Disney Hotel Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris

Staying in one of the Disney Hotels in Disneyland Paris makes your visit even more magical and convenient because all six are within walking distance of the parks. Disney Hotel Santa Fe is the cheapest, making it a popular choice for budget-conscious travellers. We’ve visited this hotel multiple times and can tell you everything about its location, rooms, amenities, and more!

About Disney Hotel Santa Fe 

Disney Hotel Santa Fe buildings

Disney Hotel Santa Fe is a 2-star hotel on the Disneyland Paris resort. It comprises a large main building and several blocks of 5-story buildings spread over the resort. When booking, you can decide on a room near the river, which is also the walking path to the parks, or the main building with the restaurant, shop, and bar. 

The hotel is a 20-minute walk from both Disney Parks. There is also a free shuttle bus that will take you from the main building of the hotel to the entrance of the parks, and the train station, in less than 10 minutes. This bus runs throughout the day, about every 20 minutes, and is wheelchair and stroller friendly. 

All Disney Hotels have a specific theme; for Hotel Santa Fe this is Route 66, and the film Cars. On the outside, the buildings are not very magical and are even a bit bland. The rooms make up for it, as they have fun details like Cars characters.


Family room at Disney Hotel Santa Fe

There are three types of rooms in this hotel:

  • Standard room
  • Family room
  • Disabled room

The standard room houses up to 4 people and can be either near the river, the main building or somewhere in between. They are located in smaller buildings with up to 5 floors. There is an elevator, but if possible, try asking for a room on one of the lower floors as the elevators can be quite crowded with long waits in the morning and evening. 

In the room, there is a small bathroom with a toilet, bath tub with shower, and sink. There are some toiletries, like shampoo, body lotion, and shower gel, that are restocked daily. 

The room also has a closet space with a safe and a fan to cool you down on a hot day. Disney Hotel Santa Fe is the only Disney Hotel that doesn’t offer air conditioning in the rooms, so keep that in mind when booking your summer holiday. 

Family rooms are a bit larger and can sleep up to five people, they consist of two connected rooms, each with a Queen size bed and a sofa that sleeps one. The disability rooms are like the family rooms but with a wheelchair-friendly bathroom. 

Things to do in Disney Hotel Santa Fe

When visiting Disneyland Paris, you will probably spend most of your time in the parks or Disney Village. If you also plan on spending a lot of time at the hotel, Disney Hotel Santa Fe might not be the best fit. 

In the main building, there is a restaurant called La Cantina that serves tex mex food. There is also a bar called the Rio Grande Bar, with a nice selection of spirits, beer and wine. You can also get coffee and pastries at Starbucks, and there is a shop that sells Disney souvenirs and some toiletries.

Other hotel facilities include Disney Character meetings, Wifi, luggage storage, and free parking. As a guest of a Disney Hotel, you can also use Extra Magic Time, which grants you early access to the parks. 

Pros and cons of staying at this hotel

Outside of building

If you are planning your stay, there are some things you need to know before deciding on this hotel. Let’s first look at the pros.


  • Disney-themed rooms 
  • Located on the Disneyland Paris resort within walking distance of the theme parks
  • Early access to the parks and popular rides during Extra Magic Time
  • Character meetings in the lobby
  • Complimentary shuttle bus between the hotel, parks, and train station
  • Cheapest Disney Hotel


  • No airconditioning in the rooms
  • Buildings are bland compared to the other Disney Hotels
  • The Cars theme is not for everyone
  • Other hotels outside the resort offer more luxury, like a pool and larger rooms, for the same price

The main reason for staying at this hotel is the price. You get the same benefits as the other Disney Hotels without breaking the bank. Disney Hotel Santa Fe is also one of the few Disneyland Paris Hotels offering family rooms. At the other hotels, you must book two rooms when you are travelling with more than four people or want extra space. 

Another reason to stay at this hotel is if you have little ones that are crazy about the Disney Pixar film Cars. The room has Cars characters on the wallpaper, bedspread, and even on the toiletries in the bathroom. If your little ones love this film, it’s the best place to stay. 

How much does a stay cost at this hotel?

Inside the lobby

Prices start at about £300 per person per night for a standard room with access to both Disney Parks for two days. Breakfast is optional and can be added for £19 per adult or £12 per child. You can also book half-board or even full-board, including breakfast and one or two additional meals per day. This can be a good deal when you plan to eat at the table service or buffet restaurants at Disneyland Paris. 

Half board can be added for £45 for adults and £27 for children. Fullboard will cost £63 for adults and £36 for kids. Both are the prices you pay per person per night of your stay. 

Booking a room at Disney Hotel Santa Fe without park tickets is also possible. Usually, this is not the best deal, but it can be convenient when you have a Disneyland Paris Annual Pass or are gifted tickets and are only looking for a place to stay. If you have an Annual Pass, you can book rooms without tickets by calling Disneyland Paris, and if you don’t have an Annual Pass, you can book rooms at third-party booking websites. 

Alternatives to Disney Hotel Santa Fe

One of the best alternatives to Disney Hotel Santa Fe is Disney Hotel Cheyenne. This hotel is located next door and is built like a western village. It’s a really cute hotel with lots of room for little ones to roam around. Staying at this hotel is slightly more expensive than Hotel Santa Fe, but you get Toy Story-themed rooms with air conditioning. And this hotel even offers family rooms. 

Another alternative is B&B Hotel Disneyland Paris. This is an official Partner Hotel just outside the resort, which means there is a free shuttle to the parks, among other things. Rooms at this hotel start at under €100 per night, and breakfast is included. This hotel also has family rooms for up to six people. But keep in mind that you do have to book your Disneyland Paris tickets separately.

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