Disney Newport Bay Club: 4 things you need to know before booking!

Disney Newport Bay Club has always been one of my favourite hotels. It is such a beautiful hotel, and it’s the first one you see when you arrive at Disneyland Paris by car. Growing up, we usually stayed here, so I have lots of great memories. And this hotel has by far the best pool (not taking the one in Davy Crockett Ranch into account).

Before you book your stay at this hotel, let me share some of my experiences and tips so you can pick the best hotel for you.

The hotel is very big

Like huge! Last year I stayed in one of the rooms that were further away from the lobby, and it was a 10-minute walk. That’s how big this hotel is. To get to your room, you will pass multiple hallways before finally arriving at your door, which isn’t great after a long day and 20.000 steps in the parks.

If this doesn’t sound like fun, which it isn’t, then make sure to book a room that is close to the elevators. Those are located near the lobby and the walkway to the parks. That will save you some additional walking once you reach your hotel.

Another thing to look out for is special deals by third parties. They usually make a group booking which means they buy multiple rooms at once. Usually, those are the rooms for business travellers located the farthest away from the lobby. That was one of the rooms I got last year, overlooking a maintenance section of the hotel.

If you don’t mind, then you can save a lot of money on your stay; in the end, it all depends on your expectations.

It has the best pool

What I absolutely love about Disney Newport Bay Club is the pool. The hotel has a large indoor pool and a smaller outdoor section with sunbeds and umbrellas. It’s the perfect hotel to stay in during the summer months, and there is even a hot tub and a shallow pool for little ones who can’t swim.

The pool is only accessible to hotel guests and is open daily from 7 am to 10 pm. During those times, there is a lifeguard on duty but always keep an eye on your little ones.

Next to the pool, there is a pretty big gym with lots of equipment, and there is even a sauna if you need a bit more relaxation.

Disney Newport Bay Club has its own pathway to the parks

This one is a big timesaver and one of the reasons why we book this hotel during peak season. To get from your hotel to the Disney Parks, you will follow a walkway around the lake to Disney Village.

Always take the left walkway when you are facing the lake from the hotel. Why? Because to get into Disney Village, you will need to go through security. Every person and every bag will be checked, which can take time, especially when the parks are about to open.

The thing is, though, the walkway on the left has its own security, so there will only be guests of Disney Newport Bay Club using it. While guests of the other hotels will go through another checkpoint near Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel, resulting in very long queues.

This is a little unknown bonus and one of the reasons why we pick this hotel.

Not really a 4-star hotel except for the Compass Club

Compass Club room in Disney Newport Bay Club

Disney Newport Bay Club is advertised as a luxury 4-star resort, but it doesn’t feel that way. The rooms are pretty spacious and nicely themed with Mickey Mouse decorations, but it’s not what you expect from a 4-star resort.

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, then you might want to consider the Compass Club. This is a separate section of the hotel located on the top floors, where you will truly get the 4-star experience.

We stayed there in November of 2022, and it was perfect! The rooms are so nicely themed, there is a turndown service where they place chocolate on your pillow, and you can even access a private lounge for breakfast, drinks, and snacks. Our room even had a balcony which we didn’t use much because it was actually freezing cold, but we can imagine it would be lovely during the warmer months.

So, if luxury is what you are looking for, then definitely stay at the Compass Club!

Overall, we absolutely enjoy staying in this hotel but have learnt to always ask for a room near the reception or elevators. If you have some extra money to spend, then definitely check out the Compass Club; we loved it. And if you have any questions, just send me a message, I’m happy to help!

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