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Shows and parades in Disneyland Paris are an important part of your day. When the lines are too long or when you don’t feel like doing an attraction.

In the Disneyland Paris app, you can see exactly what entertainment you can expect that day. So, you can easily plan your day around these shows and parades

Now I can hear you think, a show or parade, is that not a waste of time? I understand that very well, I myself do not always have the patience for the entertainment offerings. But the shows and parades in Disneyland Paris are of a different level than in other theme parks.

Plus for kids, it’s the easiest way to see their favorite Disney characters live. And for fans of musicals, there’s even a Broadway-worthy Lion King Show

What shows are there at Disneyland Paris?

Shows and parades in Disneyland Paris

At the time of writing, there are a number of shows at Disneyland Paris. Entertainment offerings can change so always check at the beginning of your day what time shows and parades are held and where you can find them in the Disney Parks

Shows in the Disneyland Park

First, the Lion King Show: Rhythms of the Pride Lands. This is the Broadway-worthy show I wrote about above. This show tells the story of the movie through familiar songs. You’ll find yourself singing along happily at times, but there’s definitely room for some tears as well. You will find this show in Frontierland in the Disneyland Park.

An impressive show that often fills up quickly. To make sure you can see the show, you can reserve guaranteed seats in advance for € 15 per person.

You can reserve your guaranteed seats for the Lion King Show here.

The other daytime show at Disneyland Paris was developed especially for the 30th anniversary of the theme park. This show is called Dream and Shine Brighter. In this show, the well-known Disney characters pass by in outfits designed especially for the 30th anniversary. And of course, there is lots of music and dance, a happy show for the whole family.

For the last two shows in the Disneyland Park, you must be at the castle at the end of the day. Then Disney D-Light is held with afterward Disney Illuminations. These are wonderful shows full of drones, special effects, light shows, and fireworks. Beautiful and the perfect end to a Disney day

Just make sure you find a spot in time, because everyone wants the best view, of course.

Shows in the Walt Disney Studios Park

For shows, you should definitely also be in the Walt Disney Studios Park. In this park, you will find the popular Frozen show, with of course all the beloved characters and the famous singalongs from the movies. This is also a popular show that fills up quickly, so make sure you are there well in advance.

Another show is the Disney Junior Dream Factory. In this show, aimed at young children, Mickey and Minnie take you to the Dream Factory where dreams are made. During the show, of course, all sorts of things go wrong, and the children will have to help to keep things on track. They do not do this alone, also Disney Junior characters like Fancy Nancy and Vampirina pass by.

Parades in Disneyland Paris

Shows and parades in Disneyland Paris

Currently, there is only one parade in Disneyland Paris. This one is called the Disney Stars on Parade. This parade travels from Fantasyland to Main Street. Along the entire route, you can find a spot to watch this parade.

Disney Stars on Parade consists of several floats full of Disney characters. This is a whole other level than the floats that you may have seen before. Really beautifully made with moving components that fit the characters on it.

Between the floats there are even more Disney characters, and there are happy dancers who provide a magical atmosphere.

The parade is highly recommended for children who want to see their favorite Disney character in real life. What could be more special than one of the princesses waving at you? Certainly at a young age, a truly magical experience.

Other entertainment in Disneyland Paris

Shows and parades in Disneyland Paris

In addition to the shows and parades in Disneyland Paris, there is other entertainment as well. You can have your picture taken with your favorite Disney, Star Wars, or Marvel character in many places throughout the parks.

Characters you can currently have your picture taken with are:

  • Olaf from Frozen
  • Baloo from Jungle Book
  • Pinocchio
  • Tigger, Eeyore or Pooh
  • Woody from Toy Story
  • Various Disney princesses
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Darth Vader from Star Wars
  • Thor from the Marvel Universe

The photo spots have a certain theme to which several figures can belong. Therefore, you may sometimes have to wait a while for your favorite. Or you can have your picture taken with everyone!

Christmas and Halloween shows and parades

Halloween and Christmas in Disneyland Paris are always an extra special time. Then there is special entertainment in the form of unique shows, parades, and encounters with Disney characters.

The Halloween parade is based on autumn, with lots of pumpkins. The Christmas parade in Disneyland Paris has your favorite characters in winter clothing and of course Santa Claus. During Halloween, the Disney villains walk around the park and there are special shows with them in it.

While during Christmas, the shows are very atmospheric and cozy. And bring you in the holiday spirit.