What is the most fun Disneyland Paris theme park? Especially, when you only go for 1 day?

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I get this question quite often. I understand why, because you do not often go to an theme park with 2 parks. Especially when you only have 1 day, you want to get everything out of your Disneyland Paris stay. Therefore, I answer the question below what the best Disneyland Paris theme park is and which one you should choose if you only go one day.

First, let’s look at the two theme parks: the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Disneyland Park

Disneyland Park is the theme park with the pink castle you know from the pictures and commercials. Here you’ll find more than 30 attractions for all ages. From roller coasters and other thrillrides, to quiet boat rides and rides for the little ones.

This is the original fairy tale park as Walt Disney envisioned it years ago. And therefore also resembles the original Disneyland in California.

Disneyland Park consists of 5 themed areas, also called lands. Each of these lands have their own attractions that fit that theme. Frontierland, for example, is an abandoned mining town with a haunted house and a runaway mine cart. Big Thunder Mountain, as that mine cart is called, is my favorite roller coaster in Disneyland Paris and a must-do during any visit.

Fantasyland is the land with fairy tales and princesses. The best way to get here is to walk under the castle towards the magical music. This is the land where you can fly with Dumbo and Peter Pan.

Not your cup of tea? Then go to the Pinocchio or Snow White attraction, they are scarier than you think!

In this park you will also find one of the scariest roller coasters of Disneyland Paris: HyperSpace Mountain. A roller coaster where you are shot to space in a huge cannon. Then you end up in the Star Wars universe, in the middle of a space battle.

Now, you probably are thinking that Disneyland Park is the best option, but how about Walt Disney Studios Park?

Walt Disney Studios Park

The Walt Disney Studios Park is the second theme park of Disneyland Paris. And totally different from the Disneyland Park.

This amusement park is in fact built like a movie studio with a number of show buildings. A little less magical for young children, but more appealing to older children.

In the Walt Disney Studios Park you will find the most popular attraction in all of Disneyland Paris namely Crush’s Coaster. This is a roller coaster in the dark where you will meet some characters from Finding Nemo. Not going to spoil the best part, but it’s wild!

Other attractions in this park include the Tower of Terror, where you fall down 13 floors in an elevator. And Ratatouille, where you become part of the movie and some of the iconic scenes.

A new Cars attraction was recently added to Walt Disney Studios Park and a Marvel section will soon be added.

What is the best park in Disneyland Paris? Especially, if you only go for 1 day?

For most people, I would recommend buying a ticket for both Disney Parks. They both have their own charm.

The Disneyland Park has the most rides and of course the pink castle. The Studios have a number of thrillrides that you really shouldn’t miss either.

If I had to choose between the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park I would choose the Disneyland Park.


The Disneyland Park has considerably more attractions. This is really an amusement park where you will be entertained the entire day. In the Walt Disney Studios Park you might get bored faster, especially if you do not like thrillrides. For families with young children there is little to do in the Studios Park, so I would definitely recommend a visit to the Disneyland Park.

So if you are only going for a day and want to visit only one theme park, choose the Disneyland Park.

Do you have a little more time or budget? Then I would visit both Disney theme parks. That way you get the most out of your visit and don’t have to miss an attraction or show!

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