10 Gorgeous Places to Visit in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, which is bisected by the Vltava River, is a popular travel destination. The mixed cultures, fancy castles, and ancient buildings of this city call the travellers to indulge in a new experience of history and traditions.

Prague is a city full of surprises that will give you an opportunity to explore the best of history and architecture by visiting colourful ancient buildings, gothic churches, and so much more. My family decided to visit this amazing city this year, and we absolutely enjoyed our stay there.

Some insider tips, along with ideas for creating a perfect itinerary for your trip to this wonderful city, Prague, are mentioned below. Let’s delve right into it and help you learn all about the capital of the Czech Republic while guiding you to visit the most gorgeous places in this city.

Where is Prague Located?

Prague is one of the most popular cities in the Czech Republic, with some of the most amazing places to explore, including the popular castles, cathedrals, and ancient town squares. This capital city hosts more than eight million people every year. So, you have to keep that in mind while visiting.

Prague is precisely located in central Europe and in the northeastern part of the Czech Republic. This beautiful city is a work of art that gives you the opportunity to explore the best of history with a modern touch. The welcoming and hospitable vibe of this city attracts tourists and encourages them to explore more.

If you are planning on visiting this city with your family, keep reading the article and find out about the best of Prague.

What is the Best Time to Visit Prague?

Prague is one of those cities of the Czech Republic that only receives sunlight or high temperatures in certain seasons, which also might feel a little colder to people who are traveling from hotter climate regions. If you want to avoid the extreme cold temperatures of this city, you can visit Prague during summer vacations, which means from the month of May to August.

However, the best time to visit this fascinating city is between September to the start of November. During this time, the popular places are less crowded and give you the opportunity to explore this amazing city easily. The temperature during this period might be more than your predictions, but it isn’t freezing cold, and you can still visit all the amazing places in Prague.

How to Get to Prague?

What is the best way to get to Prague or how to get to Prague are some of the most commonly asked questions. However, their answers are quite easy. Home to 5 international airports that deal with both domestic and international flights, Prague is a place you can easily reach.

Karlovy Vary Airport, Pardubice Airport, Leos Janacek Airport, Ostrava Brno–Turany Airport, and Prague Václav Havel Airport are all great for international flights, no matter direct or indirect. You can also opt for a train ride if you are living in Europe, as there are more than two railway corridors that intersect in the beautiful city of Prague.

You can also opt for a domestic flight if you want to travel quickly from any city in Europe. Honestly, there are various options that you can choose from, and each transport option is suitable for each traveler. Since my family and I traveled from Dresden, we traveled via car, and it was an amazing and refreshing experience.

10 Must-Visit Places in Prague

Prague Old Town

Planning to visit Prague with family but can’t figure out the best places to visit with them? Well, no need to worry! We have all been there. Prague is a huge city and deciding the places you want to explore with your family can be tiring. We have made a list of 10 must-visit places in Prague that will help you get rid of this trouble and will allow you to explore the best places in this city.

Make sure to remember that this amazing city is full of surprises. You will find everything here, from a 50cm street to a hanging statue and numerous fascinating museums; you will find everything here in this city. So, without any delays, let’s jump right onto the best places.

Explore the Beautiful Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Visiting Prague and not exploring the beautiful old town square can be one of the biggest regrets. This fascinating place is a piece of art as a whole. People from all around the world appreciate the epic and ancient architecture of this place.

The place is aesthetically pleasing, according to my family and me, and a must-visit for every traveler out there. The colorful, fresh, yet historical buildings catch your eye at a glance, and it can be hard to take your eyes off those fascinating buildings. You will also find a bunch of street musicians and other performers around the place, which will make the visit even better.

Pay a Visit to The Magnificent Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Whether you are planning on visiting Prague or not, you might have come across the ever-so-famous Charles Bridge. This epic bridge was completely built in the year 1402, and since then, it has been one of the most popular bridges in Prague. This epic bridge was upgraded later on with statues that only increased the beauty of this bridge and made it more popular.

Watching the fascinating sunset from this bridge is a view of a lifetime. It is a great place to take a stroll at any time of the day. My family and I loved the statues as they were made to perfection, and clicking pictures with the epic view and statues was one of the best experiences.

The Third Largest Castle of the World, Prague Castle

Prague Castle

Prague is a place full of unique spots, with local markets, beautiful cathedrals, and epic castles. One of the most popular and the third largest castle in the world is the Prague Castle, located in the capital of the Czech Republic. This epic castle has been home to many previous leaders of the city for numerous years.

The moment you step into this stunning castle, you will get an idea of its royalty and stunning ancient architecture of it. My family and I booked a guided tour to explore the castle properly, and we learned some interesting facts about this destination.

St Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral is another amazingly magnificent place in Prague that everyone should visit. This beautiful cathedral is a treat for sore eyes as its architecture of it is stunning and unlike any other cathedral. This cathedral is the largest and one of the most important worship places in Prague. Apart from numerous religious activities, the coronations of many kings and queens of Prague took place in this impressive cathedral.

The St. Vitus Cathedral has not only hosted grand events but has also survived years of wars and events since 1344. Every wall and painting of this gothic cathedral speaks about the history and sacrifices of the city. Since we went with a tour guide, we learned many insider facts about the place and explored it properly.

Discover the Chic Side of Prague with Lennon Wall

If you are bored with exploring the ancient buildings, cathedrals, or castles of Prague, you can switch to exploring the artistic side of it. The Lennon wall is a unique yet fascinating wall located in Prague. This fantastic wall is filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti that pays tribute to him.

This colorful and fascinating wall is worth the hype, and clicking pictures in front of this wall will allow you to get some insta-worthy pics. My kids absolutely loved the aesthetic of the Lennon wall, and my husband and I also enjoyed exploring a different side of Prague.

Shop at the Farmer’s Market

Are you willing to shop for some souvenirs and locally produced stuff from Prague to take back home? Well, head over to the farmer’s market. This exceptionally unique local market is open only on Saturday, and you can easily shop for some great locally crafted supplies from this market.

Serving fresh baked goods, numerous herbs, a huge variety of spices, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, homemade pastries, honey, fresh fish, locally-made handicrafts, and so much more, the amazing farmer’s market offer it all. You will also find some stalls serving traditional Italian cuisines that are worth trying.

However, try to get to the market early because as time passes, the crowd increases, and it might be hard for you to shop after a certain time.

Discover the Letna Park

Letna Castle in Letna Park

Letna Park might not be the most popular spot for tourists, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful ones. The park, which used to be the home of the giant statue of Stalin, is still exceptional and amazingly beautiful even without it. You can either participate in skateboard activities or just relax and watch the fascinating city landscape.

Either way, this amazing park is a must-visit for people going to Prague with family because there are activities for people of every age. You can also plan a small picnic with your family to enjoy the view of this peaceful park.

Take a Glance at the Stunning Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock

The Astronomical Clock is another amazing place you can visit during your stay in Prague. This mystical astronomical clock is a work of art in the center of the street. Built in the year 1410, this amazing astronomical clock has been famous for the past centuries. It is designed to chime every hour between 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM.

This fascinating wall is attached to the old town hall in Prague, and people from all over the country come to glance at this beautiful clock. This astronomical clock is also one of the largest and oldest astronomical clocks in the world. However, if you want to hear the ultimate chime of this clock, visit between working hours.

Watch a Show at Teatro Jára Cimrman

This amazing Teatro Jára Cimrman is a theatre located in Prague. Cimrman is a major character and a great author of numerous books, plays, and films as well. This beautiful theatre is dedicated to representing the work of Jára Cimrman in the best way possible. Watching a show in this amazing theatre is something worth the time and money.

My family and I watched the show Sylvie and were truly astonished by the epic performance. We enjoyed some delicious yet traditional snacks, including dumplings, pancakes, kolache, and buchty as well.

Eat at Amazing Traditional Restaurants

Vepřove koleno

Visiting Prague and not indulging in the traditional food that this amazing city has to offer can be one of the biggest regrets. The huge variety of cheese and beers you will find in this city is incomparable. From amazing open-faced sandwiches, unique pastries, pickled cheese, pork knuckle -vepřove koleno, trundle cakes, and honey cakes to delicious and unique dumplings, you will find all types of food in this city.

If you are willing to try traditional Prague dishes in a fancy restaurant, make sure to remember the names following for a great food experience. Restaurant Mlynec, Le-Grill Restaurant, Coda restaurant, Kantyna, and Kampa Park Restaurant are some of the best places to enjoy delicious Prague food.

The Bottom Line

Prague, Czech is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities to visit, and the surprises and cultural shocks are pretty amazing. You will never run out of options or places to explore in this city. You can also explore the Strahov Monastery, Museum of Alchemist, The Idiom Installation, Dripstone Wall, the national museum, and many other places on your trip. Since I went with my family, we only got the chance to explore the most popular places, but you surely can explore them all. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and discover the capital city of the Czech Republic.

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