Disney Hotel Cheyenne at Disneyland Paris

Hotel Cheyenne is perhaps the nicest hotel in Disneyland Paris. And the most inexpensive! Because of all Disney Hotels, you pay the least for this one. That’s crazy because it has the best theme of all, especially for children.

It is also not a standard hotel but a cowboy village. The rooms are scattered around this village in low, 2-story buildings. In the middle of the village, you’ll find the saloon and bank – this is where the restaurants, bar, reception, and store are located. There is also a Starbucks in the hotel. Here you can get coffee and other drinks throughout the day and various snacks and sandwiches.

You may now be wondering if this is such a nice hotel with all these facilities….why is it so cheap? It’s because of its location!

Where is the Hotel Cheyenne located?

This hotel is within walking distance of the theme parks of Disneyland Paris. At about a 20 minutes walk. You walk along the water, so it is not an unpleasant trip. But, of course, it’s a bit longer than from the other Disney Hotels – Hotel Santa Fe excepted, which is just as far away. Partly because of this, you pay much less for a room in Hotel Cheyenne than in the other hotels.

If you do not feel like walking, you can take the free shuttle bus. It runs every 20 minutes, stops in front of the reception, and drops you off near the Disney Parks. Then it really doesn’t matter Hotel Cheyenne is a little further away from the parks; with the shuttle, it’s just as easy to get to the parks. And you pay a lot less for your room!

Getting to the hotel

You can easily reach Hotel Cheyenne by car or train.

If you are going by car, put the following address in your navigation:

Rue du Bœuf Agile, 77700 Coupvray, France

This will take you to the entrance of the parking lot. Parking is free and only accessible to hotel guests. So make sure you have something to hand to show that you are staying there. This does not have to be a printout; showing your booking on your phone is sufficient.

You can also reach the hotel by train. First, you go to Disneyland Paris station either from the city of Paris, the airport or any other train station. From here you can take the shuttle bus to your hotel or walk. Whatever you feel like doing. Walking takes about 15 minutes, and it’s an easy route through Disney Village and past the other Disney Hotels.

If you prefer the shuttle bus, you can find the stop right next to the train station. From here, the bus departs every 20 minutes, and it will take you straight to the entrance of Hotel Cheyenne.

Check in

Above you see the reception of Hotel Cheyenne. Here you check-in and receive all the necessary documents for your stay, including park passes. In the same building, you will also find a Starbucks, a restaurant, and a shop.

When I was there during the summer, it was scorching outside(38 degrees Celsius). Fortunately, there is air conditioning inside, and they did put out some complimentary water, so you could drink enough even while checking in.

You can also check-in online at Disneyland Paris. You do this through the Disneyland Paris app. After you have paid for your stay, you can link your booking to the app and check in. You still have to go to the desk for your MagicPass tickets. With these, you can open your hotel room, among other things.

The rooms

The rooms in the hotel are for a maximum of 4 people and are spread across the buildings. As you can see, the rooms have a cowboy theme. And not just any cowboy. No! You can see Jessie and Woody from Toy Story above the beds and on the lamp if you look closely. The curtains have the same pattern as his shirt. Very cute!

You can choose from various room types. The standard room looks like the one above or has 2 double beds. You can choose a standard location, a room near the river (the shortest route to the Disney Parks), or the reception and restaurants.

Personally, I would go for the rooms by the river. Nice and close to the walking route to the Parks.

Restaurants in Hotel Cheyenne

Even if you are not staying in this hotel, I have a great tip for you. Hotel Cheyenne has a very affordable buffet restaurant. For € 31.99, including 1 drink for adults and € 17.99 for children, they offer a meal to all you care to enjoy. This makes it the cheapest buffet restaurant in Disneyland Paris.

Breakfast is served in the same restaurant. This is not included with your stay. You can book this when booking your stay, or sometimes you get it for free during an offer. Breakfast consists of rolls, eggs, English breakfast, and various cheese, meats, and spreads. There are also yogurts and cereals.

If you are staying in other hotels, it’s also possible to have breakfast here. You will get almost the same breakfast as other Disney Hotels but for about €10 per person less. So keep that in mind if you want to save some money!


In the reception building, there is a small store between the check-in and the Starbucks. Here you can purchase various Disney souvenirs, as well as toiletries you may have forgotten at home. They also sell snacks and drinks. It’s usually not that busy here, so you can quickly grab a bottle here before you start your park day.

Some hotels have their own specific merchandise that can only be bought at the stores in the hotels. Hotel Cheyenne is no exception, so be on the lookout for some exclusive souvenirs.

Pony riding

The last nice thing about this hotel is the possibility for children to do a pony ride. Of course, under the supervision and not that adventurous, but still fun, especially for first-time riders. The ponies are located near the exit of the main building on the side of the hotel rooms. This is not their permanent home, so don’t worry about that. They are well taken care of.

Tickets you get in the store in the main building. The cost is €6 per person. Pony riding is only available to anyone smaller than 1m55.

Pony riding at Hotel Cheyenne is meant for small children who want to do their first introductory round on the back of a pony. There is always someone walking alongside, holding the reins for you. Besides, these ponies are so sweet that you can’t expect much action from them.

As you can see in the picture above, you can ride the ponies every day between 8:30 and 11:30. This does depend on the weather conditions.

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