. In addition to attractions, you will also find restaurants and shops with products matching that country/theme. So you don’t just visit an amusement park; you go on a European journey! Surrounding the theme park are the Europa-Park Hotels, each with its own theme, and Rulantica, a water park with pools, slides and a lazy river. 


Phantasialand is the next amusement park in Germany on our list that will be familiar to most of you. Although this is an amusement park for the whole family, you want to go here because of the roller coasters! F.L.Y., Black Mamba, Taron and Raik are all roller coasters you don’t want to miss. And do you want to enjoy the parks a little bit longer? Then stay in one of the three Phantasialand Hotels adjacent to the amusement park. In Hotel Charles Lindbergh, you can even book an immersive experience, including meals and exclusive access to the attraction F.L.Y.

Movie Park Germany

At Movie Park Germany, you’ll find mostly thrill rides and attractions for young children; there are hardly any attractions in between. The park is also known for its big Halloween celebration, where parts of the park are transformed into scare zones, and actors will scare the crap out of you in haunted houses. 

Heide Park

In the north of Germany, you will find two theme parks that are definitely worth a visit. First, Heide Park has one of the best roller coasters in Europe, according to us and other thrillseekers. Collossos: Battle of the Giants is a wooden rollercoaster that takes you through sharp turns and deep drops at 110 km/h. By far our favourite ride in this park. The other amusement park in northern Germany is Hansa Park, with 125 rides and attractions. The park is located by the sea, which makes it perfect to combine a visit to the park with a beach holiday. 

Holiday Park

The last big amusement park in Germany is Holiday Park. Here you won’t find scary roller coasters and haunted houses but child-friendly attractions for the little ones. There is even a water park with slides to cool down in summer. 

Other theme parks in Germany

Germany has many more amusement parks scattered across the country. There are roughly too many to mention. Amusement parks like Wunderland Kalkar, where you stay all-inclusive, including food and drinks, or Eifelpark, where you can watch wildlife and go on rides. 

Other theme parks include Legoland Germany, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, with more than 100 attractions and Belantis, a beautiful amusement park in the east of the country. 

In every region of Germany, you will find an amusement park worth visiting when you are on holiday nearby. If you would like to travel to Germany just to experience the theme parks, there is one you don’t want to miss!

Which parks are suitable for an amusement park holiday?

Do you love theme parks, and do you enjoy travelling to parks worldwide?

Then there is really only one park in Germany where you should go: Europa-Park! We enjoy visiting theme parks and drove from The Netherlands just to visit this park. That seems like a short distance, but it was actually a 6-hour drive for us. During the three days we spent here, we enjoyed every minute. There are so many attractions that one day is simply not enough. Then there are the restaurants, like the Rollercoaster Restaurant FoodLoop, where your food is not brought to your table but comes to your table on rollercoaster rails at lightning speed. And finally, the hotels. We stayed at Hotel Colosseo and swam with views of the Colosseum. In the evening, live music was in the main square, and you could enjoy fresh scooped ice cream. 

To conclude, are you looking for a destination for an amusement park holiday in Germany? Then be sure to visit Europa Park. And are you going on holiday to Germany and would like to visit an amusement park? Then visit one of the other theme parks on this list. 

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